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Drawing a Blank

· By Cap'n Rick and Wendy Walker · Published by Wendy Walker · Published 2023-09-10T04:02:05.949Z

Meta Prompt
The meta answer is a 13-letter phrase.
Here's another SSS collaboration by "Wennedy" (fitting portmanteau word coined by @Al Sisti). We had lots of fun creating this puzzle (as a rookie constructor, Wendy finds that it's a great learning experience working with Rick!) and we hope you enjoy it. Nudges follow:
  1. Literally, how do you draw a blank? And how might that apply to the puzzle? 2.What subject do many of the clues allude to (pretty blatantly)? Do you suppose it's relevant that one of the constructors just celebrated a significant birthday? 3. Look for six clues that have something in common. 4. Check out Clark E. Tripe's post #15 on the Muggle Forum, where he asked, "Would somebody please fill me in on what's going on???!"
Thank you to @Abide , @Al Sisti , and @MarkWoychick for test-solving and giving us great advice.
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  • Hector solved 2023-09-10T03:51:45.950Z
  • BarbaraK solved 2023-09-10T12:59:47.594Z
  • Gutman solved 2023-09-10T13:44:12.779Z
  • SamKat9 solved 2023-09-10T14:16:53.590Z
  • Schmeel solved 2023-09-10T14:31:37.396Z
  • whimsy solved 2023-09-10T15:02:06.813Z
  • Pair O Ducks solved 2023-09-10T15:11:14.678Z
  • Katiedid solved 2023-09-10T15:25:33.994Z
  • Capn Rick solved 2023-09-10T15:47:53.519Z
  • boharr solved 2023-09-10T15:57:40.859Z
  • andeux solved 2023-09-10T16:49:34.550Z
  • KayW solved 2023-09-10T17:29:39.412Z
  • Meg solved 2023-09-10T17:50:26.007Z
  • ajk solved 2023-09-10T17:53:26.015Z
  • Carolyn solved 2023-09-10T18:01:34.107Z
  • Qmark solved 2023-09-10T18:16:18.715Z
  • Cindy Weatherman solved 2023-09-10T18:27:51.565Z
  • michaelm solved 2023-09-10T18:51:17.980Z
  • DIS solved 2023-09-10T18:51:37.219Z
  • Darth solved 2023-09-10T19:26:45.810Z
  • Laura M solved 2023-09-10T19:43:40.245Z
  • Rufus T Firefly solved 2023-09-10T20:52:52.337Z
  • CPJohnson solved 2023-09-10T21:12:57.938Z
  • MatthewL solved 2023-09-10T22:32:27.538Z
  • HeadinHome solved 2023-09-10T22:35:07.410Z
  • ReB solved 2023-09-11T01:01:37.267Z
  • Tyrpmom solved 2023-09-11T02:12:20.222Z
  • I K Snamhcok solved 2023-09-11T02:25:54.176Z
  • Berto solved 2023-09-11T03:29:00.896Z
  • heidi solved 2023-09-11T03:58:11.414Z
  • JM solved 2023-09-11T04:26:22.485Z
  • Dow Jones solved 2023-09-11T05:26:13.187Z
  • Bird Lives solved 2023-09-11T12:52:09.069Z
  • JHSeeman solved 2023-09-11T13:38:54.045Z
  • Sharkicicles solved 2023-09-11T15:41:27.753Z
  • DrTom solved 2023-09-11T16:49:48.172Z
  • Tom Wilson solved 2023-09-11T21:30:38.670Z
  • Cindy Heisler solved 2023-09-11T22:32:30.232Z
  • markhr solved 2023-09-13T01:07:16.351Z
  • hoover solved 2023-09-13T18:15:15.271Z
  • Alvibu67 solved 2023-09-15T20:11:59.950Z
  • Deb W solved 2023-09-17T02:30:37.064Z
  • Kulea solved 2024-04-16T23:55:48.781Z


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  • Hector 🤓7:09 · 2023-09-10T13:13:56.182Z
    Enjoyted this. Thank you, Wennedy!
    • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T16:19:34.095Z
      You are very welcome, Hector. Thank YOU for solving!
    • Abide 4s · 2023-09-10T13:28:31.738Z
      Winner gets a bottle of Prevagen?
      • whimsy 🤓10:51 · 2023-09-10T15:19:29.439Z
        • Capn Rick 🤓5:38 · 2023-09-10T15:48:37.867Z
          • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T16:20:08.270Z
            Ginkgo biloba. OOO, and I can buy it with my new Medicare OTC card!
          • SamKat9 🤓9:52 · 2023-09-10T14:19:00.520Z
            Thank you for the puzzle, it was tricky but fun!
            • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T16:20:26.118Z
              So glad you enjoyed it. Thanks!
            • whimsy 🤓10:51 · 2023-09-10T15:03:36.416Z
              I was gonna skip posting and chalk it up to forgetfulness. Thanks Wendy and Rick!
              • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T16:20:41.566Z
                You are very welcome!
                • Capn Rick 🤓5:38 · 2023-09-10T16:32:10.968Z
                • Katiedid 🤓6:16 · 2023-09-10T15:33:24.913Z
                  No nudges. That was a fun one!
                  • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T16:20:54.990Z
                    Well done, you! Thanks for solving!
                  • boharr 3s · 2023-09-10T16:00:02.949Z
                    Clues! Oh I remember those. Thanks for a fun puzzle.
                    • ajk 🤓19:07 · 2023-09-10T17:56:59.796Z
                      Well, that took longer than it should have. Spent a lot of time trying to literally fill in the blanks with other things. Or completing blanks by extending entries on the side, etc. Finally got around to looking at the first letters of the clues. 😆
                      • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T19:53:29.034Z
                        We went back and forth trying to figure out if people would be able to get the MOMENTS half of the answer or if we needed to spell it out.
                        • ajk 🤓19:07 · 2023-09-11T00:46:47.560Z
                          I think it took me like 5 seconds once I had SENIOR, so I think you called it right
                      • Qmark 8s · 2023-09-10T18:16:56.009Z
                        Very fun...thanks Wendy & Rick!
                        • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T19:50:10.828Z
                          You are so welcome! Thanks for solving!
                        • Meg 4s · 2023-09-10T18:01:35.886Z
                          Such a long and windy rabbit hole I went down! Loved your clue for 48a.
                          • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T19:50:40.019Z
                            Haha, because that happens to me multiple times a day! Thanks for solving, Meg.
                          • Carolyn 3s · 2023-09-10T18:03:06.955Z
                            Tricky, but a bit too close to home! I also tried to fill in blanks in the grid to form new words. Very nice!
                            • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T19:50:57.290Z
                              Thanks, Carolyn! Glad you enjoyed it!
                            • DIS 🤓8:35 · 2023-09-10T18:53:49.935Z
                              Nice! Got it on my second guess - first was FREUDIAN SLIPS, but I should have gotten it from all the references to memory.
                              • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T19:51:16.930Z
                                We packed a lot of them in, didn't we!
                              • michaelm 11:20 · 2023-09-10T19:02:54.676Z
                                Target audience reached for sure, Wennedy. Now for the influx of AARP ads. 😂 Excellent puzzle and obviously thanks for the budges, fudges, oh what are they called again?
                                • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-10T19:52:22.946Z
                                  Life insurance, burial plots, dumbed-down cell phones ... and far, far worse. So glad you solved and thanks for the kind words.
                                • Laura M 🤓14:15 · 2023-09-10T19:44:48.526Z
                                  Excellent! But a little close to home :-)
                                  • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T10:57:08.635Z
                                    I just turned 65 .... so, yeah, for sure! Thanks for solving, Laura!
                                  • Darth 10:48 · 2023-09-10T19:35:45.151Z
                                    I got this after too many failed attempts! I found the hidden message, but the Streisand CORNERS answer had me poking at a scrambled BRAIN in the upper right of the grid! haha My overcomplicated guesses: RACK YOUR BRAIN or SCRABBLE BRIAN -- I mean, drawing a blank can be a good thing in Scrabble, right? ;) Thanks for the fun solve.
                                    • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T10:58:16.826Z
                                      Glad you enjoyed it, Darth! Thanks for solving!
                                    • HeadinHome 🤓1:39 · 2023-09-10T22:46:44.938Z
                                      SENIOR … moments? Is that somewhere, or just intuited? Whatever… I intuited it, so here I am. I had at first spent time on all the entries whose clues related to memory/memorial/forget/overlook etc… and there are nearly thirteen of them! But of course they led only to (no) alphabet soup (for you!). Considered WAGging NOW LET ME THINK, and CAN’T RECOLLECT. Then I looked at the clues with blanks, and saw the phrase they made (lapses which you may wanna forget), but couldn’t think how to get to a 13-letter answer from 6 things, so i didn’t put much effort into looking for letters to string together. (When I finally did try again, SENIOR was easy to find of course.). Loved the puzzle!
                                      • Capn Rick 🤓5:38 · 2023-09-10T23:26:23.412Z
                                        Yes, "MOMENTS" is inferred. Originally we had MOMENT in the grid where LAPSES appears, and the answer was simply SENIOR, which is spelled out by the first letters of the fill-in-the-blank clues.
                                        • HeadinHome 🤓1:39 · 2023-09-10T23:49:14.580Z
                                          The fact that the letter total is odd helped me give up on trying to get all the letters directly from the 6 clues/grid once I’d seen “senior.” The theme of memory is so strong, and really nothing else could go with “senior” in this vein… perfectly legit.
                                          • woozy 13:36 · 2023-09-13T17:49:53.815Z
                                            So moments is inferred.... and is the SENIOR also inferred or is it somehow derivable?
                                            • Capn Rick 🤓5:38 · 2023-09-14T15:01:17.752Z
                                              SENIOR is spelled out via the first letters of the 6 symmetrically-placed fill-in-the-"blank" clues, which, when read in grid order say "Lapses which you may wanna forget". (i.e. Senior Moments).
                                        • MatthewL 🤓7:16 · 2023-09-10T22:37:33.632Z
                                          Finally got it, but needed that last nudge for sure. Took awhile for that flash of insight to hit. Thanks, Wendy and Rick!
                                          • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T10:59:00.458Z
                                            YAY! So glad you solved!
                                          • HeadinHome 🤓1:39 · 2023-09-10T22:55:01.042Z
                                            (Ha ha ha ha ha)
                                            • HeadinHome 🤓1:39 · 2023-09-10T22:54:40.483Z
                                              ALSO — they say that two of the best things for keeping aging brains in good condition is puzzle challenges and community connection. Wish I could find a pastime that combines those two things!
                                              • Capn Rick 🤓5:38 · 2023-09-10T23:12:39.003Z
                                                Sounds good! Let me know if you find such a pastime, Wendy. :)
                                                • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T11:00:01.217Z
                                                  Wouldn't that be great? Especially if it was the nicest community on the internet?
                                                  • DrTom 4s · 2023-09-12T13:27:44.285Z
                                                    Be careful all of you or we will start seeing infomercials for “Mugagen memory enhancement tool. Created from the collective brains of nice people, this remarkable new product will expand your knowledge and brighten your life. Be one of the first 25 to reply and we will throw in camaraderie and gentle hazing as a bonus.”
                                                    • HeadinHome 🤓1:39 · 2023-09-13T01:43:03.197Z
                                                      I would buy that.
                                                  • ReB 4s · 2023-09-11T01:06:29.073Z
                                                    Needed the nudges to get the phrase, but then it was being reminded that the significant birthday event was Wendy turning 65 that gave me the answer (the traditional age when one becomes a senior = SENIOR MOMENTS, which turned out the be 13 letters. Definitely a bit off the beaten path for metas. Thanks
                                                    • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T11:00:39.969Z
                                                      Thanks so much for solving, Bob!
                                                    • Tyrpmom 2s · 2023-09-11T02:16:49.528Z
                                                      No nudges needed. Fun and funny.
                                                      • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T11:01:53.043Z
                                                        Thank you so much -- we had a great time putting in every reference to memory that we possibly could!
                                                      • I K Snamhcok 2s · 2023-09-11T02:28:14.197Z
                                                        Very satisfying solve! I struggled just long enough to not get frustrated. And found time for my own senior moment — a nice nap — in process. Thanks, Wennedy!
                                                        • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T11:02:32.145Z
                                                          Glad you enjoyed it! I have been a happy napper even since my college days.
                                                        • Berto 🤓2:52 · 2023-09-11T03:37:12.816Z
                                                          Needed the nudges. Was drawing a blank, figured out the SENIOR part, and then just went with the first phrase of 13 letters that made sense. I have the big 5-0 coming up next year. I’m always telling my wife that these puzzles are keeping my brain active!! Thanks Wennedy!
                                                          • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T11:03:49.522Z
                                                            It was our pleasure -- thanks for solving! And that is exactly what we wanted solvers to do: see the SENIOR part of the answer via the clues with blanks and infer the MOMENTS.
                                                          • JHSeeman 3s · 2023-09-11T08:10:24.170Z
                                                            Nice challenge... read the blanks... jumped to Sr moments. Didn't realize the clue part until I saw the comments... nicely played
                                                            • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T11:04:31.361Z
                                                              Well done, John! Thanks for solving.
                                                              • ajk 🤓19:07 · 2023-09-12T22:18:30.358Z
                                                                lol I did the reverse -- saw the clue starts and failed to read the blanks :)
                                                              • Bird Lives 8s · 2023-09-11T12:56:58.498Z
                                                                My first hunch was that it was going to be about Scrabble. My first guess after filling the grid, finding the blanks, and reviewing the clues was FREUDIAN SLIP, even though FREUDIAN is in one of the clues. I totally missed the initial letters hint, but guessed the right answer.
                                                                My mother used to tell a great senior moments joke. Too long for here, but maybe Tueday evening.
                                                                • Capn Rick 🤓5:38 · 2023-09-11T13:12:04.333Z
                                                                  Thanks for solving, Jay! Looking forward to hearing your mother's joke. 😁
                                                                  • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-12T14:57:10.355Z
                                                                    Well done, Jay! Thanks for solving.
                                                                  • DrTom 4s · 2023-09-11T16:56:01.655Z
                                                                    Needed the nudges because I was trying to use the letters of the”forgetful” things, then was looking for things in the corner, then was trying to draw squares that might be blank….
                                                                    Finally saw the blanks reference and after one attempt at using the answer letter tried the clue letter. When I only got “SENIOR” I thought”what” but then counted up the letters and decided you forgot to put the last part in😄 That will start to happen you know, welcome to the club!!!!
                                                                    • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-11T21:34:09.247Z
                                                                      Oh no! Over the hill! Thanks for solving, Dr. Tom!
                                                                      • DrTom 4s · 2023-09-12T17:45:03.861Z
                                                                        The benefit is that you tend to remember the good times and forget the bad.
                                                                      • Capn Rick 🤓5:38 · 2023-09-11T22:52:22.107Z
                                                                        Ha! Yes! That's it, we "forgot" to add the "moments" part! Thanks, DrTom! 😁
                                                                      • woozy 13:36 · 2023-09-13T15:24:37.542Z
                                                                        Okay... hit reveal. Um, .... what the heck is wrong with me? How does the answer work? Why do I not understand anything about the puzzle at all?
                                                                        • Capn Rick 🤓5:38 · 2023-09-14T15:08:16.518Z
                                                                          SENIOR is spelled out via the first letters of the 6 symmetrically-placed fill-in-the-"blank" clues, which, when read in grid order say "Lapses which you may wanna forget". (i.e. Senior Moments).
                                                                          • Capn Rick 🤓5:38 · 2023-09-14T15:16:00.988Z
                                                                            Oh, wait. Did I just repeat myself??? 😆
                                                                          • Alvibu67 4s · 2023-09-15T21:19:15.453Z
                                                                            I took the first letter of the grid entries for (several of) the memory related clues —LISA, BACH, BOBBY EWING, CORNERS, ANITA, SHE — and got 6/8 of the letters to make the word SCRABBLE. I just needed to find the R and E somewhere. You can of course draw blanks in a game of Scrabble. I didn’t see the SENIOR part from the clues until every nudge was read. Then I thought it was SENIOR MOMENT, with the blank space between the words representing the blank tile to make a 13-letter phrase. I definitely overthought this one!😜
                                                                            • Wendy Walker publisher · 2023-09-16T12:01:52.873Z
                                                                              So glad you solved! Thanks!
                                                                            Situations when one really should have known better: ___ in judgment
                                                                            1. 1A
                                                                              Situations when one really should have known better: ___ in judgment
                                                                            2. 7A
                                                                              Nights before
                                                                            3. 11A
                                                                              Recycling container
                                                                            4. 14A
                                                                              Like rising bread dough
                                                                            5. 15A
                                                                              Saxophonist Simpson whose family often forgot her birthday
                                                                            6. 16A
                                                                              Shapiro of NPR
                                                                            7. 17A
                                                                              Formerly Datsun
                                                                            8. 18A
                                                                              Like classical poetry
                                                                            9. 20A
                                                                              "I disagree," tersely
                                                                            10. 21A
                                                                              Nostalgic movie channel
                                                                            11. 23A
                                                                              "Every ___ Way But Loose"
                                                                            12. 24A
                                                                              Every beach town has one
                                                                            13. 27A
                                                                              Language suffix
                                                                            14. 28A
                                                                              "No soup for ___!" (Soup Nazi's proclamation)
                                                                            15. 29A
                                                                              How older folks sometimes feel learning a new phone
                                                                            16. 31A
                                                                              Online auction site
                                                                            17. 35A
                                                                              Georgia city
                                                                            18. 37A
                                                                            19. 39A
                                                                              World Cup cheer
                                                                            20. 40A
                                                                              Bacteria that can cause GI misery
                                                                            21. 41A
                                                                              Golf gadget
                                                                            22. 42A
                                                                              Macaroni shape
                                                                            23. 44A
                                                                              Keanu role
                                                                            24. 45A
                                                                              Manuscript full of notes
                                                                            25. 47A
                                                                              Earring sites, traditionally
                                                                            26. 48A
                                                                              Seeks information, such as why one entered a room
                                                                            27. 50A
                                                                              Not under
                                                                            28. 51A
                                                                              "If I ___ be so bold ..."
                                                                            29. 52A
                                                                              It's good for absolutely nothing
                                                                            30. 54A
                                                                              Cryptogram solvers
                                                                            31. 58A
                                                                              "Only ___ Be With You" (Hootie & the Blowfish song)
                                                                            32. 60A
                                                                            33. 61A
                                                                            34. 62A
                                                                              Most hard-hearted
                                                                            35. 65A
                                                                              Freudian concept
                                                                            36. 67A
                                                                              Run smoothly
                                                                            37. 68A
                                                                            38. 69A
                                                                              Volunteer's offer
                                                                            39. 70A
                                                                            40. 71A
                                                                              Helper (abbr.)
                                                                            41. 72A
                                                                              "Remind me not to ___"
                                                                            1. 1D
                                                                              Redgrave and Swann
                                                                            2. 2D
                                                                              Useful quintet for spellers
                                                                            3. 3D
                                                                              One who whips up madeleines
                                                                            4. 4D
                                                                              Hissing sound, one we hope you don't utter after solving this puzzle
                                                                            5. 5D
                                                                              America, en francais
                                                                            6. 6D
                                                                            7. 7D
                                                                              Massachusetts state tree
                                                                            8. 8D
                                                                            9. 9D
                                                                              Art lover
                                                                            10. 10D
                                                                              Delhi wraps
                                                                            11. 11D
                                                                              Baroque composer memorialized at St. Thomas Church, Leipzig
                                                                            12. 12D
                                                                              Glass of NPR
                                                                            13. 13D
                                                                            14. 19D
                                                                              Slurpee alternative
                                                                            15. 22D
                                                                              Potent cocktail
                                                                            16. 25D
                                                                            17. 26D
                                                                              Provided fuel for
                                                                            18. 30D
                                                                              One who mocks
                                                                            19. 32D
                                                                              "Dallas" character who will always be remembered for his dramatic return
                                                                            20. 33D
                                                                              Sunburn soother
                                                                            21. 34D
                                                                              Some evergreens
                                                                            22. 35D
                                                                              Suvari who starred in "American Beauty" and "American Pie"
                                                                            23. 36D
                                                                              High cards
                                                                            24. 38D
                                                                              Club steak
                                                                            25. 43D
                                                                              Laundry quantity
                                                                            26. 46D
                                                                              Sections of Streisand's mind where her memories are stored
                                                                            27. 49D
                                                                              Graceful white aquatic bird
                                                                            28. 53D
                                                                              "West Side Story" character who has only bad memories of Puerto Rico
                                                                            29. 55D
                                                                              Nev. neighbor
                                                                            30. 56D
                                                                              Spot that can be overlooked
                                                                            31. 57D
                                                                              Stuck-up sort
                                                                            32. 58D
                                                                              Development site?
                                                                            33. 59D
                                                                              Sale caveat
                                                                            34. 62D
                                                                              Song title/subject that neither Charles Aznavour nor Elvis Costello could forget
                                                                            35. 63D
                                                                              Butter holder
                                                                            36. 64D
                                                                              Rug rat
                                                                            37. 66D