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Cryptic: Daredevil Group

◆◆ · Published about 1 month ago


Cryptic: Blue

· Published 3 months ago


Cryptic: Shade Management

· Published 4 months ago

I think this is a tough one.
Reference dictionary/thesaurus is mostly Chambers: (If it's not in Chambers but you're pretty sure you're right, try Merriam-Webster or a sensible Google search. Chambers may be the cryptic c...

Cryptic: A Strange Case

◆◆ · Published 5 months ago

First full cryptic! I'm hoping to do one of these a month.
I didn't use a reference dictionary (I'll change that in the future) but I've checked some of the nastier clues against Chambers' online tools (dictionary, thesaurus and biographical dictionar...

Mini: Going Postal

· Published 6 months ago

A little practice puzzle. I spent all day trying to make this work the other day, and kept getting stuck with bad fills and nonsense words. Today, I tried moving the black squares to the opposite corners, and the fill came together in about two minut...

Mini-Midi Fill Practice

· Published 10 months ago


Mini Cryptic #1

· Published 11 months ago


Mini Fill Practice #2

· Published about 1 year ago

More fill practice. I tried to avoid a lot of technological abbreviations but I suppose some are always going to be needed with a lot of three-letter fills. Also tried to be more playful with my clues this time!

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