Wayne Mesard




Please Pardon our Appearance

· Published about 1 month ago

My sister wrote the clue for 6-Across. (I am not that clever.)
If you want a hint about the theme, click here: A less subtle title for the puzzle could have been Please Pardon OUR Appearance.

Run of the Meal

· Published 3 months ago

It wasn't until after we finished constructing this one that we discovered the NYTimes ran a similar puzzle a couple of years ago, with two of the same theme entries! I surely did that puzzle back then, but I have no recollection of it whatsoever. Th...
My team recently open-sourced a container runtime project we've been working on. This puzzle is inspired by that project. Here's a link to the GitHub repo. It's hidden because the repo name is a spoiler for the puzzle:

Mixed Signals

· Published 10 months ago


Neither Here Nor There

· Published 10 months ago


Water you thinking about?

◆◆ · Published 11 months ago

If you're over 30, you're going to hate the pop-culture references in the west. If you're not a 1990's sci-fi dork, you're going to hate the gratuitous Star Trek references in the east. So...something for everyone!

Hip Hip Hooray!

· Published 11 months ago


Pumping Iron

· Published 11 months ago

It was pointed out to me that Erin Rhode had a similar (and excellent!) puzzle in AVCX last year, which I had completely forgotten about. Ah well. Link to Fiend review.