Hey all! My name's Brad and I'm pretty new to Crosswords. (They're a good distraction seeing as my main hobby—Bridge—isn't really functional at the moment).
I got into doing Cryptic crosswords with some friends around mid 2021, and at the end of August decided to try set one for one of their birthday presents. The puzzle in setting them seems pretty cool, so I've kept at trying to do it; and am very much learning on the job as to how they work!
I hope that my little creations bring you some amount of joy similar to what I've already derived out of making them :)

An evil Mini #5

◆◆ · Published 5 days ago

I thrashed out my frustrations at my next 15x15 by writing a somewhat evil mini. I hope you enjoy it :)
2A Definition: A boy Wordplay: Odd letters of LoanD
4A Definition: Against Wordplay: Coupon without Co
6A Definition: Retreat Wordplay: Anagram of tr...

Themed Cryptic 1

· Published 12 days ago

I'm proud of this one, I hope you enjoy it too.
I've left this one without any 'pre-printed' hints in the blog; because it's intended to be written as a hard / stand-alone cryptic.

Mini cryptic #4

· Published 13 days ago

Warning: Spoiler-ridden blog post; scroll down to start

I’ve been slow in making crosswords here, as I’ve been focusing on slowly progressing a themed 15x15 that’s been rattling around in my head for the last few weeks. But I felt like putting another...

A cute wee cryptic

◆◆ · Published 20 days ago


A little less cryptic

· Published 25 days ago

Warning: Spoiler-ridden blog post; scroll down to start

Cryptic crosswords can be a bit harder to solve than American crosswords, especially if you're not really sure how they work.
I hope that this blog can be used both as a way to help people solve ...

This cryptic is a work of fiction

· Published 26 days ago


Just a little cryptic

· Published 26 days ago


A (hopefully) approachable Cryptic

· Published 27 days ago


A rather dry, themeless cryptic

◆◆ · Published 28 days ago