Social Climbers CORRECTED

· Published 2023-09-20T13:29:04.280Z

This is a correction to the original puzzle that, due to an editing change that went unnoticed, made the puzzle impossible to solve. Pleas accept my apologies and use this one instead.
You've had a break from Tomisms for a few weeks, but your luck…

Face the Music

· Published 2023-08-30T11:30:55.301Z

Even if you are not Bill or Ted you might still have to face the music, and you certainly do in this Wednesday offering. I got a lot of help with this one from Al Sisti, and I think it might be a tad harder than some of my usual offerings. Still, it…


· Published 2023-08-23T04:10:37.686Z

Dr. Tom and Wendy teamed up on this week's puzzle. At the reveal next week, Dr. Tom will share with you its unusual origin story. It should not be difficult for solvers to determine which constructor crafted which clues. Thank you to Al Sisti, our…

Sound Advice

· Published 2023-07-26T11:30:53.434Z

You’ve had a DrTom holiday with some really good puzzles from other constructors, but your luck has run out. As usual, this came to me while doing another puzzle and thinking, “hey I’ll bet that could be a mechanism”. My testers (Wendy, Whimsy, Cinny…

Checkmate (Chris Barbee)

· Published 2023-07-19T11:30:48.350Z

I asked Chris Barbee if he could help us out with a MEOW and almost before you knew it he had this beauty. It is a bit tricky (how it gets it's Calico+ rating) but certainly doable; plus the AHA is a chuckle. Oh, and in case you are wondering, it has…

Cut from the Same Cloth (DrTom and MikeyG)

· Published 2023-06-28T11:45:16.355Z

"Be careful what you wish for." Truer words were never spoken. Several times Mike and I have heard "you two are such punsters, you ought to do a puzzle together!". Well Muggledom, that day has arrived, we toiled, we chuckled, we pulled out our…

Positions, Everyone!

· Published 2023-06-26T11:50:00.215Z


Positions, Everyone!

· Published 2023-06-26T09:00:08.240Z

Here is another puzzle that really came about as I was filling in a non-Meta crossword. "Hmm", I mused. "I'll bet with a little work this could be a meta!" It turns out I was right.
More than a few of you saw it during testing: Cap'n Rick, Wendy…

What in the Name of God?

· Published 2023-06-07T11:59:51.981Z

The title of this week's MEOW is what you very well may be saying to yourself! "(Insert Title Here) is he doing with another MEOW!"
At the risk of being proven to be quite incorrect, I'd put this at a level 1.5 to 2 max, nothing to count, nothing to…

The Optimist

· Published 2023-05-31T22:46:47.698Z

A person we all admire, the optimist manages to take everything life gives them and derive maximum enjoyment. Here is hoping you can find the good and enjoyable in this puzzle even if it is a bit late.
Fair warning that this is not a puzzle that will…

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