My name is Ben Chenoweth, and I'm currently a teacher at Donvale Christian College, in Melbourne, Australia. I've worked overseas with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and in Australia as a secondary and tertiary teacher. (I was the Educational Designer / eLearning Coordinator at Melbourne School of Theology for four years, and taught at Eastern College for some of that time.)
My main interests are music, writing, theology and various combinations of those. I have a number of other interests, including reading, crosswords (especially cryptics and metas), and computer games. I also enjoy programming. My About Me website was put together as an HTML/CSS demonstration for my Year 10 Computing class. Another interesting programming project is my EPUB Metadata Editor (an open-source project on GitHub).
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Tea Time (Meta)

· Published 6 days ago

It's tea time! So get out your beverage of choice, enjoy a cookie (or biscuit, as we Aussies call them), and dig into this meta. You might find a few references to tea as you solve the grid. In particular, I mention a fascinating map. Here's a link, ...

Choices (Meta)

· Published 13 days ago

I think this one might be tricky, but hopefully still doable. I've toned down the chatty clues (mostly!) in favour of shorter, pithier ones. In life, we all face choices of various kinds. I trust that you will be able to navigate the choices in this ...

X Marks The Spot (Meta)

◆◆ · Published 20 days ago

Meta number 3, and we're in pirate territory! Aargh, me hearties! But it's a bit different this time, because you know where the treasure is - you just don't know where you have to start from. Good luck!

Expanding Brackets (Meta)

· Published 27 days ago

Here's my second meta crossword. No two letter words and it's fully interlocking this time! To avoid anyone going down rabbit holes, while the title of this meta is "Expanding brackets", please ignore all of the brackets in the clues. I just like wri...

Financial Downturn (Meta)

· Published about 1 month ago

This is my first ever crossword, so go easy on me. It's also a meta because I've been getting into these recently and thought I'd give it a try. Turns out these things are really hard to construct! I've definitely made some concessions to crossword c...