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Addition Reactions

· By Mikey G · Published 2024-02-10T17:49:41.328Z

Meta Prompt
[Level 3.5] The answer to the meta is how chemists might describe their work.
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  • oldjudge solved 2024-02-10T18:06:59.676Z
  • BrennerTJ solved 2024-02-10T18:48:41.877Z
  • Philip Chow solved 2024-02-10T18:53:53.365Z
  • Cindy Weatherman solved 2024-02-10T19:24:30.128Z
  • Meg solved 2024-02-10T19:25:06.051Z
  • Hector solved 2024-02-10T19:29:37.991Z
  • MatthewL solved 2024-02-10T20:03:46.802Z
  • benchen71 solved 2024-02-10T22:36:57.201Z
  • damefox solved 2024-02-10T22:43:49.383Z
  • Pair O Ducks solved 2024-02-10T23:08:36.250Z
  • Laura M solved 2024-02-10T23:21:21.016Z
  • hoover solved 2024-02-11T01:35:35.943Z
  • andeux solved 2024-02-11T05:07:02.835Z
  • I K Snamhcok solved 2024-02-11T06:11:25.138Z
  • LesY solved 2024-02-11T12:49:28.079Z
  • SJ solved 2024-02-11T14:15:16.985Z
  • boharr solved 2024-02-11T14:28:26.620Z
  • Adam Simon Levine solved 2024-02-11T15:18:44.442Z
  • Bob J solved 2024-02-11T17:05:33.614Z
  • Joe solved 2024-02-11T18:09:32.559Z
  • dannyvee solved 2024-02-11T18:27:36.994Z
  • Gutman solved 2024-02-11T18:29:04.721Z
  • Myelbow solved 2024-02-11T21:21:51.870Z
  • HeadinHome solved 2024-02-11T21:45:53.141Z
  • KayW solved 2024-02-12T01:36:42.080Z
  • Bird Lives solved 2024-02-12T04:18:17.817Z
  • DIS solved 2024-02-12T15:26:46.046Z
  • ajk solved 2024-02-12T19:32:05.468Z
  • woozy solved 2024-02-12T21:39:19.891Z
  • heidi solved 2024-02-12T23:57:09.901Z
  • kurtalert solved 2024-02-13T00:15:05.135Z
  • Schmeel solved 2024-02-13T14:32:21.354Z
  • rjy solved 2024-02-13T15:59:30.158Z
  • Cate C solved 2024-02-13T20:58:43.845Z
  • markhr solved 2024-02-13T23:33:17.724Z
  • Danny K Bernstein solved 2024-02-13T23:45:29.691Z
  • FrankieHeck solved 2024-02-13T23:57:42.382Z
  • Berto solved 2024-02-14T04:02:24.656Z
  • Abide solved 2024-02-14T05:40:53.323Z
  • DJB solved 2024-02-14T11:24:47.765Z
  • JM solved 2024-02-14T18:05:42.597Z
  • DrTom solved 2024-02-15T05:07:59.958Z
  • Alvibu67 solved 2024-02-15T17:55:17.618Z
  • CPJohnson solved 2024-02-16T19:14:11.979Z
  • whimsy solved 2024-02-16T20:23:17.371Z
  • edestlin solved 2024-02-16T22:22:44.084Z
  • syoustra solved 2024-02-16T22:58:17.099Z
  • Qmark solved 2024-02-17T17:39:58.345Z
  • Darth solved 2024-02-18T00:03:59.635Z


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  • Mikey G constructor · 2024-02-10T17:54:00.203Z
    Explanation: Per the central entry of ELEMENTS, we have yet another periodic table meta, haha. Ten 4-letter entries, in two quasi-table-shaped sets, are composed of exactly two 2-letter elemental symbols: HELI for instance, is He and Li (NO other entry in the grid other than these ten gives us exactly two elemental symbols, so this did lead to some meh fill in places that it didn't need to be). Take the atomic numbers of these two symbols, add them together, and then find the symbol of the new atomic number you discover (so, for HELI: He (2) + Li (3) = 5, which is B). These new ten symbols in order: B I Sm U Th As U S U Al, which becomes BISMUTH AS USUAL, a fitting pun in honor of meta #83, bismuth's atomic number. Element-ary, my dear!
    • Philip Chow 🤓6:41 · 2024-02-10T19:14:50.738Z
      the math teacher is making us do math again! 😂 thanks mr. mikey
      • Mikey G constructor · 2024-02-11T03:48:27.875Z
        Of course! :D
      • Meg 2s · 2024-02-10T19:26:32.315Z
        Ha ha!! I groaned with appreciation.
        • Hector 3s · 2024-02-10T19:34:26.486Z
          Pure 79
          • Mikey G constructor · 2024-02-11T15:13:30.745Z
            I'm glad 26 your respect for this one!
          • MatthewL 🤓6:16 · 2024-02-10T20:05:13.142Z
            I loved this one! So damn clever. I was going to guess bismuth initially, because of the 83, but then went through all the steps anyway, and was glad I did. I honestly don't know how you do these. Thanks for the puzzle, Mikey!
            • benchen71 🤓1:31 · 2024-02-10T22:37:17.091Z
              • damefox 🤓4:24 · 2024-02-10T22:46:04.818Z
                Lol. So many ways to go with this one it took me a while to see the right mechanism. When BISMUTH started to appear I knew I had it. Clever construction!
                • Mikey G constructor · 2024-02-11T15:14:50.563Z
                  The title was jokingly "Yet Another Periodic Table Meta" in my spreadsheet for a while. Addition (synthesis) reactions are a thing, for what it's worth, and I'm happy many are glomming onto this meta-nism!
                • Laura M 🤓8:27 · 2024-02-10T23:23:27.004Z
                  Ha! My dad was a chemist, he might appreciate this "solution" :-)
                  • Mikey G constructor · 2024-02-11T15:15:24.871Z
                    And if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the precipitate! Tough to go with my favorite school subject after math, but English, chemistry, and history are all up there!
                  • hoover 3s · 2024-02-11T01:37:16.921Z
                    I saw HELI and MONA and thought, no, no way he's going to do that! But yes, yes, he did!
                    • I K Snamhcok 3s · 2024-02-11T06:11:44.945Z
                      • boharr 3s · 2024-02-11T14:36:52.541Z
                        Bismuth? Who he? I have to get one of those giant pull-down periodic table charts we had in high school. Online tables use tiny type.
                        • Mikey G constructor · 2024-02-11T15:16:35.421Z
                          I'm a big fan of When you hover over the element, a larger version of the element comes up! Thanks for solving, as always!!
                          • boharr 3s · 2024-02-12T01:58:45.111Z
                            Thanks for the tip!
                        • Adam Simon Levine 2s · 2024-02-11T15:22:05.149Z
                          Love it!!!
                          • Joe 🤓5:52 · 2024-02-11T18:10:54.361Z
                            My eyes and brain hurt. So happy I got this! It's great, obviously. Now back to my complete failure to see absolutely anything with Will's and Matt's metas!
                            • HeadinHome 🤓1:07 · 2024-02-11T21:54:10.927Z
                              Had some dumb transcribing errors that tripped me up for a while. I had “as usual” for the bottom, but wrong things for CAMO… almost submitted BUSINESS AS USUAL but a little more “check your work” got me to the pun. (Also, for a while was using ITAS for 53+73+16 (three elements)… but dropped that when IPAD wouldn’t work out.). This was fun! You can thank the universe that I am not your pharmacist/chemist, as I am much fonder of free-form creativity than scientific precision! (Though in my job— architectural design— I have to do both ends of the spectrum!)
                              • KayW 🤓7:33 · 2024-02-12T01:38:49.265Z
                                OMG Mikey that is mind-blowing! My favorite element - the element of surprise! It took me forever to get around to the idea of adding those numbers together. Then I thought - well, it can't be squares in the grid, some of the numbers are too big. He couldn't POSSIBLY.... but he DID!!
                                • Bird Lives 4s · 2024-02-12T04:22:44.989Z
                                  I thought of the mechanism as soon as I saw the themers but discarded it out of laziness. All those numbers. Then I remembered that MikeyG's relation to numbers is different from mine. So I did the math, and when I saw what the answer was going to be, I laughed out loud. I laughed out loud when I saw what the answer was going to be.
                                  • DIS 🤓4:14 · 2024-02-12T16:02:57.295Z
                                    That must have been hard to put together -- very impressive. (Sorry I couldn't come up with a new pun, but the good ones argon.)
                                    • ajk 🤓6:39 · 2024-02-12T19:40:34.971Z
                                      LOL given my day job I'm embarrassed to say I needed a nudge. Saw the elements right away, but got hung up on the fact that three of them appear exactly twice. Also probably didn't help that 'addition reaction' means something chemical to me, so I didn't interpret it as math (even though I was trying to add letters or pairs of letters for a while). Did the math wrong on BASE the first time, but pretty easy to spot that BISMUHG was supposed to be BISMUTH. 😂 Wonder if I could do something similar for class using the more restricted element set we deal with in organic. Hmmm. 😂 Fun stuff, thanks.
                                      • woozy 8:37 · 2024-02-12T22:18:41.590Z
                                        I had a hard time with "exactly two react" (all but two of the elements are noble gasses? That's not true? Only two of them had the reactions "Um" in them? That's not true. Were there two elements without the reaction "um" in them and we were supposed to ignore them? Is "Gee!" a reaction along with "um" to get G+alli+um?). I think it's only now that I think you were trying to say the reactions occur in pairs of exactly two?
                                        I saw too many chemical symbols but only one complete row of only symbols but similar rows that were almost all symbols and we to combine symbols of one letter to get an impossible to find the beginning of and end of without having clear paths of leave that one out or pound that one with a hammer until it fits that, even though I figured out the idea of chemical symbols and adding them it took my 48 hours to figure out exactly how to do that.
                                        • Berto 6s · 2024-02-14T04:11:15.621Z
                                          Brilliant! Unlike my sloppy lab work. I literally have a photo spelling out BTeSmUThGePaSReAl - b/c I was writing down atomic #s in poor lighting, and copied my Neon up through my Sodiums (and I lazily didn’t look up HETH but had it in as HETA in the grid). My wonderful A-level Chem teacher Mr. Charlie Gulliford would wipe my A grade off the record if he only knew…
                                          • DrTom 7s · 2024-02-15T05:11:05.303Z
                                            I got BISMUTH with the first 5 but not as usual so I must have made some math errors. However, as soon as I got BISMUTH, and knowing the creator, the rest was, well elementary...
                                            • whimsy 10:49 · 2024-02-16T20:26:14.507Z
                                              Way behind on all my puzzle. One perk of that is that nudges could be out! In under the wire and loving this! Thanks, Mikey!
                                              • Qmark 3s · 2024-02-17T17:41:31.131Z
                                                had the mechanism but a couple of errors sidetracked me...didn't need the nudges but they confirmed that what I had done was the correct path...finally solved before the deadline...thanks Mikey!
                                                • Darth 🤓10:15 · 2024-02-18T00:05:13.129Z
                                                  Not sure if I answered in time, but I didn't look at any solution to get here. :D
                                                  • Mikey G constructor · 2024-02-18T16:30:09.732Z
                                                    There you go! I do that all the time with meta backlogs, haha.
                                                  Last word in title of children's classic with Fern Arable
                                                  1. 1A
                                                    Last word in title of children's classic with Fern Arable
                                                  2. 4A
                                                    She speaks the line, "Reader, I married him"
                                                  3. 8A
                                                    Drop the ___
                                                  4. 11A
                                                    Port opening?
                                                  5. 13A
                                                    "___ Lisa Smile" (2003 film)
                                                  6. 14A
                                                    Style not meant to stand out, briefly
                                                  7. 15A
                                                    Small Hawaiian island that becomes an island nation with initial "P" appended
                                                  8. 16A
                                                    "Think of ___ a gift" (me, giving you a book of my metas)
                                                  9. 17A
                                                    First or home
                                                  10. 18A
                                                    French casserole dish often served cold (containing 7 of the 9 letters in REWRITTEN)
                                                  11. 20A
                                                    Sycophantic sorts
                                                  12. 22A
                                                    This clue is the bottom of the barrel
                                                  13. 23A
                                                    "Life is like ___ of chocolates..."
                                                  14. 25A
                                                    They're out of this world!: Abbr.
                                                  15. 26A
                                                    Exactly two of them on the table might react
                                                  16. 29A
                                                    D-Day craft
                                                  17. 32A
                                                    Shakespeare's stream
                                                  18. 33A
                                                  19. 37A
                                                    "Relax, soldier!"
                                                  20. 39A
                                                    I was so excited to go to the office fastener factory, I traveled ___
                                                  21. 41A
                                                    Turner who sang "The Best"
                                                  22. 42A
                                                    MLB league with my beloved Cubbies
                                                  23. 44A
                                                    "___ Want for Christmas Is You" (song Yule hear every year)
                                                  24. 45A
                                                    Hebrew letter that eventually became the Greek eta
                                                  25. 46A
                                                    Apple product
                                                  26. 47A
                                                    "I'll solve equations, but the coordinate plane is where I draw the ___!"
                                                  27. 48A
                                                    Magazine VIPs
                                                  28. 49A
                                                    Klinger portrayer
                                                  29. 50A
                                                    Some MIT grads
                                                  1. 1D
                                                    "___ you do??"
                                                  2. 2D
                                                    Catcher of congers (I had some moray puns to put here)
                                                  3. 3D
                                                    Blast your tunes at 3 am, say
                                                  4. 4D
                                                    Key of Dvorak's "New World Symphony," for short
                                                  5. 5D
                                                    Declaration on el catorce de febrero, perhaps
                                                  6. 6D
                                                    m___ (biochemical molecule)
                                                  7. 7D
                                                    Lenient with
                                                  8. 8D
                                                    Speed skater Biney or 2023 novel by Jessica George
                                                  9. 9D
                                                    Said the alarm clock who had its fill, "___, thanks!"
                                                  10. 10D
                                                    Brothers who directed "O Brother, Where Art Thou?"
                                                  11. 12D
                                                    "___ you to reconsider"
                                                  12. 14D
                                                    Network you might watch if "The Price Is Right"
                                                  13. 19D
                                                    Majorca y Minorca
                                                  14. 21D
                                                  15. 24D
                                                    "Love Is a Battlefield" singer Pat
                                                  16. 27D
                                                    Assuming that
                                                  17. 28D
                                                    Where you see LA
                                                  18. 29D
                                                    "I'm not a specialized carpenter, just a ___person"
                                                  19. 30D
                                                    Cooped up like pigs (as seen in "The Days of Swine and Roses")
                                                  20. 31D
                                                    "I just went camping - it was in ___!"
                                                  21. 34D
                                                    Holden's late brother in "The Catcher in the Rye"
                                                  22. 35D
                                                    He said, "Some people care too much. I think it's called love"
                                                  23. 36D
                                                    Invasive plants?
                                                  24. 38D
                                                    "How relaxing!"
                                                  25. 40D
                                                    "Yeah, I'm not looking at that ridiculously lengthy e-mail," in shorthand
                                                  26. 43D
                                                    MLA alternative, in citations