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Welcome to Phil's Crossword Corner (PCC).
I'm an auditor at NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation (it's nothing like the TV show in case you were wondering - OK maybe a little, I have a super cool boss reminiscent of Ron Swanson and I like to think of myself as a constantly cheery overachiever that cares too much about government work)
I make crossword puzzles for fun in my free time. I'll try and post a new meta puzzle once every other week here for y'all to enjoy.
Note for the level designation, I am using the Gaffney scale in which a week 1 puzzle = easy, and a week 4 and 5 puzzle = hard. The level is the intended difficulty I had in mind when I designed the puzzle, but may play differently since every solver has their own area of expertise... what one person may find easy, another may find difficult.
I'm always happy to welcome any feedback, questions, typo-spotting, theme suggestions/requests, or if you just want to chat... You can reach me at

"You're perfect, you're beautiful, you look like Linda Evangelista"

· Published 2024-02-13T01:23:55.808Z


PCC#25 "A Fresh Start"

· Published 2024-02-10T15:27:20.380Z

Hint #1: You might not have heard of this fruit before... this is where Google (or your favorite search engine) comes in handy
Hint #2: OERSIMMONS is such a weird entry...
Hint #3: "A fresh start" is a new beginning... there are six grid entries…

"Jelly-filled are my favorite!"

· Published 2024-02-02T06:29:47.185Z


PCC#24 "Phil in the Blank"

· Published 2024-01-27T16:06:38.033Z

Hint #1: 9 clues have a parenthetical number after it... what do the numbers mean?
Hint #2: Perhaps a more helpful title would be "Phil in(dex) the Blank"
Hint #3: Consider the nth letter of the answer where n = number in parenthesis... For example…

PCC#23 "Three-Course Meal"

· Published 2024-01-27T15:54:40.627Z

Meta puzzle and mechanism by Kelly McMahon. Crossword puzzle and clues by Philip Chow.
Hint #1: the meta answer is three letters long
Hint #2: please don't waste your food
Hint #3: 36-A and 69-A are hints as to what to do with the three courses and…

PCC#22 "Wandering in Hundred and One Acre Wood"

· Published 2024-01-13T15:58:12.488Z

Hint #1: The meta answer is 9 letters long (and there are exactly 9 clues with asterisks)
Hint #2: 62-Across hints at anagrams... "Wandering" in the puzzle's title is another anagram indicator
Hint #3: "Hundred and One Acre Wood?!" I thought Pooh and…

PCC#21 "Hit the Gym"

· Published 2023-12-30T17:00:50.213Z

Hint #1: Planet Fitness isn't in the grid but see if you can find some other well-known gyms (if you live outside the US or in a small town, some Googling will be needed)
Hint #2: There are a few clues that start with the exact same word
Hint #3: Tak…

PCC#20 "Let's Get Buzzed"

· Published 2023-12-16T16:59:37.200Z

Hint #1: 20A, 37A, 67A, 11D, 39D all have something in common
Hint #2: the two examples from these groups of 7 were randomly chosen - you don't have to manipulate them any further... focus on the title instead
Hint #3: the title doesn't have to do…

PCC#19 "Home Plate"

· Published 2023-12-11T13:00:41.872Z

Many thanks to @abide for test-solving and suggestions for improvement.
hint #1: the plate in the title refers to license plates... license plates will sometimes have the state's nickname on them
hint #2: see if you can find state nicknames in the…

PCC#18 "You Have Died of Dysentery"

· Published 2023-12-03T03:29:41.516Z

Hint #1: the meta will be easier if you've played the computer game "Oregon Trail"... if not, then lean heavily on the google machine
Hint #2: 68-A "I'll be crossing you in style"... but what are we crossing?
Hint #3: we are crossing rivers, the four…

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