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This Might Be a Crossword Part II

· By Sommersmith · Published 2 months ago

Six months ago I made a 5x5 mini crossword entirely out of They Might Be Giants quotes, which you can find here: Here's another one, 7x7 this time and hopefully still accessible and fun whether you're a TMBG fan or not!
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  • Mike D 🤓1:42 · 2 months ago
    Loved it!
    • Holmes 🤓4:32 · 2 months ago
      Amazed that I was able to figure this out without knowing ANY of these lyrics! Well done.
      • Wayne Mesard 🤓5:12 · 2 months ago
        Keep ‘em coming. You have single-handedly revived my long-forgotten TMBG playlists.
        • sal17 🤓2:57 · 2 months ago
          This puzzle was not my Vietnam.
          • SJMcK 🤓5:31 · 2 months ago
            • Account 🤓4:52 · 2 months ago
              Thanks to you, I have most of these running through my head.
              • leebenningfield 🤓37s · 2 months ago
                Pretty cool
                • Frisco17 🤓48s · 2 months ago
                  HELL YEAH
                  • T. G. 🤓1:47 · 2 months ago
                    Very fun!
                    • seanm 🤓2:11 · 2 months ago
                      So fun! Did you create a custom word list with all the tmbg lyrics?
                      • Sommersmith constructor · 2 months ago
                        A guy named David MacKenzie had a project where he analyzed word frequency in TMBG lyrics - - for it he scraped lyrics from and with a little bit of reformatting his data worked as a crossword word list!
                      • fluffy 🤓3:23 · 2 months ago
                        I only remembered like two of the words but thankfully the rest I could figure out from context
                        1A"I ____ my body / And I went on a journey / And I forgot where I ____ my body"
                        1. 1A
                          "I ____ my body / And I went on a journey / And I forgot where I ____ my body"
                        2. 5A
                          "We're in a road _____ to Berlin / Can't drive out the way we drove in"
                        3. 6A
                          "I am a grocery bag / Fresh coffee and ______ / Pudding and soap"
                        4. 7A
                          "If you're still there, I must declare / Au contraire, ___ très bon frère"
                        5. 8A
                          "He said to think long term investment and / That all the others had forgiven themselves / He said the ___ reward would justify / The colossal mess they'd made of their lives"
                        6. 9A
                          "Another life ______ me / And I'm leaving you today"
                        7. 11A
                          "For every one with dollar _____ in his eyes / There must be hundreds that look at you as if you're some kind of / Rhythm section want ad"
                        8. 12A
                          "The treasures that I ____ / Are rare and ancient things / Like Velociraptor's jaw / Or Archaeopteryx's wings"
                        1. 1D
                          "Clowns are from the circus / Barking comes from dogs / Eggs come from a chicken / And ___ cabins come from ___s / But where, where do they make balloons?"
                        2. 2D
                          "Simultaneous ______ don't happen / We are isolated temporally"
                        3. 3D
                          "They're digging through all of your _____ / Stealing back your best ideas"
                        4. 4D
                          "Life is a ____ / But I confess / I like this mess I've made so far / Grade on a curve / And you'll observe / I'm right below the horizon"
                        5. 5D
                          "Honey, I'm there when you need me / Please believe me, please believe me / I'll still be right where you left me / If you ______ to forget me"
                        6. 6D
                          "David _____ came to town / Flying overhead"
                        7. 7D
                          "The sun is a ____ of incandescent gas / A gigantic nuclear furnace"
                        8. 10D
                          "I make the merchandise at Kinko's / They've got the paper and the ___ so / Everything looks real / It's a win-win deal"