Aaron Riccio




Trick and Treat?

· Published 2023-10-31T05:10:14.942Z

I didn't want my home to get TP'd by a bunch of out-of-control solvers, so I made them this puzzle! Thanks to PA, Brad, and Tui for testing, and Happy Halloween to you all; perhaps I'll see some of you on my Tuesday night cryptic-solving stream at…
This, my seventh puzzle, is also my first symmetric barred grid. The secret message—instructions on how to fill parts of this grid, and what I'm "celebrating"—can be found at 1A/35A. Many thanks to my test solvers, skaldskaparmal, GandaPestile, and…

Illogical #002: Working Ha-Ha-Hard

◆◆ · Published 2022-06-13T13:23:06.074Z

Many thanks to dadgumituh and jmsr525 at The Rackenfracker ( as well as @EcclesCrossword and @kayeu for giving the considerably rougher and tougher version of this puzzle--my first full-length!--a very helpful test…

Illogical 001 - "Money Where My Mouth Is"

· Published 2022-05-04T14:19:40.953Z