Of course

· Published 2023-05-27T16:49:05.272Z

This one's silly. There are many ways to put the answer in. If Crosshare says it isn't correct but you think it is, be patient. If I see a new acceptable way of phrasing I'll add it. (I've got thirteen already)

Dial M for Meta

◆◆ · Published 2023-05-13T03:42:57.358Z

The answer to the meta is two movies. Name both. The first movie gives you instructions to solve the meta and how to find the second movie (and itself... sort of). As well the puzzle has eight other movies by the same director hidden as Easter Eggs.…

What a lot of ....

· Published 2023-05-03T22:51:46.011Z

This one was inspired by another Crosshare meta (but it'd be too big of a hint if I told you which one). This is maybe a you-see-it-or-you-don't puzzle. Will tell you the few hints given in the clues to point you in the right direction are all not


· Published 2023-04-26T05:32:48.459Z

So... I couldn't solveAl Sisti's "Do I have to spell it out for you" MMM ( [and I still can't]. So I wrote this puzzle based on a rabbit hole I knew wouldn't…

I wouldn't do that to you

◆◆ · Published 2023-04-17T00:23:09.338Z

A completely innocent meta... whistles and walks away

My Word!

· Published 2023-04-15T05:23:32.849Z

So I still haven't gotten the WSJ Meta Contest of 4/14/23 (I'll take a nudge) so this one is based on a rabbit hole I knew there was no point going down.
The metanism would be quite hard but I put in a lot of meta-meta suggestions to point you in the…

Fools Mate

◆◆ · Published 2023-04-11T23:07:28.246Z

Hey! MATE is an anagram of META.
So I'm tired of those themers obliquely refer to words, take the first letter and spell things out metas. So this isn't one of those.
Anyway I love the idea of chess. I'm pretty damned bad at it. Oh, I'm better…

Animal World

· Published 2023-04-07T23:04:24.767Z

This was based on a silly typo in an early version It was intriguing and I couldn't let it go. The meta is almost an after-thought.
The meta is pretty straight-forward (although it…

Singular Movies

· Published 2023-04-03T07:27:33.452Z

Okay, this isn't a meta but it should be fun. And there is a challenge to figure out. It's just not a cypher.

A list of movies

· Published 2023-03-31T01:30:21.074Z

This may be a hard grid and the meta may be hard to piece together but I think if you can get through the grid, the metanism should jump at you. (It's a bit of work piecing it together-- not hard; just long)
I guess I should point out, not all refer…

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