Wrapping paper

· Published 2024-04-14T04:00:11.376Z

This puzzle had been mostly finished for a while, but with the revival of the SSS I dusted it off and decided to finish it. With significant help from Cap'n Rick that improved the fill (and eliminated yet another of those wee crimson fish), it…


· Published 2024-03-11T04:01:56.081Z

Happy Monday. I don't remember where the idea for this one came from, but definitely one of those "can I turn this into a puzzle" thoughts.
Thanks to Abide and Wendy Walker for test solving, and for some key fill/clue tweaks. Thanks also to Wendy…

Merry Travels

· Published 2023-12-24T05:00:43.042Z

Happy Sunday. :)
Given that the SSS cupboards were looking a bit bare, I put together another pretty straightforward but hopefully entertaining puzzle this week. It's inspiration will be self-explanatory, so much so that folks might well be able to…

After Breakfast

· Published 2023-12-10T05:00:41.810Z

Happy Sunday. :)
This one popped into my head, unsurprisingly, while consuming the meta answer. 😂 There's not that much too it, but hopefully it will provide some Sunday morning entertainment.
Thanks to Abide and Wendy Walker for test solving, and for…

Group Solve

· By guest constructor Guffman and ajk · Published 2023-11-13T05:00:45.571Z


Look Both Ways

· Published 2023-11-12T05:00:06.920Z


Bar Code

· By guest constructor Wendy Walker and Alan Kennan · Published 2023-10-02T04:00:09.121Z

This meta puzzle was inspired by a rabbit hole that Wendy went down while trying to solve a Gaffney WSJ puzzle a few weeks ago. She thought it would make a nifty metanism for a future puzzle, and mentioned it to Alan, who within hours had devised two…


· Published 2023-09-03T04:00:52.043Z

Happy Sunday. :)
No fancy preamble here (and no pesky asterisks), just thanks to Abide and Wendy Walker for test solving, and for some suggestions to dilute a few of the hard clues. 😂 And of course thanks to Joe Ross for tech support.
The meta answer…

What lies beneath

· Published 2023-08-20T04:00:05.830Z

Happy Sunday.
Hope everyone is enjoying the last days of summer as we prepare to cross over to fall. Quite literally the last day for me, as the semester spans mid-August to mid-December, and I start teaching tomorrow. Anyway, I hope you manage to…

Size Extremes

· Published 2023-08-06T04:00:43.991Z

Happy Sunday. :)
This one went through a few twists and turns before winding up in its current form, but I'm fuzzy on the details. In keeping with SSS tradition it's intended to be more light exercise than intense workout, although I don't pretend to…

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