November Midi - Minimized ⛈

· Published 2023-11-21T03:20:48.474Z

Y'know, grid-setting is hard. I tried a couple of times to put together November's Midi Contest, with its "BAD WEATHER" theme. However, my problem is being more ambitious with my theme than my grid-building skill allows (in one case leaving "SCURFIER…

Seeing red

· Published 2023-10-16T10:03:33.044Z


"I can't think of a good title"

· Published 2023-09-03T12:50:18.598Z


2B or not 2B, that is the ✏️

· Published 2023-07-16T14:13:09.771Z

Anecdote related to puzzle below... contains indirect spoilers
My 6yo loves the show referenced in 5D so much. He happily watches episodes he has seen several times before, and would binge watch all day if I allowed that much screen time. I sometimes…

Press F to Pay Respects

· Published 2023-07-13T05:56:14.405Z

I started constructing this puzzle as a monthly midi contest entry (from a while back!), got stuck in one section, ran out of time, and then left it in the constructor. Here, I have taken it out of the deep freeze and reheated in the microwave for…
Not the way I thought this puzzle would go when I started out, but it degenerated pretty quickly. Will try to keep it cleaner next time!
Suspect this one might have a lowish solve rate, so good luck! 🤞

A Ditfos Mini

· Published 2023-06-03T13:48:02.504Z

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