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Nov mini cryptic 13

· By BJ · Published 7 months ago

This Nov initiative has had a good run.
Life got in the way of my setting a grid yesterday; and the week coming's ramping up to the point where I think I need to temporarily call it here.
I hope that you've all enjoyed trying to solve these as much as I've tried to write them; and I'll definitely try continue tickling along with a few other grids I have ideas for.
1A Def Teen Wordplay Anagram of mouthy without 'm' (mum)
5A Def silly woman Wordplay M (male) + oo (hugs)
6A Def Creep Wordplay Anagram of warlock without 'OK' (Oklahoma)
8A Def Meat cut Wordplay Reverse hidden (back from) in toMAHawk
9A Def Fred and George possibly Wordplay Evil level double-definition by example. Who remembers B1 and B2?
1D Def Vessel Wordplay Anagram of Cathy
2D Def Taste Wordplay 'U' + IMAM backwards
3D Def Tug Wordplay Homophone of toe
4D Def Bears Wordplay Old (dated) inside HS (highschool)
7D Def Undercooked Wordplay Reversal of war (fight)
Checking for previous play data...


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  • Mike D 🤓2:27 · 7 months ago
    This was my favorite one yet I think! Thank you for keeping this up for so long - looking forward to more whenever you're able to post them 😊
    • quatrevingtneuf 🤓2:38 · 7 months ago
      very nice 👍🏼
      1ATeen ill-disposed, mouthy, ignoring mum (5)
      1. 1A
        Teen ill-disposed, mouthy, ignoring mum (5)
      2. 5A
        Male hugs silly woman (3)
      3. 6A
        Creep's outlandish warlock shunning Oklahoma (5)
      4. 8A
        Meat cut back from tomahawk (3)
      5. 9A
        Fred and George possibly are bananas? (5)
      1. 1D
        Manoeuvre Cathy's vessel (5)
      2. 2D
        Muslim leader recoiled after first urine taste (5)
      3. 3D
        "Tug!" Digit heard (3)
      4. 4D
        Bears dated in highschool (5)
      5. 7D
        Undercooked fight written up (3)