My name is Ben Chenoweth, and I'm currently a teacher at Donvale Christian College, in Melbourne, Australia. I've worked overseas with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and in Australia as a secondary and tertiary teacher. (I was the Educational Designer / eLearning Coordinator at Melbourne School of Theology for four years, and taught at Eastern College for some of that time.)
My main interests are music, writing, theology and various combinations of those. I have a number of other interests, including reading, crosswords (especially cryptics and metas), and computer games. I also enjoy programming. My About Me website ( was put together as an HTML/CSS demonstration for my Year 10 Computing class. Another interesting programming project is my EPUB Metadata Editor (an open-source project on GitHub).
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Famous Last Words (Meta)

· Published 2023-09-19T06:00:14.094Z

Oscar Wilde's last words were, "Either that wallpaper goes, or I do." Apparently, the wallpaper won out, although it was changed soon afterwards. Of course Groucho Marx couldn't resist one last quip either: "This is no way to live!" he is reputed to…

Movie Trilogy (Meta)

· Published 2023-09-12T06:00:45.989Z

Ah, movie trilogies: the best things in life come in threes! Well, sometimes. Hopefully, your knowledge of movies will assist you to the meta answer which is an ice-cream. Answer & explanation:…

Holding Out For A Hero (Meta)

· Published 2023-09-06T06:00:45.458Z

It's time for another BenChen71-attempts-to-channel-Madhatter5 puzzle. Once again, the conventions of crosswords have been thrown out the window! Well, it's perhaps not quite as drastic as all that. OK, so there's no symmetry, but I made sure to…

L Words (Meta)

· Published 2023-09-05T06:00:38.913Z

Here's a "week one" meta for you; it includes 5 clues with a leading asterisk which should hopefully bring the difficulty down a bit! I had some fun putting this one together. I trust you will enjoy solving it and seeking the answer to the meta…

Directionally Challenged (Meta)

· Published 2023-08-29T06:00:56.574Z

There are times when a meta idea occurs to me and I think, "Can I do that?" For this puzzle, though, the operative question is, "Should I do that?" You may decide I was wrong to proceed; you may question my sanity; you may even question your own…

Directionally Unchallenged (Meta)

· Published 2023-08-29T06:00:35.874Z

It's possible that you took one look at "Directionally Challenged" ( and decided you didn't want to be that challenged just to complete the grid! Be that as it may…

Where Does That Sound Come From? (Meta)

· Published 2023-08-22T06:00:36.775Z

I think I've given you enough to get you to the meta answer. This is either a "week 2" or a "week 4" and so I've run it as a "week 4" in a month with a "week 5" just in case. The answer to the meta is a 5-syllable word. Answer & explanation: https…

Spot The Vikings (Meta)

· Published 2023-08-15T06:00:29.427Z

As you will soon find out when you dive into this puzzle, I was working on this meta late on a Friday afternoon/evening and I think it shows: some of the clues are on the chatty side and I really let my punctuation slide. Let me say right at the…

Help! (Meta)

· Published 2023-08-08T06:00:17.567Z

Here's an interesting piece of trivia about the cover of the Beatles album "Help!": they are actually spelling out "N-U-J-V" in semaphore. Apparently, the photographer did not like the arm arrangements with the band spelling "H-E-L-P." And with that,…

Oblique Meetings (Meta)

· Published 2023-08-02T12:07:42.009Z

I've really enjoyed filling in the occasional MEOW over the last few weeks. I relish the chance to explore some more challenging grids and throwing off some of the restraints and conventions of the genre. Here, for example, is a grid with (shock…

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