Hey all! My name's Brad and I'm more enthusiastic than good with crosswords.
I got into doing Cryptic crosswords with some friends around mid 2021, and at the end of August decided to try set one for one of their birthday presents. The challenge in setting them seems pretty cool, so I've kept at trying to do it; and am very much learning on the job as to how they work! (Read: it took multiple grids before people told me that things like indirect anagrams weren't allowed; if you're going back through the older ones be prepared for some badness).
I hope that my little creations bring you some amount of joy similar to what I've already derived out of making them :)

Brad's 4th Variety: Original Sin

· Published 17 days ago

I'm trying something a lot different with this one, any feedback about what did or didn't work for you would be appreciated. There was certainly a lot of feedback from my wonderful test-solvers teamcrazymatt, Juff, and Pixlate.
The title of this grid…

A rather transatlantic cryptic

· Published 3 months ago

In kiwiland we have a bit of a melting pot of cultural influences, which means some crossword clues have unexpected difficulty spikes or dips than what the setter would've intended. This gets reinforced through watching people solving crosswords on…

A rather traversable cryptic

◆◆ · Published 4 months ago

♠ Another crossword with a bridge theme, because I'm as predictable as ever. ♠
♡ Thanks for showing some interest in it, and a special thanks to Skaldskaparmal for the test solve. They've helped me develop as a setter by pointing out bloopers, and…

A rather jolly cryptic

◆◆ · Published 5 months ago

Watching a crossword stream (check them out!), I had inspiration to write a grid with only one clue. Turns out that this is pretty difficult, and others have found a neat way to sidestep this and create so-called…

A rather thawed cryptic

◆◆ · Published 7 months ago

This grid has been checked by Stjtb7650, who streams crossword stuff at and you should totally check them out if you're bored enough to click on one of my grids. They did a fantastic job of pointing out the weak points…

A rather spectral cryptic

· Published 8 months ago

I'd like to thank BlueJay - not only for testing this grid (which they've done an exemplary job of), but also being one of the first people to welcome me into this hobby.
Of all the grids I've created, this is certainly one. In an effort to try and…
There's some good and some bad in this grid. I really like most of the fill and some of the clues / wordplays are cute. The grid has a pretty awkward shape, but the solve is somewhat aided by a gimmick explained below. Thanks to Skaldskaparmal and…

A rather pointed cryptic

· Published 10 months ago

A hoy hoy!
A bit of a smaller grid this time, and mostly easier clues. This one goes out to all my friends who tolerate me badgering them with random clues at odd hours.

A rather supportive cryptic

· Published 10 months ago


A rather criminal cryptic

· Published 11 months ago

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