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Weather you like it or not

· Published 2023-11-15T00:32:50.464Z

I spent a ton of time trying to build a grid with a marquee entry of [Pride goeth BEFORE A FALL, because once I saw it was 11 letters, I couldn't unsee it. But I just couldn't get it to work. I was about to admit defeat, and just skip this month's…

Please Pardon our Appearance

· Published 2022-12-17T23:18:46.037Z

My sister wrote the clue for 6-Across. (I am not that clever.)
If you want a hint about the theme, click here: A less subtle title for the puzzle could have been Please Pardon OUR Appearance.

Run of the Meal

· Published 2022-10-25T01:54:22.698Z

It wasn't until after we finished constructing this one that we discovered the NYTimes ran a similar puzzle a couple of years ago, with two of the same theme entries! I surely did that puzzle back then, but I have no recollection of it whatsoever…

The Decades-Long Saga of How the GOP Went Crazy

· Published 2022-09-30T22:15:33.577Z

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