My name is Ben Chenoweth, and I'm currently a teacher at Donvale Christian College, in Melbourne, Australia. I've worked overseas with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and in Australia as a secondary and tertiary teacher. (I was the Educational Designer / eLearning Coordinator at Melbourne School of Theology for four years, and taught at Eastern College for some of that time.)
My main interests are music, writing, theology and various combinations of those. I have a number of other interests, including reading, crosswords (especially cryptics and metas), and computer games. I also enjoy programming. My About Me website ( was put together as an HTML/CSS demonstration for my Year 10 Computing class. Another interesting programming project is my EPUB Metadata Editor (an open-source project on GitHub).
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January 26th (Meta)

· Published 3 days ago

If you will allow me to get political, here's a meta puzzle that speaks to this time of year here in Australia. The answer to the meta is suggested by something that happens three times in the grid.

Slide, You Blockhead! Slide! (Meta)

· Published 9 days ago

What's this? A meta puzzle involving baseball constructed by an Australian? Has the world turned upside-down?!? Actually, we do have baseball Down Under. But it isn't massively popular, and I really don't know much about the sport. When it crops up i...

Better Together (Meta)

· Published 10 days ago

The path from meta idea to the grid you see before you was not exactly an easy one. Let's just say that it really helps if you spell things correctly in your rough notes! Suffice to say the end result should be a good "week 3" meta. There might be so...

Two Can Play At That Game (Meta)

· Published 17 days ago

We all like to play games, both the board kind (nice!) and the inter-personal relationship manipulative kind (not so nice!) So this meta is for all you game-players out there. Good luck at winning out in the end by finding the answer to the meta whic...

Drink You Under The Table (Meta)

· Published 23 days ago

Occasionally I come up with an idea for a meta which should probably be left in that notebook of ideas. But, no, I had some time; I wanted to construct a meta; so I forced it into a grid, and here we are! There are some rough spots in this grid, let ...

Water, Water, Every Where (Meta)

· Published 24 days ago

Happy new year, everyone! I can't think of anything to say about this meta puzzle, except to say that you are looking for a two-word answer. Bon chance! Answer & explanation:

All's Wool That End's Wool (Meta)

◆◆ · Published about 1 month ago

Ewe will have to excuse the puns, but meta puzzles come in all sheeps and sizes. If I can ram the point home, this one is definitely on the herd side! But if you keep at it ewe will find the answer to the meta, which is a computer-animated short film

Celebrate Xmas (Meta)

· Published about 1 month ago

Happy holidays, everyone! Here's a puzzle that will, I trust, help you focus on the reason for the season. The answer to the meta is what X replaces. The following note may help after you've started completing the grid: The tricksy squares can be fil...

Archaisms (Meta)

◆◆ · Published about 1 month ago

Not your typical "week 2" here! This one has a tricky grid (but I'm hoping there are enough footholds; if not, there's always Google) and a meta that might take a little thought. And the silly season is almost upon us, so you should have plenty of sp...

And Finally... (Meta)

· Published about 2 months ago

I just love the fact that Paul, at the start of the 3rd chapter to the Philippians says, "Finally, my brothers and sisters..." - and then continues on for another 2 chapters! (In fact, he says "Finally" again in Phil. 4:8, and at that point I think h...

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