Considering every factor

· Published 2024-02-20T21:41:04.077Z

Okay. I have corrected this. It's a fun one and should be easy to guess. But try to backsolve.

I lead you to the answer

· Published 2024-02-20T00:31:57.876Z

I warned you I'd do this!
But don't worry. Just have fun and don't take it seriously.
Nudge 1: Considering the theme is "The Sea" there sure isn't much about the sea in this puzzle
Nudge 2: Maybe all mentions of the theme have been deliberately omitted
Nudge 3: So put the mentions back in....
Nudge 4: It's a meta. So go meta-ing.
So I figured this one may be hard but I hope it has a good AHA moment and then (if you remember that this is a standard meta with usual metaisms) you can real it home safely. Once you get the aha, that's where all the difficulty is.
I thought of…

Where the Wild Things Are

◆◆ · Published 2024-02-01T16:31:49.774Z

I came across a mention of Maurice Sendak's "Where the Wild Things Are" and thought it'd be a great title for a meta. I think the mechanism is standard but has a slightly original twist to it. But the grid fought me all the way.

Woozy's drunken merry-go-round

◆◆ · Published 2023-12-15T19:39:51.238Z

Difficulty Rating: If you don't have a musical degree and you don't google--- impossible. If you google-- hmmm, I dunno.
Extra Clues to be entered into the grid but in neither across nor down:
A. Father of the New Deal, Franklin Roosevelt, spoke of…

Burnt out and washed up

· Published 2023-11-20T01:09:34.447Z

Okay. Although the grid might be weird, I really think this ought to be a Week 1.
EDIT: Wow! This is playing harder than I would have thought possible. But I'm not changing my evaluation of it being a week 1.
Nudges: Do I really need to give…

You’re either down my throat or up…

◆◆ · Published 2023-11-11T00:21:43.199Z

This came about as a snide joke by Dr. Tom. I was nitpicking a matter of measuring distances by the Pythagorean Theorem as is my wont. As it was tedious and pointless, I joked that my next meta would be about .... and ....; two things cliched for…

Pie are squared

◆◆ · Published 2023-11-09T02:57:49.259Z

This began as one of those challenges to self constructions. The answers rather obscure and at first I figured nobody (but Mikey G and Benchen) could possibly get it. But when I wrestled with how to do it, I think I included enough clues to figure…

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