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Bucks in Six

Published about 16 hours ago

I don't know much about sports, but I do notice when everyone around me is particularly happy about something. To celebrate the Bucks' NBA championship, here's my first 9x9 midi puzzle. Enjoy!


Published 1 day ago

Get comfy and enjoy today's puzzle!
(Yes, I know I reused an answer from a previous puzzle. There's only so many words in this language of ours, you know.)

To Thine Own Self Be Clue

Published 3 days ago

I hope you enjoy today's puzzle. You can thank my wife Clairellyn for the brilliantly dumb title. :)

For All Time

Published 4 days ago

This one started with the crossing of 5A and 2D, two talented individuals with great names to construct a crossword around. Have fun!

Starbucks Run

Published 5 days ago

I hope this quenches your Monday morning crossword thirst!

Hello Everyone

Published 8 days ago

This is my favorite of my 4x4 minis so far; I'm delighted by how the theme answers lined up. I couldn't think of a theme-related title that wasn't too big a hint, so I quoted 2D's iconic introduction to his radio show, which my grandmother listened t...

Hit or Myth

Published 9 days ago

I was delighted to make four clues fit the theme for today's puzzle. I hope you enjoy it!

Vocal Warmup

Published 10 days ago

I hope you enjoy today's puzzle!

Tiny Tuesday

Published 11 days ago

No theme to this puzzle; 1A seemed like an interesting challenge to build a crossword off of, so that's where it started. Enjoy!

Chief of Staff

Published 12 days ago

Enjoy today's puzzle! The title provides an extra clue for 5A if you need it.

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