Bouncing off the walls

· Published 5 days ago

I couldn't figure out this Capn Rick meta,, so I made up this puzzle instead using the mechanism I wanted that puzzle to have.
This was a hard grid to fill and I apologize for some o...

(Out Of This World)

· Published 7 days ago

This is an idea for something different. I enjoy pub trivia and wonder how it would go over if at the start of a trivia night a simple meta puzzle would be handed out and the teams given the length to the quiz night to complete it. The problem of c...

The Meta Crossword Effect

◆◆ · Published 13 days ago

Not sure what to do with this one. There was a reason for the bars rather than squares. Constructing with bars show is different. It's far more flexible but somehow seems far less elegant. And hard to read. I may redo this with squares. I had a...

What a pair

◆◆ · Published 15 days ago

This came to me after a trivia question that was right up my alley on Tuesday. This may be one of my better puzzles. I think the theme and mechanism is clever and there are other hints to the answer that you may be able to guess without even doing ...
This is a correction to my puzzles: which is a meta puzzle that had a fatal flaw. (Still doable and fun, but notably has a fatal error).
I'm hoping this one may weaken my reputation of being gnarly. .... Oh, well...., the answer is a bit of a twist in that it's not really the "answer" but... well, you'll figure it out. I guess that counts as "gnarly".
Still it should be relatively pain...

Writing Down through the Ages

◆◆ · Published 27 days ago

This may be my most ambitious meta.
This was a learning experience but what I learned is not that pleasant.
I learned when a constructor sets himself up with an intricate problem of creating a puzzle that cleverly follows an intricate mechanism and...

Can I count on you?

· Published about 1 month ago

This is my attempt at a week 1. It may not be because the themers might be too hard to find. But it still shouldn't be any harder than a week 2, I hope.
I came up with this concept as part of my "So many rabbit holes" puzzle but it became a puzzle o...

So Many Rabbit Holes!

· Published about 1 month ago

This is my attempt at a Week 5. It may not be because the themers might be too easy to find. But it still shouldn't be any easier than a week 4, I hope.
I came up with this idea when I had a familiar frustration trying to solve a meta and a thought

On hand

· Published about 1 month ago

There's a bit of creative licensing in the meta answer. And the mechanism requires a bit of out of the box thinking.
Anyway, to my surprise one of the hardest parts of constructing a crossword is making a grid pattern that feels natural and works. T...

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