Queen of 💕 (mini meta)
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Queen of 💕 (mini meta)

· By Mike D

Meta Prompt
The solution is a 4-letter word
This is my first ever attempt at constructing a meta - I hope it makes some degree of sense! The main goal with this puzzle is to test of some functionality for meta puzzles that will be released soon. Please LMK if you have any thoughts or suggestions on the submission process, leaderboard, etc.
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  • Just Testing solved 2021-05-30T15:14:02.828Z
  • FrankieHeck solved 2021-05-30T15:51:21.151Z
  • Jimmy James solved 2021-05-30T15:55:40.987Z
  • Zachary Hollback solved 2021-05-30T16:16:24.163Z
  • Resident Mutt solved 2021-05-30T16:27:00.828Z
  • wisprabbit solved 2021-05-30T16:30:45.140Z
  • Philip Chow solved 2021-05-30T17:20:14.492Z
  • Jason S solved 2021-05-30T17:53:31.520Z
  • Tony H solved 2021-05-30T19:10:28.291Z
  • Daniel P solved 2021-05-30T19:19:56.376Z
  • Jake A solved 2021-05-30T19:46:47.319Z
  • C64 solved 2021-05-30T21:01:09.572Z
  • Puzzling Programmer solved 2021-05-30T21:37:34.248Z
  • Spunky solved 2021-05-30T23:27:31.099Z
  • emz solved 2021-05-31T12:11:44.675Z
  • Alex Sisti solved 2021-05-31T14:22:46.356Z
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved 2021-05-31T14:27:14.048Z
  • Joe Ross solved 2021-05-31T14:32:41.782Z
  • hector pefo solved 2021-05-31T14:36:36.171Z
  • Emma Oxford solved 2021-05-31T14:47:44.176Z
  • JeffPrug solved 2021-05-31T15:25:19.380Z
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved 2021-05-31T16:27:38.537Z
  • Matt A solved 2021-05-31T16:33:19.049Z
  • Leslie Yonce solved 2021-05-31T16:43:05.764Z
  • whimsy solved 2021-05-31T17:10:14.052Z
  • BrennerTJ solved 2021-05-31T17:39:52.564Z
  • Mikey G solved 2021-05-31T18:47:35.420Z
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved 2021-05-31T21:05:08.252Z
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved 2021-06-01T00:08:23.243Z
  • Pandora's Blocks Weekly Meta Crossword solved 2021-06-01T00:54:51.171Z
  • JM solved 2021-06-01T01:16:52.443Z
  • Kjersti Chippindale solved 2021-06-01T01:38:14.196Z
  • Pixlate solved 2021-06-01T05:15:04.048Z
  • Lloyd solved 2021-06-01T08:27:34.512Z
  • Kent D solved 2021-06-01T21:31:48.977Z
  • Rick Heisler solved 2021-06-02T23:41:31.292Z
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved 2021-06-03T18:10:03.919Z
  • Augwood solved 2021-06-03T22:21:21.779Z
  • Shalaka Tamhane solved 2021-06-04T09:34:43.832Z
  • Ryan McCluskey solved 2021-06-04T12:36:34.495Z
  • rickybillingsgate solved 2021-06-04T18:17:11.284Z
  • K7 solved 2021-06-04T19:15:15.368Z
  • Shmuel Schmell solved 2021-06-07T09:12:15.568Z
  • Anthony N solved 2021-06-08T01:58:14.968Z
  • Tom Wilson solved 2021-06-09T14:46:11.265Z
  • Abide solved 2021-06-11T02:56:01.572Z
  • Meta World Peace solved 2021-06-11T14:34:20.636Z
  • Abide solved 2021-06-12T03:46:17.654Z
  • babafats solved 2021-06-12T20:20:58.048Z
  • hbxwords solved 2021-06-19T03:12:40.924Z
  • Miles Aronow solved 2021-06-30T21:57:49.739Z
  • Sommersmith solved 2021-07-07T16:10:46.092Z
  • Joah solved 2021-08-08T05:55:42.319Z
  • Nick Smith solved 2021-08-14T13:52:29.777Z
  • anonymous solved 2021-08-26T00:31:55.695Z
  • Orfington solved 2021-08-29T15:56:06.131Z
  • Grant Law solved 2021-08-29T22:16:32.081Z
  • Puzzler solved 2021-09-01T13:22:14.384Z
  • Puzzleman solved 2021-09-01T13:31:06.468Z
  • Sparkle Motion solved 2021-09-03T14:42:21.372Z
  • AEZ solved 2021-09-10T02:16:05.777Z
  • ellequin solved 2021-09-10T03:40:09.170Z
  • Lisa Talya solved 2021-09-16T13:17:42.945Z
  • Jasonbr solved 2021-09-16T14:18:16.545Z
  • Coyote Dembicki solved 2021-09-21T00:21:23.988Z
  • Caroline solved 2021-09-22T18:38:55.105Z
  • sus solved 2021-09-23T15:42:13.770Z
  • Lacemastarson solved 2021-09-30T18:24:33.471Z
  • jay solved 2021-10-01T07:20:18.436Z
  • benchen71 solved 2021-10-02T02:15:48.975Z
  • kieranjboyd solved 2021-10-06T02:09:52.858Z
  • David Plass solved 2021-10-12T10:35:10.500Z
  • dianyx solved 2021-10-14T22:43:03.748Z
  • Byron solved 2021-10-25T23:40:42.630Z
  • downie solved 2021-10-28T13:31:00.683Z
  • Rosie solved 2021-10-28T13:31:58.131Z
  • Rahul Shah solved 2021-10-28T16:15:44.577Z
  • Emily Carpenter solved 2021-10-28T16:38:45.361Z
  • Lyle Entwistle solved 2021-10-29T00:17:20.408Z
  • Greg S solved 2021-10-29T13:52:57.183Z
  • Carolyn B solved 2021-10-29T20:00:40.616Z
  • V solved 2021-10-29T21:19:52.880Z
  • bronnied solved 2021-10-30T23:45:43.359Z
  • Craig Mautner solved 2021-10-31T15:13:54.522Z
  • GoatsAreCool solved 2021-11-01T00:21:04.258Z
  • Roman B solved 2021-11-02T19:29:56.311Z
  • Ryan Lester solved 2021-11-04T19:39:08.428Z
  • Marissa solved 2021-11-12T05:25:02.563Z
  • SeptaCube solved 2021-11-12T18:48:50.951Z
  • bice solved 2021-11-15T02:43:36.710Z
  • noneuclidean solved 2021-11-17T00:28:52.345Z
  • Lucas solved 2021-11-17T02:06:13.560Z
  • nws solved 2021-11-17T11:19:50.949Z
  • 19 second respawn times solved 2021-11-17T21:07:11.309Z
  • dhp solved 2021-11-18T07:50:16.193Z
  • topghost solved 2021-11-18T19:20:46.914Z
  • calica solved 2021-11-21T18:15:09.788Z
  • el solved 2021-11-28T00:55:08.182Z
  • elro solved 2021-11-29T19:53:35.524Z
  • Brandon Dean solved 2021-11-30T02:12:26.821Z
  • Duncan Lyle solved 2021-12-02T20:56:24.119Z
  • Chuck Gottesman solved 2021-12-06T22:50:47.632Z
  • capybara solved 2021-12-09T14:36:12.546Z
  • Larry Edelstein solved 2021-12-11T03:36:54.803Z
  • Benana solved 2021-12-12T15:08:07.929Z
  • Zachamp solved 2021-12-13T18:55:38.549Z
  • Carolyn solved 2021-12-16T01:05:50.391Z
  • Conflux solved 2021-12-19T20:09:15.782Z
  • schmidzy solved 2021-12-20T21:41:37.068Z
  • sea solved 2021-12-21T02:39:52.966Z
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved 2021-12-26T16:43:28.131Z
  • Sarah solved 2021-12-29T17:44:37.653Z
  • Ka solved 2022-01-05T17:56:54.420Z
  • Daniel Jalkut solved 2022-01-06T00:13:26.704Z
  • lightseba solved 2022-01-07T03:35:29.248Z
  • Niko solved 2022-01-09T14:39:10.968Z
  • Tim O solved 2022-01-14T18:06:29.696Z
  • Mateo Cruzas solved 2022-01-18T19:29:55.244Z
  • Holmes solved 2022-01-21T14:43:32.542Z
  • Jon Dunn solved 2022-01-27T17:37:29.352Z
  • Keith solved 2022-01-27T19:17:32.478Z
  • Chuck solved 2022-01-29T16:14:33.033Z
  • gee solved 2022-02-10T17:01:19.723Z
  • Hraf solved 2022-02-16T22:10:17.254Z
  • mizlan solved 2022-02-21T23:38:44.830Z
  • Tower Lachesism solved 2022-02-24T23:12:23.126Z
  • 3Strikerz solved 2022-03-10T15:02:24.055Z
  • certaindamage solved 2022-03-12T21:16:27.518Z
  • gamma0577 solved 2022-03-17T06:18:40.414Z
  • Ryan Fitzgerald solved 2022-03-19T18:51:44.704Z
  • ebwydra solved 2022-03-20T17:10:37.549Z
  • Chas solved 2022-03-26T20:38:04.689Z
  • Lobsterboys solved 2022-03-28T21:32:48.321Z
  • The Berg solved 2022-04-01T16:33:20.062Z
  • Tim Daso solved 2022-04-06T01:12:32.541Z
  • jonn solved 2022-04-07T13:07:57.072Z
  • Oskar solved 2022-04-22T07:43:00.197Z
  • Jacob s solved 2022-04-26T04:32:49.948Z
  • m solved 2022-04-28T17:38:26.389Z
  • jc6213 solved 2022-04-29T13:26:31.556Z
  • Sam the Crayon solved 2022-04-29T18:04:07.802Z
  • Alex R solved 2022-04-30T15:39:30.059Z
  • Patrick Maher solved 2022-04-30T21:04:51.051Z
  • andriella solved 2022-05-05T16:30:55.784Z
  • court solved 2022-05-05T21:09:46.524Z
  • chaddgar solved 2022-05-19T15:38:19.124Z
  • dot solved 2022-05-30T07:54:13.076Z
  • Yanqui solved 2022-06-03T02:54:47.606Z
  • Michele G solved 2022-06-12T14:25:17.841Z
  • Louis D solved 2022-06-16T20:29:31.961Z
  • Ben Horvat solved 2022-06-23T17:47:35.184Z
  • evan solved 2022-06-25T01:34:37.382Z
  • kyakkat solved 2022-06-26T02:26:16.047Z
  • LCL solved 2022-07-07T22:17:54.768Z
  • nobodyyyyy solved 2022-07-09T22:30:13.084Z
  • jareed solved 2022-07-12T21:21:13.959Z
  • MrTheHan solved 2022-07-15T13:24:43.964Z
  • Leigh Caldwell solved 2022-07-20T21:40:28.242Z
  • MrSupper solved 2022-07-26T13:40:11.183Z
  • emmie solved 2022-07-28T20:51:27.464Z
  • Dawn Landry solved 2022-07-30T18:47:52.207Z
  • Apharius solved 2022-08-08T20:45:28.592Z
  • max solved 2022-08-10T13:40:33.261Z
  • sghiaa solved 2022-08-13T23:17:05.749Z
  • bootywink solved 2022-08-18T19:41:59.063Z
  • Amy Taramasso solved 2022-08-18T21:16:32.678Z
  • pax solved 2022-08-25T02:07:06.920Z
  • Adam solved 2022-08-26T05:24:28.985Z
  • Anthony Pecorella solved 2022-08-26T23:16:15.373Z
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved 2022-08-28T04:09:21.938Z
  • Tim Kent solved 2022-08-29T18:39:33.690Z
  • simabee solved 2022-08-30T14:35:40.743Z
  • Sanne Budd solved 2022-09-08T22:36:07.456Z
  • David Clyde solved 2022-09-09T00:05:40.499Z
  • Katie McCauley solved 2022-09-09T01:22:27.263Z
  • Mike Crawford solved 2022-09-10T08:45:05.520Z
  • Glitchrr36 solved 2022-09-11T03:16:22.673Z
  • Jonathan Chaffer solved 2022-09-12T19:52:31.828Z
  • Display name solved 2022-09-15T22:20:42.676Z
  • Landon Kimmel solved 2022-09-16T22:19:26.371Z
  • fir solved 2022-09-22T22:33:55.324Z
  • The Debating One solved 2022-09-30T11:22:25.286Z
  • Abide solved 2022-10-06T12:21:10.922Z
  • Wist solved 2022-10-08T04:45:51.864Z
  • mbd solved 2022-10-13T23:37:32.234Z
  • Teddybear solved 2022-11-04T21:25:15.432Z
  • Zoe solved 2022-12-01T23:35:52.978Z
  • E Anders solved 2022-12-09T18:30:47.546Z
  • JD Crosbie solved 2022-12-16T08:56:48.800Z
  • BigBeard solved 2023-01-06T16:06:29.103Z
  • ChrisCross solved 2023-01-07T18:04:30.995Z
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved 2023-01-16T03:53:43.837Z
  • squicc solved 2023-01-16T05:10:43.075Z
  • Puzzled solved 2023-01-26T18:05:54.100Z
  • cronjob solved 2023-01-27T14:25:37.860Z
  • PuzzleJohn solved 2023-01-30T18:33:42.547Z
  • Jessica Schirle solved 2023-02-05T09:54:21.616Z
  • Elle solved 2023-02-18T13:53:33.223Z
  • yam solved 2023-02-21T22:00:35.575Z
  • Anonymous Crossharer solved 2023-02-22T01:58:28.983Z
  • DiamondBrickZ solved 2023-02-24T17:22:36.343Z
  • honkhonkbeep solved 2023-03-06T17:22:23.000Z
  • B solved 2023-03-30T16:36:56.139Z
  • lukey solved 2023-04-01T18:55:04.397Z
  • hoshi solved 2023-04-07T05:53:07.287Z
  • Daniel Jones solved 2023-04-10T21:18:28.750Z
  • example solved 2023-04-17T14:46:23.613Z
  • Natalie Malouf Sites solved 2023-04-30T06:44:44.886Z
  • Harry Zheng solved 2023-05-01T15:38:00.679Z
  • Rocky Villano solved 2023-05-06T20:04:25.481Z
  • mpdylan solved 2023-05-09T20:44:35.851Z
  • mad mercenary solved 2023-05-13T20:41:21.254Z
  • Wordguru solved 2023-05-14T16:17:39.322Z
  • bruhbruhbr solved 2023-05-15T03:26:43.028Z
  • Pedro solved 2023-05-22T19:22:37.955Z
  • Philip solved 2023-05-23T06:24:56.772Z
  • George J solved 2023-05-25T17:39:53.475Z
  • donkey solved 2023-05-26T20:28:00.272Z
  • disarray solved 2023-06-14T07:17:14.260Z
  • bolgat solved 2023-06-22T00:29:52.322Z
  • cwolf11 solved 2023-06-29T02:55:03.916Z
  • Trent Huber solved 2023-07-05T19:23:51.404Z
  • vengahowie solved 2023-07-07T01:05:28.478Z
  • girlcow solved 2023-07-09T15:11:07.427Z
  • Adam Feldman solved 2023-07-13T18:55:34.660Z
  • Tinker solved 2023-07-16T12:16:37.305Z
  • hazmat solved 2023-07-19T17:53:38.806Z
  • SBach solved 2023-07-20T14:54:49.292Z
  • Germaphobe solved 2023-07-28T22:08:25.678Z
  • lankratz solved 2023-08-09T05:02:31.258Z
  • dooiemus solved 2023-08-13T10:02:21.029Z
  • Wiggly solved 2023-08-13T20:06:02.110Z
  • LasersharpAurora solved 2023-08-31T19:12:20.663Z
  • Grant Kennell solved 2023-09-04T02:10:01.193Z
  • db solved 2023-09-06T01:02:17.824Z
  • lyemug solved 2023-09-15T00:27:25.289Z
  • Lin Godfrey solved 2023-09-22T22:26:37.562Z
  • Danny K Bernstein solved 2023-09-26T23:16:37.524Z
  • luvkitties solved 2023-10-08T05:41:17.131Z
  • rg solved 2023-10-11T17:46:30.528Z
  • a solved 2023-11-09T02:57:17.139Z
  • merlinnimue solved 2023-11-12T05:17:37.418Z
  • Wellis solved 2023-11-12T18:05:26.491Z
  • Scrivimancer solved 2023-11-21T03:34:53.982Z
  • Rob solved 2023-11-26T03:38:59.451Z
  • Tuga solved 2023-11-27T22:22:53.100Z
  • GamingGuy907 solved 2023-11-29T21:04:39.559Z
  • K solved 2023-11-30T01:06:05.135Z
  • Jackie Wang solved 2023-12-03T04:19:36.280Z
  • thejenna solved 2023-12-13T05:13:19.765Z
  • Julia solved 2023-12-21T04:33:19.564Z
  • Jacob Reed solved 2023-12-22T05:12:45.223Z
  • sleptonce solved 2023-12-23T15:25:54.838Z
  • Jalen Michals Levy solved 2023-12-28T21:49:03.578Z
  • Alexa S solved 2024-01-01T04:11:35.752Z
  • Pranshu Gaba solved 2024-01-06T04:30:14.993Z
  • Amandel solved 2024-01-08T20:15:06.398Z
  • Zhed solved 2024-01-09T08:39:35.700Z
  • Wreggitt solved 2024-01-17T04:28:42.859Z
  • pain solved 2024-01-21T03:03:12.405Z
  • allcheesenopepperoni solved 2024-01-22T06:58:04.197Z
  • Matt solved 2024-01-25T01:34:50.332Z
  • Spencer Congdon solved 2024-01-29T14:09:39.113Z
  • Eilidh solved 2024-01-30T20:42:18.239Z
  • elutionary solved 2024-02-12T05:08:36.450Z
  • Sendhil Revuluri solved 2024-02-22T23:46:12.448Z
  • omnilynx solved 2024-03-09T17:25:24.829Z
  • mbensley solved 2024-03-17T01:54:08.695Z
  • olive solved 2024-03-20T03:35:52.786Z
  • nate solved 2024-03-31T07:07:48.726Z
  • RTHU solved 2024-04-17T23:28:11.332Z
  • Roger Harry Taylor solved 2024-04-18T23:55:14.711Z
  • Mozeytown solved 2024-04-25T22:55:42.562Z
  • Amarus solved 2024-04-26T14:49:42.041Z
  • BMW solved 2024-04-26T18:16:38.549Z
  • Sigrid Kristiansen solved 2024-04-26T20:57:20.247Z
  • Cross solved 2024-04-29T01:18:30.524Z
  • PolygonPuzzles solved 2024-05-16T10:03:52.142Z
  • Sunflower solved 2024-05-30T18:57:06.141Z
  • LarsCaine solved 2024-06-02T17:29:20.356Z
  • Mikez solved 2024-06-20T19:37:12.723Z
  • Ben Tarling solved 2024-07-14T04:15:34.942Z


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  • Mike D constructor · 2021-05-30T15:00:36.560Z
    Each of the across entries has lost its head to become a different entry. The parenthetical clue gives a clue to the original entry. From top to bottom the missing letters spell HEAD, which is what the Queen of Hearts was always trying to chop off of folks 😂
    • Anthony Pecorella 🤓45s · 2022-08-26T23:17:16.149Z
      Oh, nice! I got "head" but hadn't put together that it was a description of what had happened specifically. Well done!
    • FrankieHeck 🤓23s · 2021-05-30T15:54:05.918Z
      That was fun! I was worried at first because the submission form popped up immediately and covered the grid, before I had a chance to look for the meta. But obviously I was able to make it back to the form. I would look forward to more metas from you :-)
      • Mike D constructor · 2021-05-30T16:12:31.081Z
        Thanks Frankie! Maybe I can think of some ways to make it more obvious how to toggle back and forth between the grid and the submission form 🤔
        • hector pefo 🤓22s · 2021-05-31T14:44:28.197Z
          ... and then become "Show Comments" after submission.
      • Philip Chow 🤓29s · 2021-05-30T17:27:42.278Z
        Nice - this meta submission box is an awesome new feature!! Off with their heads!
        • Mike D constructor · 2021-05-30T18:40:39.027Z
          Thanks Philip! Hopefully it'll be live for all constructors soon
          • Philip Chow 🤓29s · 2021-05-30T20:03:28.718Z
            A suggestion I thought of is let's say you're working on a meta and it's a really tough one, what if when submitting an incorrect entry, you can make it so you get a hint instead that will nudge you in the right direction? or enable a hint button or something?
            • Mike D constructor · 2021-05-30T20:30:50.981Z
              That's a good idea! I think maybe you should still only get one submission but should be able to get one or more hints beforehand. I created an issue here - feel free to track or add any thoughts there.
        • emz 🤓46s · 2021-05-31T12:13:52.979Z
          nice meta :) at first i was hesitant about the one-submission per meta restriction but after thinking about it a while i think it's fine. i feel that in my experience w metas it's really impossible to somehow get the wrong answer, you always know the answer when you see it
          • Mike D constructor · 2021-05-31T12:32:49.090Z
            Thanks! I'm open to any and all suggestions - I agree w/ you generally but I do also think it'd be nice to give people a second chance. Maybe if you submit the wrong answer and there are hints available it nudges you instead (like Philip suggested above)?
          • hector pefo 🤓22s · 2021-05-31T14:43:18.437Z
            This is cool; thanks! It'd be nice to have the puzzle title in the main puzzle view. Also, "Show Comments" is not obviously where to look for a prompt and to submit. In fact, it might be cool to have that read "Meta Info" at first, with just the prompt and submission form (1/2)
            • Mike D constructor · 2021-05-31T15:19:35.420Z
              Great idea! I'm making a change now to switch that out to "Meta Info" until you've submitted. I'd like to include the title in the main view but it's hard to find a place for it. On large screens it could fit in the title bar but probably won't work on mobile. Any ideas?
              • hector pefo 🤓22s · 2021-05-31T23:09:33.328Z
                I'm the last person to ask, but I think the usual solution is having stuff under a three-bars icon, or in your case three dots and "More". Can the title be atop the menu you get? As a solver, I'd just be looking for obvious things to click.
                • Mike D constructor · 2021-06-01T00:49:45.500Z
                  Yeah I can definitely add it at the top of that menu, that's a good idea!
            • Emma Oxford 🤓11s · 2021-05-31T14:48:48.415Z
              This is a great feature, thanks Mike!!
              • Mike D constructor · 2021-05-31T15:36:33.138Z
                Thanks Emma 😊
              • JeffPrug 🤓23s · 2021-05-31T15:28:28.882Z
                Awesome! Looking forward to the feature rollout. I would also be in favor of the ability to add hint(s) which display rather than immediately revealing the correct answer if the solver enters an incorrect answer.
                • Mike D constructor · 2021-05-31T15:48:11.126Z
                  Thanks! It's now live for any constructor to use when uploading or constructing a new puzzle.
                  I think the people have spoken and hints will be coming soon - progress can be tracked here.
                • BrennerTJ 🤓19s · 2021-05-31T17:47:37.766Z
                  Great to have immediate feedback on whether the submitted answer is correct. Wondered why I didn't see myself on the leaderboard -- then noticed that it is 'updated hourly' not immediately. If the answer is more than one word, would spaces or punctuation matter?
                  • Mike D constructor · 2021-05-31T18:54:02.850Z
                    Spaces and capitalization are ignored but I think you're right I should probably have it ignore punctuation as well!
                  • Pandora's Blocks Weekly Meta Crossword 🤓36s · 2021-06-01T00:56:26.157Z
                    This is awesome Mike! Love the new feature!
                    • Mike D constructor · 2021-06-01T01:10:26.616Z
                      Thank you for the idea!
                    • Lloyd 🤓27s · 2021-06-01T09:24:18.694Z
                      Really fun! I'm terrible at metas (I'm improving thanks to Pandora's Blocks), but this was the first I ever got right! 😂 I like the mechanism and can only agree with others' comments on functionality. Well done, Mike. It's inspired me to try my hand at a related meta, too.
                      • Mike D constructor · 2021-06-01T12:42:01.149Z
                        Awesome that is so great to hear! LMK if you have any suggestions after trying it as a constructor, too 😊
                      • Tarot And Rye 🤓35s · 2021-06-01T14:56:40.447Z
                        I had (Dame) EDNA for my guess but I loved the puzzle!
                        • Mike D constructor · 2021-06-01T14:58:42.309Z
                          Thank you!
                        • rickybillingsgate 🤓19s · 2021-06-04T18:17:33.037Z
                          • Abide 🤓33s · 2021-06-11T03:03:21.320Z
                            I like on crosshares how the solving times are embedded in the comments. The "speed to meta" stat is a cool feature. I was pleased with my 33 seconds until I saw the other times. 11 seconds? Really Emma-lol?
                            • Mike D constructor · 2021-06-11T11:18:30.883Z
                              Thanks! The time shown is actually just the time to finish the grid, not the meta. And yes some folks are crazy fast!! 33s is a great time though, nice job!
                              • Abide 🤓28s · 2021-06-12T03:47:55.166Z
                                Ah, you’re right...although a start to meta answer time would be pretty neat too!
                            • benchen71 🤓24s · 2021-10-02T02:18:10.864Z
                              I love the meta functionality here on Crosshare. You've made it really simple for me to very quickly get up and running with my own metas. Thanks, Mike D. Oh, and this is a cool meta, too - I love the Queen of Hearts angle!
                              • Mike D constructor · 2021-10-02T10:46:42.601Z
                                Thank you! I'm glad you're enjoying it and putting it to use 😊
                              Pub pints (Barbara and Nathan)
                              1. 1A
                                Pub pints (Barbara and Nathan)
                              2. 5A
                                Old king of rhyme (French school)
                              3. 6A
                                Thorny flower (Got up)
                              4. 7A
                                Barely managed, with "out" (Feinted, in hockey)
                              1. 1D
                                43,560 square feet
                              2. 2D
                                Take a peek
                              3. 3D
                              4. 4D
                                Potential plant