Hey all! My name's Brad and I'm more enthusiastic than good with crosswords.
I got into doing Cryptic crosswords with some friends around mid 2021, and at the end of August decided to try set one for one of their birthday presents. The challenge in setting them seems pretty cool, so I've kept at trying to do it; and am very much learning on the job as to how they work! (Read: it took multiple grids before people told me that things like indirect anagrams weren't allowed; if you're going back through the older ones be prepared for some badness).
I hope that my little creations bring you some amount of joy similar to what I've already derived out of making them :)

A rather tangled variety cryptic (linked)

· Published 2022-02-12T01:55:54.149Z

In this grid, each across entry is linked to a down entry. The letter next to the enumeration is to link to clues and make is easier on the solver :)

The across clues all lack one letter in their wordplay that is superfluously given in the associated…

A rather tangled variety cryptic

· Published 2022-02-07T01:49:01.838Z

In this grid, each across entry is linked to a down entry.

The across clues all lack one letter in their wordplay that is superfluously given in the associated down clue. All of the down clues give a word, which need to have said letter removed and…

A rather English cryptic

· Published 2022-01-08T07:13:50.260Z


A rather vengeful cryptic

◆◆ · Published 2021-12-28T04:00:32.168Z

This isn't the most impressive grid on the block, but hopefully it's still a fun one to try ^_^
I'd like to thank those who politely told me where I should stick the original version of some of these clues.

A rather dashing cryptic

· Published 2021-12-12T09:28:23.203Z

I've taken a while to tinker away at this grid. Still learning, still experimenting; and I'd like to thank all the people who give me any feedback about what they liked / disliked.

Nov mini cryptic 13

· Published 2021-11-14T04:40:35.412Z

This Nov initiative has had a good run.
Life got in the way of my setting a grid yesterday; and the week coming's ramping up to the point where I think I need to temporarily call it here.
I hope that you've all enjoyed trying to solve these as much…

Nov mini cryptic 12

· Published 2021-11-12T04:17:10.913Z

A busy weekend's arising for me; I'll tidy up the hints for this when I have time, and may be pressing to get a grid out tomorrow with some travel commitments...
But I hope that y'all can enjoy this grid regardless.

Nov mini cryptic 11

· Published 2021-11-11T05:31:27.126Z

This one was a bit of a speedrun, 30 minutes from sitting down to write it to hitting publish. Hopefully there's still some good that came of it.
A few of the surfaces are a little iffy, but I didn't have time to refine them :/
1A Def Refuges Wordpla…

Nov mini cryptic 10

· Published 2021-11-10T10:30:59.206Z

This one just sneaks into the day for me, it's not that motivation is lacking; just the hours in the days for this week.
But I'll keep trying to hit the goals, and this one's a bit more serious than the last one; which is probably a good thing.

Nov mini cryptic 9

· Published 2021-11-09T00:40:29.879Z

This one was fun to write.
1A Def Joint Wordplay Hidden in elbow
5A Def breathable Wordplay regular letters of air
6A Def on a wheel Wordplay Anagram of spoke
8A Def Join Wordplay W (women) joined (wed) to ed (journalist)
9A Def hold air Word…

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