Hey all! My name's Brad and I'm pretty new to Crosswords. (They're a good distraction seeing as my main hobby—Bridge—isn't really functional at the moment).
I got into doing Cryptic crosswords with some friends around mid 2021, and at the end of August decided to try set one for one of their birthday presents. The puzzle in setting them seems pretty cool, so I've kept at trying to do it; and am very much learning on the job as to how they work!
I hope that my little creations bring you some amount of joy similar to what I've already derived out of making them :)

Nov mini cryptic 10

· Published 7 months ago

This one just sneaks into the day for me, it's not that motivation is lacking; just the hours in the days for this week.
But I'll keep trying to hit the goals, and this one's a bit more serious than the last one; which is probably a good thing.
1A Def...

Nov mini cryptic 9

· Published 7 months ago

This one was fun to write.
1A Def Joint Wordplay Hidden in elbow
5A Def breathable Wordplay regular letters of air
6A Def on a wheel Wordplay Anagram of spoke
8A Def Join Wordplay W (women) joined (wed) to ed (journalist)
9A Def hold...

Nov mini cryptic 8

· Published 7 months ago

A busy week at work for me, these may come more into the evening for a bit...
Sorry about 1A, it fit the grid... (at least the definition's obvious if you know)
1A Definition Elrond's daughter Wordplay reversal of new (inexperienced) and ra (artists)

Nov mini cryptic 7

· Published 7 months ago

One week in, this has proven to be a fun distraction for me (and hopefully one for you too). Let's see how far it goes!
1A Def Clients Wordplay D-def with investigates
5A Def Shanties Wordplay Nuts (crazy), change 'n' (new) to 'h' (second choir)
6A D...

Nov mini cryptic 6

· Published 7 months ago

Some of these clues are good, but the lure of reading outside on a nice weekend day really impinged on my ability to write a grid in a timely fashion.
Hopefully it's still a somewhat enjoyable solve!
1A Def Supports Wordplay D-def with retreats
6A Def...

Nov mini cryptic 5

· Published 7 months ago

Back to 'normalcy' (although, when am I ever normal?).
1A Def Strange Wordplay OED (dictionary) E->D (English to Dutch)
4A Def grant Wordplay A + ward (hospital room)
6A Def Psychological Wordplay Hidden in paIN NERves
7A Def break up Wordplay Decry (...

Nov mini cryptic 4

· Published 7 months ago

I can't take credit for the grid, but even the person who gave me this grid wouldn't want to be associated with any of the clues I've written for it.

Remember to scroll down to start :)

1A Def Present Wordplay Toady (creep), change ad (notice) to da

Nov mini cryptic 3

· Published 7 months ago

Some slightly funny, and some slightly bananas clues in this one.
### Remember to scroll down to start :) I apologise in advance if you haven't seen the type of wordplay in one of the clues before.
1A Def bananas? Wordplay Sherbet - ET (alien) anagram...

Nov mini cryptic 2

◆◆ · Published 7 months ago

Haven't stopped yet.

Remember to scroll down to start

I think there were only 2 possible lumps of coal yesterday, and I hope there aren't any today!
1A Def Locks up Wordplay Double-def with crates
4A Def Stood up Wordplay Double-def with appeared
6A Def...

Nov mini cryptic 1

· Published 7 months ago

I'm going to try write a cryptic mini a day throughout November, an early advent calendar of sorts?

Remember to scroll down to start

Let's see how often I can keep it up, and how much coal I end up giving you.
1A Def The cover of the night Wordplay Anag...

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