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Name That Movie (Meta)

· By benchen71 · Published 2024-07-09T06:00:40.416Z

Meta Prompt
The answer to the meta is a movie title
Here's another meta inspired by trying to solve another meta! Love it when that happens! The answer to the meta is a movie title. Answer & explanation:
Check out "The MOAT MEOW Mashup Pack" here: US$10 gives you access to 14 metas that don't always abide by the "rules" of the game. You won't quite know what to expect: asymmetry, 2-letter words, uncrossed letters, sometimes all of those, and sometimes none! One thing is for sure, these are some of the more creative metas my brain has been able to come up with. And there's more: this time there's a mega-meta!
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  • markhr solved 2024-07-09T06:19:48.646Z
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  • Darth solved 2024-07-09T14:03:13.616Z
  • MatthewL solved 2024-07-09T14:12:47.531Z
  • Danny K Bernstein solved 2024-07-09T14:22:49.942Z
  • Jaclyn solved 2024-07-09T14:25:17.743Z
  • boharr solved 2024-07-09T14:35:05.894Z
  • Hector solved 2024-07-09T14:35:38.486Z
  • whimsy solved 2024-07-09T14:47:06.605Z
  • woozy solved 2024-07-09T14:51:01.350Z
  • Dave C solved 2024-07-09T14:54:44.714Z
  • Tim solved 2024-07-09T15:13:28.298Z
  • LarsCaine solved 2024-07-09T15:32:52.049Z
  • Bird Lives solved 2024-07-09T15:36:33.862Z
  • FrankieHeck solved 2024-07-09T15:54:50.240Z
  • ajk solved 2024-07-09T16:07:18.637Z
  • Tom Wilson solved 2024-07-09T16:13:45.072Z
  • heidi solved 2024-07-09T16:25:04.939Z
  • edestlin solved 2024-07-09T17:23:01.193Z
  • rjy solved 2024-07-09T17:55:38.374Z
  • DrTom solved 2024-07-09T19:07:21.741Z
  • kurtalert solved 2024-07-09T19:23:01.817Z
  • JM solved 2024-07-09T19:42:37.757Z
  • HeadinHome solved 2024-07-09T19:52:30.504Z
  • imontoo solved 2024-07-09T20:22:46.732Z
  • DCBilly solved 2024-07-09T23:38:06.117Z
  • hoover solved 2024-07-10T00:09:06.019Z
  • KayW solved 2024-07-10T00:36:32.499Z
  • Berto solved 2024-07-10T01:16:26.470Z
  • I K Snamhcok solved 2024-07-10T01:17:01.666Z
  • Qmark solved 2024-07-10T14:23:22.660Z
  • Abide solved 2024-07-11T01:31:01.000Z
  • Sharkicicles solved 2024-07-11T15:32:29.865Z
  • omnilynx solved 2024-07-11T15:53:34.131Z
  • Jeremy Smith solved 2024-07-11T18:32:00.242Z
  • Tyrpmom solved 2024-07-11T19:40:10.236Z
  • Streroto solved 2024-07-12T00:11:06.739Z
  • Ergcat solved 2024-07-12T00:49:04.727Z
  • Spid4567 solved 2024-07-12T03:30:33.618Z
  • Johnny Luau solved 2024-07-12T14:51:12.537Z
  • Mr Tex solved 2024-07-13T14:11:47.251Z
  • frostyjhammer solved 2024-07-13T18:45:12.051Z
  • Carolyn solved 2024-07-13T19:10:18.736Z
  • Cindy Heisler solved 2024-07-13T22:32:56.660Z
  • DIS solved 2024-07-15T16:24:30.624Z
  • Alvibu67 solved 2024-07-16T15:45:00.705Z
  • PizzaMan solved 2024-07-16T19:17:39.984Z


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  • Laura M 🤓8:44 · 2024-07-09T06:59:58.574Z
    Fun! Had to Google to confirm the O, I didn't know that!
    • Pair O Ducks 🤓4:08 · 2024-07-09T12:50:17.633Z
      What was it? I'm not even sure what to google for -- seems like there's quite a lot of "Odyssey" retellings.
      • Jaclyn 🤓7:59 · 2024-07-09T14:25:50.079Z
        I went with O Brother Where Art Thou.
        • woozy 🤓10:53 · 2024-07-09T14:56:38.742Z
          O Brother Where art thou.
          FANTASTIC Movie. (got that one right away.)
          • whimsy 9:17 · 2024-07-09T14:54:42.150Z
            Same here -- just went with what worked. After falling victim to the first important acrosses and stopping at that 😄-- Should have known there'd be more! Fun synopses and puzzle, Ben!
            • woozy 🤓10:53 · 2024-07-09T15:01:30.778Z
              I guess you could google "movie retelling of the odyssey"
              and.... wow.... I assumed it would be the very first hit. Apparently not.
          • boharr 2s · 2024-07-09T14:37:36.820Z
            Google broke in the heat before I could find the O.
            • MatthewL 🤓6:13 · 2024-07-09T14:14:42.754Z
              Fun. I presumed the "O" is O Brother, Where Art Thou, but that's just my take. Thanks for the puzzle, Ben!
              • benchen71 constructor · 2024-07-09T22:34:55.284Z
                That's the one I was going for.
              • woozy 🤓10:53 · 2024-07-09T14:56:01.374Z
                Ah, geez.
                You get nagging things all over. And then it clicks.
                It was easier to see some trios than others. Got the middle two right away but took awhile to see the first. And even then there was the "huh, that's multiple movies" moment. In the beginning I thought 7D was pertinant. Reading clockwise: "The man and ark now.... udo??????"
                Very clever and fun.
                • benchen71 constructor · 2024-07-10T01:10:34.315Z
                  Did you notice that the trios were symmetrically located? ;-)
                  • woozy 🤓10:53 · 2024-07-10T14:45:07.838Z
                    Once I recognized they were trios, in a line, yes. I spent a little time trying to find the "uniter" (7D?) and the three things they you united rather than trios for a second or two. Once I realized The Odyssey Now and Man pursues ark were two different trios I found the other two right away.
                • Bird Lives 4s · 2024-07-09T15:40:01.789Z
                  I like the metanism and got the genral idea right off the bat, But I needed Google/Wikipedia for the specfics -- all of them, even the one I've seen, including the answer..
                  • ajk 🤓7:26 · 2024-07-09T16:10:50.989Z
                    Started to re-fill the .puz after solving the grid here and BERG SINKS BOAT jumped out. Got Raiders and Napoleon Dynamite instantly (despite not having seen the latter), but did need to google the Odyssey one (though once O Brother Where Art Thou popped up I figured that was it, even though the click was a little softer since the rest involve the actual plots). Very clever and fun, thanks. :)
                    • Dave C 3s · 2024-07-09T14:57:09.397Z
                      I struggled with the O also, but when I found "O Brother, Where Art Thou", I figured it must be Tron. I also needed Google for Napolean Dynamite, but Titanic and Raiders were easy.
                      • Darth 🤓8:16 · 2024-07-09T14:13:39.449Z
                        It's time to watch some classic movies. Thanks, Ben.
                        • HeadinHome 🤓6:09 · 2024-07-09T20:06:19.716Z
                          First thought there would be more crossovers like MISHMASH and FARR, then thought it was a collection of famous lines (Dr Livingstone i presume?)… then VOTE PEDRO jumped right out at me.. still thinking quotes I found berg sinks boat and the other two soon followed. No google needed for any… O Brother is a family fave that we are quoting all the time! Sooo many memorable lines also , watch this yall:
                          • imontoo 2s · 2024-07-09T20:23:58.798Z
                            Fun! Thanks, Ben.
                            • kurtalert 🤓5:44 · 2024-07-09T19:26:26.195Z
                              Argh. Flailed around for a while because I was putting Indiana Jones in the title, I didn't realize it was strictly titled Raiders of the Lost Ark, and I had figured that The Odyssey Now was actually 2001: A Space Odyssey. Especially with "Now" being clued as "These days (more or less)" - I figured that meant I had some leeway on 2001 being considered "now."
                              • benchen71 constructor · 2024-07-10T01:14:51.142Z
                                The "more of less" in the clue for NOW was because "O, Brother Where Art Thou" is set in the 1930s. ;-)
                              • DrTom 3s · 2024-07-09T19:22:39.009Z
                                Well I struggled for quite some time figuring that AND (word that comes between partners) "united" three things A AND B, so I had AJAX AND ACHILLES, HALL AND OATES, RUTH AND NAOMI, PEDRO and NAPOLEON to get AONN (funnily enough I thought, dang that sounds almost like TRON). THen, after reading some comments I did literally step back and saw BERG SINKS BOAT and of course jumped for TITANIC which naturally was wrong.
                                "Don't be so trigger happy Tom, look at the others", and when I saw VOTE PEDRO PRES I knew what I had to do. The man pursues ark was a tough choice because EVAN ALMIGHTY is also about a man pursuing the building of an ARK, but I went with RAIDERS because it was certainly a bigger movie. The THE ODYSSEY NOW was a puzzle because there are LOTS of Odyssey movies, but with a TR_N (what a coincidence) I knew it had to be an O, and there was a movie called The ODYSSEY and 52A told us we could ignore THE, so that was my TRON. I had no idea "O Brother Where Art Thou" (even though I have seen it) was loosely based on Homer's work.
                                Fun puzzle and mechanism Ben!!!
                                • hoover 2s · 2024-07-10T00:11:03.100Z
                                  I had TR_N and punted. I'm old enough to have seen the original on the big screen.
                                  • benchen71 constructor · 2024-07-10T01:15:10.445Z
                                    Me too!
                                  • KayW 🤓4:57 · 2024-07-10T00:40:19.235Z
                                    Fantastic concept and movie synopses! As it happens I saw all 4 themers plus the answer, so easy peasy for me. Thanks Ben!
                                    • Berto 1s · 2024-07-10T01:23:26.575Z
                                      Was convinced it was going to begin with T and end in ND, with maybe ROTLA in the middle, but TROTLA—ND wasn’t feeling warm n fuzzy. Glad I simplified my thinking!
                                      • Qmark 3s · 2024-07-10T14:26:17.398Z
                                        Loved it, thanks Ben! (luckily I knew that the Coens' "O Brother..." was based on the Odyssey) :)
                                        • Abide 🤓7:54 · 2024-07-11T01:44:45.376Z
                                          Very nice (well except for ESAC😜)
                                          I had 5 minutes of “WTH” and then 💥 BOOM with top and bottom movies. I’ve seen them except the answer.
                                          • benchen71 constructor · 2024-07-11T04:54:48.708Z
                                            I think that crept in because I also made the puzzle a pangram, just for the challenge of it! ;-)
                                          • Sharkicicles 2s · 2024-07-11T15:33:35.558Z
                                            Nudge needed but no google required. This was definitely one of those “whoa…” ones once I saw it. Thanks!
                                            • Ergcat 15:39 · 2024-07-12T00:49:55.070Z
                                              Good one! I was overthinking as usual and needed the nudges! Thanks, Ben!
                                              • Carolyn 3s · 2024-07-13T19:13:11.116Z
                                                Having never heard of one of the movies (or the answer movie) made it more difficult. Came back after two wrong answers and there it was. Duh! I guess I need to get out more! However, I did love O Brother...
                                                Punta del ___, Uruguay
                                                1. 1A
                                                  Punta del ___, Uruguay
                                                2. 5A
                                                  Look forward to
                                                3. 10A
                                                  Trojan War hero
                                                4. 14A
                                                  North Atlantic hazard
                                                5. 15A
                                                  Goes down
                                                6. 16A
                                                7. 17A
                                                  "Whose ___ was it?" (ironic comment made with the benefit of hindsight)
                                                8. 19A
                                                  European Space Astronomy Centre (abbr.)
                                                9. 20A
                                                  Roasted animals on the last page of nearly every Asterix book
                                                10. 21A
                                                  Way through the woods
                                                11. 23A
                                                  Steers clear of
                                                12. 25A
                                                  "Dr. Livingstone, ___?"
                                                13. 29A
                                                  Sixth-day creation
                                                14. 30A
                                                15. 33A
                                                  Torah holder
                                                16. 34A
                                                  Puts to work
                                                17. 36A
                                                  Gather what's been sown
                                                18. 37A
                                                  Ostrich on a long-running Australian TV show
                                                19. 39A
                                                20. 41A
                                                  "___ with my little eye..."
                                                21. 43A
                                                  More suitable
                                                22. 46A
                                                  "It's good for what ____ you!"
                                                23. 48A
                                                  Book after Judges
                                                24. 52A
                                                  Word ignored by librarians, usually
                                                25. 53A
                                                  Great adventure
                                                26. 56A
                                                  These days (more or less)
                                                27. 57A
                                                28. 59A
                                                  "What ___" ("That's too bad")
                                                29. 61A
                                                  "Like a tea ___ in the sky" (a bat in a Lewis Carroll poem)
                                                30. 62A
                                                  ___ mignon
                                                31. 64A
                                                  Blacken on a grill
                                                32. 66A
                                                  Things that don't fit well into round holes
                                                33. 71A
                                                  Participate at the polls
                                                34. 72A
                                                  Peter, in Spain
                                                35. 73A
                                                  Biden's title, slangily
                                                36. 74A
                                                  Part of a process
                                                37. 75A
                                                38. 76A
                                                  If you're still ___ regarding the meta, there's a hint in 49 down
                                                1. 1D
                                                  Recede, as the tide
                                                2. 2D
                                                  Oh, to be in Spain!
                                                3. 3D
                                                  Elected official in ancient Rome
                                                4. 4D
                                                  Goad into action
                                                5. 5D
                                                  Sci. that's looking up?
                                                6. 6D
                                                  Nintendo game consoles
                                                7. 7D
                                                  Word that comes between partners
                                                8. 8D
                                                  '50s White House nickname
                                                9. 9D
                                                  Expedited screening program, familiarly
                                                10. 10D
                                                  Assists in wrongdoing
                                                11. 11D
                                                  Violinist/conductor Bell, painter Reynolds, et al.
                                                12. 12D
                                                  High bond rating
                                                13. 13D
                                                  Andy Partridge's band
                                                14. 18D
                                                  Place for a padlock
                                                15. 22D
                                                  Fabled writer?
                                                16. 23D
                                                  Dallas school (abbr.)
                                                17. 24D
                                                18. 25D
                                                  "Love ___ Battlefield" (Pat Benatar song)
                                                19. 26D
                                                  Iris centers
                                                20. 27D
                                                  Diagnostic scan, for short
                                                21. 28D
                                                  Barely make, with "out"
                                                22. 32D
                                                  Races with a baton
                                                23. 35D
                                                  Feminine pronoun
                                                24. 38D
                                                  Leb. neighbour
                                                25. 40D
                                                  Pleasant scent
                                                26. 42D
                                                  Opposite of NNW
                                                27. 43D
                                                  Money machine
                                                28. 44D
                                                  Symbol for magnetic flux
                                                29. 45D
                                                  Where there's a will?
                                                30. 47D
                                                  Suffix meaning "somewhat"
                                                31. 49D
                                                  They bring things together (three things, to be exact!)
                                                32. 50D
                                                  Small measure of strong alcohol
                                                33. 51D
                                                  Major rd.
                                                34. 54D
                                                  Hydrotherapy venue
                                                35. 55D
                                                  New Haven university
                                                36. 58D
                                                  Person hired to hire and fire, informally
                                                37. 60D
                                                  Pig of children's TV
                                                38. 62D
                                                  Jamie ___ of "MAS*H"
                                                39. 63D
                                                40. 64D
                                                41. 65D
                                                  H on a tap
                                                42. 67D
                                                  Math. equivalent of "ta-da!"
                                                43. 68D
                                                  Japanese vegetable that's an anagram of a musical pairing
                                                44. 69D
                                                  7th letter
                                                45. 70D
                                                  "SOS" R&B singer