Philip Chow


Welcome to Phil's Crossword Corner (PCC).
I'm an auditor at NYC Dept of Parks and Recreation (it's nothing like the TV show in case you were wondering - OK maybe a little, I have a super cool boss reminiscent of Ron Swanson and I like to think of myself as a constantly cheery overachiever that cares too much about government work)
I make crossword puzzles for fun in my free time. I'll try and post a new meta puzzle once every other week here for y'all to enjoy.
Note for the level designation, I am using the Gaffney scale in which a week 1 puzzle = easy, and a week 4 and 5 puzzle = hard. The level is the intended difficulty I had in mind when I designed the puzzle, but may play differently since every solver has their own area of expertise... what one person may find easy, another may find difficult.
I'm always happy to welcome any feedback, questions, typo-spotting, theme suggestions/requests, or if you just want to chat... You can reach me at

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