Times Square
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Times Square

· By Brian Callahan

Thanks for solving! A full archive of my puzzles can be found at OlioGrids.com or at crosshare.org/oliogrids.
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  • Maxish 🤓1:22 · 2023-08-27T23:21:39.955Z
    Oh WOW! Congratulations!!!!!! I haven't even done it yet. I came back here as soon as I saw your name. 🎉🎆❤️
    • Maxish 🤓1:22 · 2023-08-27T23:31:10.767Z
      Light, breezy, woosh, woosh, good theme, great Monday puzzle!
      • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-29T00:54:06.701Z
        Glad you enjoyed! Thanks for checking it out
    • Mike D 🤓27s · 2023-08-27T23:22:01.906Z
      • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-29T00:54:39.629Z
        Thanks Mike! Had to give Crosshare a shoutout in the Constructor's notes
        • Mike D 🤓27s · 2023-08-29T23:25:23.852Z
          I saw that! Awesome 😎
      • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-27T23:08:55.985Z
        I've got Monday's crossword in 1A 8A 5D. I've had so many puzzles rejected from the NYT, so it's cool to get one in. Check it out if you have a subscription. Definitely check out the constructor notes in the Wordplay article, too😊
        • Philip Chow 🤓1:09 · 2023-08-28T01:52:07.109Z
          Congrats Brian!! ☺️
          • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-29T00:54:49.043Z
            Thanks Philip!
          • ditfos 🤓1:01 · 2023-08-28T03:10:35.507Z
            Haha, I logged in, saw the name and immediately had to come here before solving. Congratulations 🎉
            • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-29T00:55:01.175Z
              Appreciate it! Hope you enjoyed it
            • Jon 🤓1:11 · 2023-08-28T03:26:08.267Z
              Nice one. So cool to see a familiar name in The Times x-word. First acceptance?
              • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-29T00:55:31.115Z
                'Tis. Hopefully not the last.🤞🏻
              • Lobsterboys 🤓46s · 2023-08-28T13:03:45.807Z
                Congrats! Great NYT puzzle tho it was nearly a minute over my average as I read a tense wrong so had to spend time to find the S that should have been a D!
                • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-29T00:56:07.533Z
                  Haha, glad you finally got there. Thanks for checking it out!
                • MattWords 🤓2:51 · 2023-08-28T17:23:42.122Z
                  Congrats my guy! Well deserved!
                  • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-29T00:56:20.946Z
                    Thanks Matt! Appreciate it
                  • Sendhil Revuluri 🤓54s · 2023-08-28T18:46:05.888Z
                    • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-29T00:56:29.304Z
                      Thanks Sendhil!
                    • Puzzled 🤓1:48 · 2023-08-28T21:06:31.650Z
                      Congrats on the NYT publication! And it was a great puzzle. Thanks!
                      • Brian Callahan constructor · 2023-08-29T00:56:46.950Z
                        Thanks for checking it out!
                      • Grant Kennell 🤓2:14 · 2023-08-29T16:10:39.504Z
                        Congrats on the major league call up! Too cheap to subscribe but I liked your constructor note a lot. Well deserved.
                        • kurtalert 🤓53s · 2023-08-29T23:54:46.818Z
                          • Jack 🤓1:29 · 2023-08-30T15:50:28.723Z
                            With 8-Across and 5-Down, nickname for a New York daily
                            1. 1A
                              With 8-Across and 5-Down, nickname for a New York daily
                            2. 4A
                              Volunteer's words
                            3. 6A
                              "Two wrongs don't ___ right"
                            4. 7A
                            5. 8A
                              See 1-Across
                            1. 1D
                              Guitar quality, in country music
                            2. 2D
                              Person whom you might literally wish "Happy trails!"
                            3. 3D
                              Feminine name found in "Helen Adams Keller"
                            4. 4D
                              "Here's what I think," in textspeak
                            5. 5D
                              See 1-Across