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Day Trip

· By DrTom · Published 2024-05-15T11:30:32.899Z

Meta Prompt
The 8 letter meta answer is what some people do to prepare for a trip
Who doesn't enjoy an outing? This may end up being a trip down memory lane, and hopefully not the trip from hell. You won't find the answer in a Rick Steeves guidebook, that's for sure.
I'd say this was a solid Persian.
My testers on this were a fine group; Al Sisti, heidi and rjy, all of who probably felt they needed a day trip after to relax.
Nudges will be Friday of course and I am always available by PM before that.
Nudge Friday:
Nudge 1] Did 6D give you the feeling I was getting at something? Because I was.
Nudge 2] ...a word is too long" what does that usually mean in the meta world?
Nudge 3] Knowing that most constructors try to have their theme answers in a symmetric pattern does that help you any?
Nudge 4] 36A is more than a cultural hero from my ill-spent days as a college student in the 60's. He is not just an icon, he's an Easter Egg.
Full Blown Shove] Many people say their "intro" to the path home was the Vail clue.
One last BIG nudge:
With 6D in mind "Gauge (like whether a word is too long)" look at, for example, 1A and 30A. Does the wording of those clues (and 6 others) give you any ideas of how you might employ 6D with the answer?
The Reveal:
There were 8 clues with words that, like hinted at in 6D, were too long. Each clue was worded in a way to bring the shorter word to mind. For example 1A: Award for the best dish in a Food Network Challenge - MEDAL, but take away the D and you get MEAL. Similar things could be done for 16, 21, 30, 41, 50, 59 and 65A. Along with 1A if you took the "dropped" letters from them you got D R O P A C I D. Perhaps that is why the counterculture icon Dr. Timothy Leary, famous for his Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out book and his famous infatuation with LSD was smack dab in the middle.
For a graphic representation of the solve please go to:
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  • markhr solved 2024-05-15T05:20:25.105Z
  • benchen71 solved 2024-05-15T07:28:24.774Z
  • hoover solved 2024-05-15T11:41:17.558Z
  • Pair O Ducks solved 2024-05-15T12:25:59.317Z
  • BMW solved 2024-05-15T13:14:58.748Z
  • Turtle solved 2024-05-15T13:20:14.390Z
  • Meg solved 2024-05-15T13:38:01.729Z
  • boharr solved 2024-05-15T13:52:21.429Z
  • An Ephemeral Collation solved 2024-05-15T14:05:39.054Z
  • Cindy Weatherman solved 2024-05-15T14:13:24.147Z
  • Darth solved 2024-05-15T15:14:44.638Z
  • woozy solved 2024-05-15T15:17:11.447Z
  • Ergcat solved 2024-05-15T16:08:57.589Z
  • kurtalert solved 2024-05-15T16:35:59.994Z
  • Hector solved 2024-05-15T17:05:55.141Z
  • Philip Chow solved 2024-05-15T17:18:42.676Z
  • andeux solved 2024-05-15T17:51:46.465Z
  • MatthewL solved 2024-05-15T18:10:48.537Z
  • HeadinHome solved 2024-05-15T18:30:48.802Z
  • rjy solved 2024-05-15T18:52:47.139Z
  • Berto solved 2024-05-15T19:35:57.354Z
  • LarsCaine solved 2024-05-15T21:24:30.711Z
  • DCBilly solved 2024-05-15T23:32:50.360Z
  • I K Snamhcok solved 2024-05-16T01:34:49.969Z
  • whimsy solved 2024-05-16T02:07:54.238Z
  • lbray53 solved 2024-05-16T02:52:39.276Z
  • Mwoychick solved 2024-05-16T12:25:51.342Z
  • Mr Tex solved 2024-05-16T14:54:34.531Z
  • Tyrpmom solved 2024-05-16T16:55:00.632Z
  • Steve M solved 2024-05-16T17:24:23.892Z
  • DIS solved 2024-05-16T19:32:54.167Z
  • Laura M solved 2024-05-16T19:40:18.002Z
  • JM solved 2024-05-16T20:22:34.560Z
  • KayW solved 2024-05-17T13:22:21.921Z
  • ajk solved 2024-05-17T15:46:09.148Z
  • Dave C solved 2024-05-17T15:59:45.152Z
  • THC solved 2024-05-17T17:04:27.163Z
  • Johnny Luau solved 2024-05-17T21:14:37.905Z
  • Larry Edelstein solved 2024-05-17T22:15:50.302Z
  • CPJohnson solved 2024-05-18T00:03:20.029Z
  • Carolyn solved 2024-05-18T00:07:46.501Z
  • Cindy Heisler solved 2024-05-18T00:38:00.852Z
  • Bird Lives solved 2024-05-18T02:55:21.720Z
  • Capn Rick solved 2024-05-18T13:42:35.006Z
  • omnilynx solved 2024-05-18T16:04:09.125Z
  • Jaclyn solved 2024-05-18T16:11:24.410Z
  • Danny K Bernstein solved 2024-05-20T21:22:04.542Z
  • atsiricajr111191 solved 2024-05-21T06:35:13.604Z


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  • markhr 🤓16:27 · 2024-05-15T11:30:32.899Z
    Funny trip, Dr. Tom. The guru in the middle of the grid is a nice touch.
    • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-15T16:35:05.481Z
      I thought old Tim might help you "see the way"
      Thanks for solving Mark
    • benchen71 🤓9:02 · 2024-05-15T11:30:32.899Z
      OK, so I "solved" it by guessing the answer from the prompt and 36 across. Now to work out the mechanism. ;-)
      • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-15T16:36:05.956Z
        I suggest looking at 6 Down for a hint! But a solve is a solve is a solve!!!
      • hoover 3s · 2024-05-15T11:42:21.885Z
        Same as Ben. 36A, title, and cover illustration. Going back to backsolve now.
        • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-15T16:37:56.771Z
          So you got to the bus and didn't go any furthur? 😁
          Thanks for taking the ride
        • boharr 10s · 2024-05-15T13:52:49.584Z
          Thanks, DrTom
          • woozy 14:11 · 2024-05-15T15:18:35.263Z
            Fun and easy. A little tough to find them all but apparent enough.
            • Darth 🤓19:57 · 2024-05-15T15:27:31.794Z
              Wow! Awesome construction and not what I was expecting while on my vacay. But that reminds me of a short story I need to write about a day trip in D.C. when I tried to help this guy who was tripping at the National mall. What an experience that was! (P.S. I enjoyed seeing those Star Wars references, too.)
              • Ergcat 17:09 · 2024-05-15T16:11:51.435Z
                Far out, DrTom! Don’t know the mechanism yet exactly… guessed from prompt and several clues. I think 6d might be a hint too. So I might need to assess and “drop” a letter from words that are too long??
                • Ergcat 17:09 · 2024-05-15T17:26:21.726Z
                  Yes, I see now 1a MEDAL — drop the “d” to get “MEAL” as referenced in the clue… then there’s “FLOAT” drop the O to get “Flat”…. “SKIP” drop P and get “SKI”… etc till last one “CADRE” drop the D to get “CARE”. 8 words symmetrically placed, the dropped letters spell “DROP ACID”!
                  • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-15T17:37:24.535Z
                    There you go! I tried to stay on point!!
                  • kurtalert 🤓5:20 · 2024-05-15T16:37:15.619Z
                    Hah! Total guess and got it on the first try. Now it's time to figure out what I was SUPPOSED to be seeing here... maybe it just hasn't kicked in yet...
                    • Hector 9:25 · 2024-05-15T17:17:52.884Z
                      Good! But somewhat esoteric?
                      (see what I did there?)
                      • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-15T19:21:52.000Z
                        ABSOLUTELY and I LOVE it. Come on all my chemically astute, aware, altered friends, Hector deserves a BIG thumbs up for that one.🤣
                      • MatthewL 🤓7:46 · 2024-05-15T18:13:57.591Z
                        Totally rad, dude. Didn't see it for a bit, but kept focusing on the several oddly long clues (I know how Tom likes to hide stuff in the clues), and eventually saw it. SKIPS to SKIS was my way in. Totally ignored 36A for some reason. Thanks for the puzzle, Tom!
                        • HeadinHome 🤓1:18 · 2024-05-15T18:31:20.972Z
                          I thought you might be trippin, reading some of these clues! You ARE a trip, Dr. Tom!
                          • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-15T19:28:43.585Z
                            Well hopefully not a bad trip...I hear those are not fun AT ALL!
                            Now wouldn't you know it, the FDA had approved a form of LSD for general anxiety disorder, ketamine has found lots of MH use and studies with MDMA and magic mushrooms (psilocybin) are ongoing. Heck it will be FAR too easy to be a hippie going forward.
                          • woozy 14:11 · 2024-05-15T18:51:47.157Z
                            Got the matanism pretty easily and quickly (cutting in line in Vail simply doesn't make any sense otherwise) but completely missed 6D being a hint nor did I connect DROP with dropped letters
                            • rjy 🤓10:29 · 2024-05-15T19:00:54.108Z
                              Test solver here, back in to read the comments. But tricky the second trip through too!
                              • Philip Chow 10:16 · 2024-05-15T17:23:46.911Z
                                nice puzzle... some of them were more well hidden than others... skiing at vail was my way in... too gratuitous a clue - thank you dr tom... didn't realize the assess hint and the central easter egg until reading comments... also didn't help that i didn't know who timothy leary was
                                • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-15T20:14:41.290Z
                                  Oh dear, there is that generation thing again. Dr. Tim was universally known back in my day, "Turn on, Tune In, Drop Out"
                                  That's OK, I nver know who the TikTok ot Insta "influencers" are.
                                • Berto 3s · 2024-05-15T20:52:43.022Z
                                  Immediately saw ME(D)AL and CA(D)RE and figured you had to take the “D”=Day out, take a day out = go on a trip. But alas, only 2 more D’s… And couldn’t find alternative clues for MEAL nor CARE, but then saw them in the original clue. Cue head slap. Nice one DrTom!
                                  • DCBilly 3s · 2024-05-15T23:35:41.088Z
                                    Groovy man
                                    • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-16T20:58:21.161Z
                                      Right ON man, right pass me the zig zags!
                                    • whimsy 16:03 · 2024-05-16T02:45:30.840Z
                                      I tried to complicate this. (Gee, who does that sound like?) I determined a lot of the "extra phrase in the clue" entries -- symmetry helped! But I was trying to match things up quite incorrectly and laughably. For MEDAL I went to TBS (Warner ownership links them?) for BEAST, when I couldn't find any A-1 sauce in the grid I paused at RATE, and for BRAIN and the unnecessary roughage (sounds like football) I headed straight to the COLON in COLONIAL! So, yeah man, some extra fun! Thanks, Tom!
                                      • Tyrpmom 2s · 2024-05-16T16:56:54.731Z
                                        I’m surprised to see so many guessed the answer. That is a pitfall of crosshare.
                                        • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-16T20:56:44.522Z
                                          Well yes people can guess, but it is more my fault if I made it that obvious. Matters not, a solve is a solve, particularly if you go back and discover WHY that worked!
                                          But thank you for doing it the old fashioned way (hmmm, old-fashioned, that sounds good!)
                                        • Steve M 34:06 · 2024-05-16T17:31:29.673Z
                                          36A gave me a hint as to what I might be looking for, but kept dismissing it because I didn’t see the mechanism. Then finally I wondered about SKI(P)S, and it all fell into place. Thanks for the very clever puzzle!
                                          • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-16T20:54:48.238Z
                                            So glad you enjoyed it
                                          • Laura M 🤓10:45 · 2024-05-16T19:41:40.496Z
                                            Enjoyable trip! I started out trying to do something with the L's, S's, and D's in the grid but I got there eventually :-)
                                            • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-16T20:54:22.603Z
                                              Wow, L, S and D groovy mechanism dud(ette). never thought of that (though now of course it won't leave my mind!)
                                              Thanks for solving
                                            • JM 🤓10:04 · 2024-05-16T20:24:12.999Z
                                              Far out dude! 6 D did it for me.
                                              • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-16T21:08:40.824Z
                                                I wanted have a clue be Consider l5D and 15D would have been "Hippie" or something, but I could not bring it home. Note I used the l not the 1 for lS so that it looks like lSD. Maybe I'll try to make it a nudge.
                                                Thanks for solving
                                              • KayW 9:11 · 2024-05-17T13:25:39.775Z
                                                Brilliant, Tom - thanks! As usual, in hindsight I can't believe I needed the nudges. Elegant construction and all the hints right there in plain sight. I had a strong hunch what the answer would entail from the central entry, but refused to submit WAGs til I found the metanism.
                                                • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-17T16:04:34.075Z
                                                  Well thank you for your perseverance on the long trip!
                                                • Dave C 3s · 2024-05-17T16:00:41.568Z
                                                  It took all the nudges and the shove, but finally...
                                                  • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-17T19:33:58.817Z
                                                    If it takes too many nudges then it is the constructor's fault, not the solvers, that the puzzle is too obtuse.
                                                    Thanks for solving.
                                                  • ajk 🤓8:30 · 2024-05-17T15:50:17.740Z
                                                    LOL was on the right wavelength in the sense that I instantly guessed the answer, but needed the shove to see the mechanism. 😂 Since ASSESS could be ASSES I got hung up on chopping a letter off the down entries, and there were many options for things that could be alt entries. The Vail clue struck me as odd, but not odd enough that it rang any bells until I was told that it was important. Got 6 of the 8 on the first pass then and lol'ed when I saw the answer was indeed what I had guessed at first. Backsolved the R in CURES and I in BRAIN to finish. Fun one, thanks.
                                                    • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-17T19:33:08.111Z
                                                      Had not even thought about the fact that my "nudge clue" could be a herring. Thanks for sticking with it!
                                                    • THC 🤓1:17 · 2024-05-17T17:05:16.773Z
                                                      Thanks, Dr. Tom! In my opinion, this is a PUMA! Enjoyed it a lot!
                                                      • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-17T19:35:07.993Z
                                                        Wait, does that mean its an UMA! Well you can Kill Bill, but not Tom OK!!!
                                                        Thanks for solving
                                                        • THC 🤓1:17 · 2024-05-19T00:39:00.287Z
                                                      • Carolyn 3s · 2024-05-18T00:11:26.575Z
                                                        Finally got around to this. I can't figure it out so am giving it my wild guess based on 36A. Now to back solve with the nudges. I'm a child of the 60s but never did this! I prefer chardonnay.
                                                        • DrTom constructor · 2024-05-18T04:54:21.722Z
                                                          Chardonnay is acidic...
                                                          Thanks for solving Cindy.
                                                        • Bird Lives 4s · 2024-05-18T02:59:11.884Z
                                                          Clever construction. My mistake was to focus on the other word in the title. I kept looking for days and wound up needing the nudges.
                                                          • Capn Rick 🤓10:32 · 2024-05-18T13:44:13.663Z
                                                            Nice job, DrTom! LEARY in the center helped me find the answer sans nudges.
                                                            Award for the best dish on a Food Network Challenge
                                                            1. 1A
                                                              Award for the best dish on a Food Network Challenge
                                                            2. 6A
                                                              Kuwaiti, e.g.
                                                            3. 10A
                                                              Atlanta-based channel
                                                            4. 13A
                                                              Chap's chip
                                                            5. 14A
                                                              Fitting music performance for Ben or Han
                                                            6. 15A
                                                              Diminished Asian sea
                                                            7. 16A
                                                              "Chicken soup for a cold", and other suggestions
                                                            8. 17A
                                                              Shot to the net or the face
                                                            9. 18A
                                                              Coin in the historic Trevi Fountain
                                                            10. 19A
                                                              Group for women who like to drive; Abbr.
                                                            11. 20A
                                                              It's quite a stretch
                                                            12. 21A
                                                              Bob on top of the water while laying on your back
                                                            13. 22A
                                                              Mountains in Wyoming that are just grand
                                                            14. 24A
                                                              Introduction for the proletariat
                                                            15. 25A
                                                              The S in IOS
                                                            16. 26A
                                                              Marks up a sheet of music
                                                            17. 30A
                                                              Goes to the head of the lift-line at Vail
                                                            18. 34A
                                                              America before 1776
                                                            19. 35A
                                                              Row of theatre seats
                                                            20. 36A
                                                              Counterculture guru Timothy
                                                            21. 38A
                                                              Employee of the "Pink Panther" not the "Green Hornet"
                                                            22. 39A
                                                              Princess Leia's home planet
                                                            23. 41A
                                                              Beauty imprisoner who turns out to be an A-1 guy
                                                            24. 42A
                                                              Team players?
                                                            25. 43A
                                                              Title for a man using a charger
                                                            26. 45A
                                                              That, in Oaxaca
                                                            27. 46A
                                                              Berry farm near Disneyland
                                                            28. 50A
                                                              Animal's calling card which can be delivered by the wind
                                                            29. 53A
                                                              "Seven Sisters" college, ___ Mawr
                                                            30. 55A
                                                              "I didn't expect to see you here!"
                                                            31. 57A
                                                              Commonly associated with crafts
                                                            32. 58A
                                                              Daily TV melodrama
                                                            33. 59A
                                                              Body part that needs almonds and acai berries, not roughage
                                                            34. 60A
                                                              What 38A was
                                                            35. 61A
                                                              Not fancy at all
                                                            36. 62A
                                                              Make a sound investment?
                                                            37. 63A
                                                              Nobody will ever call these big shots
                                                            38. 64A
                                                              "___ Tu", 1970's hit song
                                                            39. 65A
                                                              Inner circle of people that have been chosen meticulously
                                                            1. 1D
                                                              Mid-13th century date
                                                            2. 2D
                                                              Blow your stack
                                                            3. 3D
                                                              Music that sounds dead
                                                            4. 4D
                                                              "There are chairs for everyone, please take ___"
                                                            5. 5D
                                                              What people listened to before CDs
                                                            6. 6D
                                                              Gauge (like whether a word is too long)
                                                            7. 7D
                                                              Chocolate and caramel candy in gold foil
                                                            8. 8D
                                                              Mr. Turing
                                                            9. 9D
                                                              Slangy real good song
                                                            10. 10D
                                                              Snap, Crackle, Pop and Huey, Dewey, Louie for example
                                                            11. 11D
                                                              Vampy silent star Theda
                                                            12. 12D
                                                              Something in a home that may hold a bed
                                                            13. 15D
                                                              Group formed for the mutual good
                                                            14. 20D
                                                              Even just the slightest bit
                                                            15. 21D
                                                              Snapshot, in adspeak
                                                            16. 23D
                                                              C.I.A before the C.I.A. really was the C.I.A.
                                                            17. 24D
                                                              Description for a surprising cow?
                                                            18. 26D
                                                              Neither's common partner
                                                            19. 27D
                                                              Administrator of IRA's, annuities and mutual funds for academia
                                                            20. 28D
                                                              Takes a course at culinary school
                                                            21. 29D
                                                              Hole in the schedule
                                                            22. 30D
                                                              Night light
                                                            23. 31D
                                                              About 2.2 pounds
                                                            24. 32D
                                                              Dangerous roadside distractions; Abbr.
                                                            25. 33D
                                                              Being more than you can be, knowingly
                                                            26. 34D
                                                            27. 36D
                                                              Julie Christie in a Pasternack inspired movie
                                                            28. 37D
                                                              ___ in elephant
                                                            29. 40D
                                                              Everything that remains
                                                            30. 41D
                                                            31. 43D
                                                              Video chats; old style
                                                            32. 44D
                                                              Mary and Joseph's first choice
                                                            33. 47D
                                                              Cake in Capri
                                                            34. 48D
                                                              "___ be nice"
                                                            35. 49D
                                                              More likely to retire
                                                            36. 50D
                                                              Product that no longer drives the average Swedish consumer
                                                            37. 51D
                                                              Baby jail
                                                            38. 52D
                                                              Guesses about leaving; Abbr.
                                                            39. 53D
                                                              Miss Piggy's pop
                                                            40. 54D
                                                              Make a judgement
                                                            41. 56D
                                                              Concerning words in a memo
                                                            42. 58D
                                                              "Ain't ___ Sweet"
                                                            43. 59D
                                                              Tampa Bay footballer, for short