A Quintessential meta

· Published 2 months ago

This concept came to me when I was half asleep. It took a while to figure out a meta-mechanism that would work with the concept but I finally came up with one. I hope you find this a unique and original metanism. It's weird but it will tie…
No. I don't really consider this a meta--- Just a themed puzzle. But hopefully a fun one. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

A pageant of tastes

· Published 2 months ago

I can no longer judge if mine are hard or not. I originally was not going to include the asterisks for the themers but that'd make this too difficult. Now I hope it is hard but getable. This came to me when one of us asked "How to you spell…

Works for me

◆◆ · Published 3 months ago

This is probably really easy to guess but very difficult to solve. However I dropped several meta-META hints so even if you guess try to back-solve the meta-nism. And, yes, you'll probably want to google.
There is utterly nothing significant about…
This is a redo of which had a small error on my part. You can still do it and you can figure what I probably meant for the meta. But this one doesn't have the error…

Take the dogs for a walk

· Published 6 months ago

Guess its time to go public with this one as well. This was a very early one of mine. It has quite a few woozyism and it has 4 "painful" clues. They serve a vital purpose and are interesting but they do "hurt". The mechanism is easy but hard to…

Principal, Ideal, Original...

· Published 6 months ago

You know? It's really hard to write about a puzzle when the meta mechanism is supposed to be a puzzle.
This one shouldn't be too hard because .... well, I think it's cute.
ERRATA: Oh, screw! There is a fairly serious error in the mechanism…

Man's Best Friend

· Published 6 months ago

Edit: I guess it's time for me to make this public. This one is very cute and easy (well, you may need to google but it will be fun googling!)
This was meant to clean up and tighten one of my very early puzzles, Take the Dogs for a Walk (https…

You can do better

◆◆ · Published 6 months ago

Two years ago or so I dug myself into a Rabbit Hole when I thought a meta used this mechanism. It didn't. But this one does.
Here are a few guidelines for this 1: This is a concept driven puzzle more so than a language driven puzzle; don't look…
This is the exact same puzzle as but this one has some themer pointers (both the easy and the hard themer pointers)

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