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They are PDFs, so you will need to print them. I'm slowly trying to transfer them to the Crosshare site for those that prefer online solving.
Note to solvers: I originally started with DOT themes (I work for the Dept of Transportation) and I made puzzles to pass the time.
DOT-related clues and inside office jokes are italicized
Puzzles #3, #8, and #13 feature GD (Geometric Design Unit) specific theme answers (so answers won't make sense unless you know ppl at GD)
Puzzle #1 relies heavily on knowledge of AutoCAD (so probably NOT a fun one to start with unless you really like AutoCAD)
Puzzle #4's [HH] designation refers to GD happy hours
Caution: this is not the NYTimes... puzzle clues/answers may be non-PC
I am always happy to welcome any feedback, theme suggestions, questions, typo-spotting (I don't have a test-solver), etc... You can reach me at:

"Be a unicorn in a field of horses"

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"I less than three you"

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