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A rather tangled variety cryptic (linked)

· By n0hk · Published 2022-02-12T01:55:54.149Z

Constructor's Note
Constructor's Note: Please read the blog post for the instructions + an example of the variety cluing

In this grid, each across entry is linked to a down entry. The letter next to the enumeration is to link to clues and make is easier on the solver :)

The across clues all lack one letter in their wordplay that is superfluously given in the associated down clue. All of the down clues give a word, which need to have said letter removed and most need to be anagrammed to fit into the grid.
The across clues all include the definition of the linked down entry, and the down clues include the definition of the word formed by the across wordplay before the extra letter is added. These definitions must be deleted in order to cryptically parse the clues.
All enumerations are given for the actual grid entries.


Across: Set down transport craft oddly (4)
The odd letters of craft are CAT, which needs an extra 'R' from the down clue. Set down is the definition of the down entry, and is ignored.
Therefore, you enter CART into the grid
Down: Blair deigned to hide feline for Scottish lord (4)
LAIRD is a hidden within b(lair d)eigned, with a def of Scottish lord. Feline is the definition of the across wordplay and is ignored. The down entry will be leftover letters (potentially anagrammed) from LAIRD (LAID), and means 'set down' (from the across clue).
Therefore you enter LAID into the grid
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    Pubs new lass coming to grips with working sober (7, a)
    1. 1A
      Pubs new lass coming to grips with working sober (7, a)
    2. 5A
      Kākāpō's escapades gripped Cockney crowd (5, b)
    3. 8A
      Regularly gain an advantage over abductees at Devils Tower? (5, c)
    4. 9A
      Tributaries engulfed erstwhile horny animal secretly (7, d)
    5. 10A
      Soldier picks fabricated report (7, e)
    6. 11A
      Mg tablets occasionally clog new eczematic openings (5, f)
    7. 12A
      Quick turnover leads to riots in expedition following labour emergency (6, g)
    8. 14A
      Doctor accepted first class journalist opened pardons (6, h)
    9. 17A
      Rough arguing can be dreadfully ladled out (5, i)
    10. 19A
      Catty female to push the world away, resides without Lee after rejecting git? (7, j)
    11. 22A
      Combined statement of disagreement from top theoreticians to persuade enraged outsiders (7, k)
    12. 23A
      A retired Japanese statesman discovered onyx next to South American titular see (5, l)
    13. 24A
      Snakes behold old son's depositings (5, m)
    14. 25A
      Stores recalled bent piece (7, n)
    1. 1D
      Buzz from meteorologists not above putting up conductive rods (5, f)
    2. 2D
      Cryptically ogled pelts to be fixed in Morpheus' arms? (4, 3, h)
    3. 3D
      Anton euphorically guzzled a horse drug to become stronger (3, 2, c)
    4. 4D
      Incidents from battery incorporating very loud gun in front of resistance in island (6, g)
    5. 5D
      Chesty oracle mistakenly transfixed by conclusion to debut religious book by priest (7, e)
    6. 6D
      Romeo lounges, entertained by poem half-heartedly written up for Domingo and Pavarotti? (5, a)
    7. 7D
      Model agreed to awkward dates, welcomed prosperous single gentlemen followers (4, 3, b)
    8. 12D
      Exhibitionist father keeps laced clothing loose around relative (7, k)
    9. 13D
      Expanding US City to engage in wiretapping toilets (7, m)
    10. 15D
      Very quiet about American stowing aboard ship to defeat Mexican football team (5-2, j)
    11. 16D
      Old people rage from criminal taxdodgers dismissing former good (2, 4, i)
    12. 18D
      Oscar eviscerated training weapons impugnation after that woman's shot up (5, d)
    13. 20D
      Not one siren disturbed the Hyades home after demigods are cursed (5, l)
    14. 21D
      Husbands first signs of desperation strikes after grey hair revealed in layers (5, n)