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Hooked on Metas (Meta)

· By Peter Abide and Wendy Walker · Published by Abide · Published 2023-04-03T12:41:30.608Z

Meta Prompt
The meta answer is a name. Discuss the puzzle and Wednesday nudges at
Some nudges:
The answer to 38-Across tells you what you'll need to find.
The answer to 63-Down is not just some random fill.
What do the Rihanna and ZZ Top song titles have in common?
The meta answer is eight letters.
Checking for previous play data...

Leaderboard (updated hourly)

  • wendy walker solved 2023-04-03T12:22:10.486Z
  • damefox solved 2023-04-03T14:55:23.799Z
  • Cindy Heisler solved 2023-04-03T17:19:25.383Z
  • Meg solved 2023-04-03T17:26:00.580Z
  • Cindy Weatherman solved 2023-04-03T17:35:46.910Z
  • boharr solved 2023-04-03T18:01:24.372Z
  • Bbaack solved 2023-04-03T18:16:53.016Z
  • Tyrpmom solved 2023-04-03T18:53:58.389Z
  • lbray53 solved 2023-04-03T19:00:28.462Z
  • TMart solved 2023-04-03T19:42:25.928Z
  • heidi solved 2023-04-03T20:40:22.579Z
  • I K Snamhcok solved 2023-04-03T20:44:10.813Z
  • CPJohnson solved 2023-04-03T21:57:36.668Z
  • Anita and Steve solved 2023-04-03T22:07:24.090Z
  • MatthewL solved 2023-04-03T22:24:22.212Z
  • JHSeeman solved 2023-04-03T23:07:32.546Z
  • hoover solved 2023-04-03T23:09:07.721Z
  • Gutman solved 2023-04-03T23:20:03.014Z
  • Hector solved 2023-04-03T23:47:06.932Z
  • dplass solved 2023-04-04T01:04:06.474Z
  • BrennerTJ solved 2023-04-04T03:00:45.134Z
  • whimsy solved 2023-04-04T04:14:24.285Z
  • DIS solved 2023-04-04T14:46:00.443Z
  • DebbieC solved 2023-04-04T15:40:43.585Z
  • DrTom solved 2023-04-04T18:08:25.510Z
  • Mwoychick solved 2023-04-04T18:47:57.860Z
  • JM solved 2023-04-04T19:04:42.493Z
  • Carolyn solved 2023-04-04T19:21:12.608Z
  • Bird Lives solved 2023-04-04T20:14:31.537Z
  • DCBilly solved 2023-04-04T20:48:03.816Z
  • Teamdoubletow solved 2023-04-05T00:54:29.930Z
  • michaelm solved 2023-04-05T03:10:30.833Z
  • BarbaraK solved 2023-04-05T03:50:05.790Z
  • markhr solved 2023-04-05T05:21:04.823Z
  • LesY solved 2023-04-05T11:03:50.057Z
  • Darth solved 2023-04-05T13:26:06.338Z
  • rjy solved 2023-04-05T13:32:30.048Z
  • Snood solved 2023-04-05T15:06:38.885Z
  • woozy solved 2023-04-05T15:49:47.886Z
  • Dow Jones solved 2023-04-05T16:22:51.740Z
  • ajk solved 2023-04-05T16:42:47.031Z
  • Laura M solved 2023-04-05T16:42:53.275Z
  • minimuggle solved 2023-04-05T18:03:56.760Z
  • david solved 2023-04-05T18:08:44.897Z
  • edestlin solved 2023-04-05T18:21:31.046Z
  • Pair O Ducks solved 2023-04-05T19:11:06.781Z
  • Steve M solved 2023-04-05T20:47:54.649Z
  • Ergcat solved 2023-04-05T23:55:30.500Z
  • SeamusOL solved 2023-04-06T01:34:42.488Z
  • Jaclyn solved 2023-04-06T01:41:21.692Z
  • KayW solved 2023-04-06T01:44:38.000Z
  • Mikey G solved 2023-04-06T05:42:41.674Z
  • kamashdad solved 2023-04-06T14:44:27.905Z
  • JR solved 2023-04-06T15:07:22.275Z
  • maturin solved 2023-04-06T16:04:40.448Z
  • Capn Rick solved 2023-04-06T16:40:40.242Z
  • Alex R solved 2023-04-06T16:59:17.746Z
  • Sharkicicles solved 2023-04-06T17:38:07.721Z
  • Jimbo solved 2023-04-06T18:59:02.863Z
  • Johnny Luau solved 2023-04-06T19:00:33.530Z
  • Sanne solved 2023-04-06T21:54:40.438Z
  • Richard solved 2023-04-06T23:19:29.071Z
  • Jerry Miccolis solved 2023-04-06T23:45:52.187Z
  • jbird solved 2023-04-07T00:43:32.560Z
  • Qmark solved 2023-04-07T13:28:03.976Z
  • Michael solved 2023-04-07T17:40:22.982Z
  • ReB solved 2023-04-07T21:41:14.717Z
  • Eric Porter solved 2023-04-08T00:32:35.853Z
  • Schmeel solved 2023-04-08T20:58:33.654Z
  • Jim23809 solved 2023-04-10T13:49:55.693Z
  • jim32809 solved 2023-04-10T21:13:19.960Z
  • SJMcK solved 2023-04-11T01:09:59.264Z
  • sledge solved 2023-04-12T13:26:59.848Z


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  • Cindy Heisler 1s · 2023-04-03T17:25:43.623Z
    Finally! A couple wrong submissions and then when I submitted Barrie and that was wrong, I was really confused. I put it down and when I came back I noticed the J and M. A very enjoyable puzzle even if I did need Google for some of the grid. Thanks, Peter and Wendy. Oh my gosh! Peter and Wendy -- it just hit me. Who better to construct a meta about Peter Pan!
    • Abide publisher · 2023-04-03T19:07:21.730Z
      😜 I was hoping there would be a delayed “aha” on the constructor byline!
      • dplass 11:13 · 2023-04-04T01:04:58.734Z
        • DrTom 6s · 2023-04-04T18:15:07.972Z
          And here I thought that it was just the RUDE/RABBLE (instead of DUDE/DABBLE) that was the tie in to Peter. But soooo cool. Peter and Wendy. I'm surprised you didn't try to sneak in Nana.
        • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-04T01:38:16.053Z
          Really glad you noticed! Thanks for solving, Cindy!
        • Bbaack 19:08 · 2023-04-03T18:19:09.831Z
          Aah, now I understand the title. (Captain) Hook'ed on Metas! Well done!
          • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-04T01:37:37.654Z
            Honestly, Peter and I didn't even notice that "click" in the title until Al pointed it out!
            • Abide publisher · 2023-04-04T02:17:06.741Z
              Huh? I noticed it...
          • Tyrpmom 2s · 2023-04-03T18:59:51.968Z
            Fun one!
            • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-04T01:36:44.637Z
              We had fun constructing it, too! Glad you liked it!
            • I K Snamhcok 2s · 2023-04-03T20:45:34.682Z
              Got it, with a nudge. Fun! Thanks, Peter and Wendy!
              • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-04T01:36:14.894Z
                You're welcome! Glad you enjoyed it!
              • Meg 2s · 2023-04-03T21:29:16.476Z
                I tried Tinkerbell. I thought the Peter and Wendy angle was very cute!
                • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-04T01:35:52.952Z
                  Even "Darling," one might say! Glad you spotted that, Meg!
                • hoover 2s · 2023-04-03T23:19:19.270Z
                  I saw the PAN and Peter and Wendy and THE LOST BOYS and just started plugging in various Peter Pan-related names until one of them worked. I still have no idea about the metanism. I tried James Barrie before I remembered he went by his initials.
                  • Abide publisher · 2023-04-04T00:42:59.164Z
                    There are eight lost "boys" in the grid, starting with Jersey.
                    • DIS 🤓8:27 · 2023-04-04T14:49:06.901Z
                      Actually, nine -- the last Little Women book was "Jo's Boys".
                      • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-04T16:09:41.886Z
                        OMG! I missed that one completely! Huge props for knowing LMA so well.
                        • DrTom 6s · 2023-04-04T18:18:50.275Z
                          Actually if you include Jo's Boys there are 16, and I have the Google Rabbit Searches to prove it.
                          • Abide publisher · 2023-04-04T21:34:57.794Z
                            lol-- I saw the screenshot of the "famous" Bambam Boys and Usher Boys
                            • DrTom 6s · 2023-04-04T23:35:22.555Z
                              Almost as well known as the 1980's R&B Rude boys or the single song, Rough Boys. Heck I didn't even mention the Boys from Biloxi.
                              • Abide publisher · 2023-04-05T01:01:07.594Z
                                All the boys are singular-- read the clue: Rihanna's "Rude Boy" hit #1, and ZZ Top "Rough Boy" peaked at #22.
                    • whimsy 17:45 · 2023-04-04T04:26:12.247Z
                      I was really liking Barrie from the start but ART, LES, AL, MAC, LOU, ED, LEE, YUL, COSMO(?!) weren't getting me there. Then saw the JERSEY, MAMAS, etc. connection -- but those ALOU boys knocked me off kilter for a bit! :) Wonderful the way the whole Neverland theme tied together in a rather meta way!
                      • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-04T16:10:46.435Z
                        Thanks for solving!
                      • DebbieC 🤓17:50 · 2023-04-04T15:52:12.263Z
                        Loved the puzzle. 15A (Meta)DATA had me going for a minute. Then the M & E had me thinking SMEE for a sec. THEN the double J (JERSEY/JOS) confused me, but JMBarrie panned out. Nice challenge; thanks.
                        • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-04T16:11:56.330Z
                          So glad you enjoyed it! As I told DIS above, I completely missed the Jo's "Boys."
                          • DebbieC 🤓17:50 · 2023-04-04T22:33:54.427Z
                            I also got hung up on finding a JAMES or JIM connnected to Peter Pan but NEVER found one, then i LANDed on JM.... see what I did there? :)
                            • Abide publisher · 2023-04-05T01:03:23.774Z
                              very good!
                        • JM 🤓14:31 · 2023-04-04T19:05:39.401Z
                          I was lost, too, for quite a while. Nice one!
                          • Abide publisher · 2023-04-04T21:36:07.825Z
                            And you with a JM head start on the meta answer!
                            • JM 🤓14:31 · 2023-04-04T23:11:00.383Z
                              Happy to see it Pan out!
                            • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-05T13:06:01.709Z
                              Thanks for solving!
                            • Carolyn 3s · 2023-04-04T19:23:39.835Z
                              Saw the Peter Pan connection right away and submitted a couple wrong answers before the light dawned. Nice puzzle! Loved Peter and Wendy!
                              • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-05T13:06:27.217Z
                                Yeah, that was a nice touch, huh!
                              • Bird Lives 4s · 2023-04-04T20:24:16.771Z
                                I too jumped the gun and guessed Peter Pan just from the title, constructors, and one long entry. It took some tinkering around in the grid to find the missing boys. Now that the picture is clear, I wonder why I never before noticed the family resemblance between Peter and Mary Martin.
                                • Bird Lives 4s · 2023-04-04T23:23:58.971Z
                                  Also, FWIW, when I was in my twenties I had a girlfriend whose father's cousin was Peter Pan, i.e., the kid Barrie based the character on.
                                  • Meg 2s · 2023-04-04T23:18:44.820Z
                                    Ha ha!!
                                  • Teamdoubletow 6s · 2023-04-05T00:57:09.478Z
                                    Woohoo! You are perfect collaborators for this one. Glad we didn't have to walk the plank!
                                    • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-05T13:07:33.922Z
                                      So glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the kind words.
                                    • michaelm 🤓4:26 · 2023-04-05T03:16:38.014Z
                                      Boy oh Boy what a wonderfully thought out and well executed meta. Really worth the AHA! Thanks for the magic Wendy and Peter.
                                      • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-05T13:08:25.641Z
                                        You are so welcome! I'm really glad you had fun with it!
                                      • LesY 3s · 2023-04-05T11:05:53.404Z
                                        Solved without nudge. Enjoyable and nuanced use of this mechanism, with a little puzzle-hunt craftiness to boot. Well done, Abide and Wendy!
                                        • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-05T13:08:44.737Z
                                          Thank you so much!
                                        • rjy 3s · 2023-04-05T13:38:50.835Z
                                          Got stuck in the rabbit hole that every letter of the alphabet appeared in the grid except for W... you know, the Wendy Walker W. How could that not be a thing??? Next rabbit hole? Deep dive on all the variations of names of the Lost Boys... one pair is referred to as The Twins, and with BAMBAM, YESYES, YAYA symmetrically placed at the top - along with 12 other pairs - surely that's a thing, no?? Needed the nudges (dang it!) but thoroughly enjoyed the journey. Thanks, Peter and Wendy!
                                          • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-05T18:18:34.229Z
                                            You are so welcome! It was totally inadvertent that "W" did not appear anywhere in the grid. Kinda blows my mind, too!
                                          • Darth 🤓9:23 · 2023-04-05T13:27:24.548Z
                                            Loved this one! Thanks Peter and Wendy!
                                            • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-05T18:18:50.594Z
                                              So glad you enjoyed it, Darth!
                                            • Snood 2:24 · 2023-04-05T15:09:08.817Z
                                              Fun puzzle. I thought something was off when Peter's name was missing but it did take me a few looked to see all the Lost Boys! Well done!
                                              • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-05T18:19:46.089Z
                                                I wondered the same thing and almost said something to him until I realized why.
                                                • Abide publisher · 2023-04-05T21:14:55.985Z
                                                  That is the normal Joe Ross pdf procedure. Main byline uses the xwordmuggles forum name.
                                              • woozy 🤓23:32 · 2023-04-05T16:13:09.136Z
                                                6D. It's funny but not only does Oda have a Macron, but it would seem that Macron has an Oda (
                                                • woozy 🤓23:32 · 2023-04-05T16:08:33.715Z
                                                  I guess I was 2/3 of the way there since monday. I saw Pan, Hook, and the Lost boys and submitted Peter Pan early (although I knew I had to be more to it). I looked for boys name but couldn't find any that didn't seem coincidental. The Meta-data clue was more convincing then the Peter pan one so I tried pursuing that-- looking at clues that refer to data infomation or the clues themselves but that was too vague.
                                                  Being told on Tues that 38A was important I notice JERSEY BOY and MAMAS BOY and following that I got the letters JMBIE and could make any sense out of it.
                                                  I'm afraid I have never heard of RUDE BOY or ROUGH BOY.
                                                  I had tried considering other names of male characters of Peter Pan but Tootles, Nibs, Slightly, or Curly seemed to weak to carry a puzzle.
                                                  Reading Wednesdays nudges and seeing R's I figured maybe I could try the JM Barrie as it hadn't occurred to me and it seemed to fit with the JMBIE. Altar boy just eluded me in the natural ways.
                                                  Very cute that the constructors were Peter and Wendy. That had escaped me.
                                                  • wendy walker 14s · 2023-04-05T18:21:05.577Z
                                                    So glad you solved, Woozy!
                                                  • Ergcat 17:37 · 2023-04-05T23:56:54.700Z
                                                    Got it with the nudges! Good one, Peter & Wendy!
                                                    • KayW 🤓14:21 · 2023-04-06T01:46:06.366Z
                                                      jeez loueez I made that hard. Peter or Peter Pan was my first WAG based on the title and 38a alone. It took me forever to find all the lost boys in the puzzle. Very clever. And what an appropriate theme from Wendy and Peter!
                                                      • Capn Rick 13:52 · 2023-04-06T16:43:07.809Z
                                                        Ay sir, hoisted on my own petard! Well done Peter and Wendy! I told Peter on Monday that I detected a distinct J. M. Barrie flavor - not knowing that was ultimately the answer.
                                                        • Abide publisher · 2023-04-06T17:37:54.776Z
                                                        • Sharkicicles 1s · 2023-04-06T17:39:00.595Z
                                                          I was wondering why the byline wasn’t PETER Abide. So clever!
                                                          • Qmark 3s · 2023-04-07T13:29:13.717Z
                                                            After filling out the grid on Monday, had to let things simmer for a few days, but finally got it today with no use of nudges. Thanks Peter and Wendy!
                                                            • Michael 47:48 · 2023-04-07T17:58:27.160Z
                                                              Nice puzzle! Thanks so much.
                                                              • ReB 6s · 2023-04-07T21:44:20.961Z
                                                                Nicely constructed. Needed another nudge as google had led me astray with errant ________ [boy] answers.
                                                                • Abide publisher · 2023-04-10T19:41:12.614Z
                                                                  errant boy--heh
                                                                It will be a busy organisation on 6 May 2023
                                                                1. 1A
                                                                  It will be a busy organisation on 6 May 2023
                                                                2. 4A
                                                                  Behave per instructions
                                                                3. 8A
                                                                  "____ Shore," reality TV show starring The Situation
                                                                4. 14A
                                                                  Sigh of relief
                                                                5. 15A
                                                                  They can be meta
                                                                6. 16A
                                                                  A very thick skin
                                                                7. 17A
                                                                  Popular postgrad degree
                                                                8. 18A
                                                                  Adjective for an aesthete
                                                                9. 19A
                                                                  Tall stone or wooden markers
                                                                10. 20A
                                                                  "I didn't mean anything ___"
                                                                11. 22A
                                                                12. 24A
                                                                  At least it's not snowy
                                                                13. 25A
                                                                  Helen of Troy's father-in-law
                                                                14. 27A
                                                                  Greenwood, Springsteen, and Cyrus sang about it, in vastly different ways
                                                                15. 29A
                                                                  Part of many French biz names
                                                                16. 30A
                                                                  Some are overprotective of their children
                                                                17. 31A
                                                                  Speedy mover on the tennis court
                                                                18. 33A
                                                                  Not PCs
                                                                19. 34A
                                                                  Dr. Smith of "Lost in Space", or Quinto of "Star Trek"
                                                                20. 36A
                                                                  ___ pro nobis
                                                                21. 38A
                                                                  1987 black comedy vampire flick
                                                                22. 41A
                                                                  He played B. A. Baracus
                                                                23. 42A
                                                                  Provide with, as a uniform or a license
                                                                24. 44A
                                                                  Title word in a Rihanna hit (on her "Rated R" album)
                                                                25. 47A
                                                                  Big hairdo
                                                                26. 49A
                                                                27. 51A
                                                                  Just a number, so the adage goes
                                                                28. 52A
                                                                  One way to score in rugby
                                                                29. 53A
                                                                  King Solomon's Hebrew name
                                                                30. 54A
                                                                  Where the skate meets the ice
                                                                31. 56A
                                                                  Start of a gender reveal announcement
                                                                32. 59A
                                                                  Famous baseball clan
                                                                33. 60A
                                                                  Coastal city that boasts the Paradise Pier Fun Park
                                                                34. 62A
                                                                  App for the opinionated
                                                                35. 64A
                                                                  Global financial firm based in Holland
                                                                36. 65A
                                                                  Direct a lascivious gaze toward
                                                                37. 66A
                                                                  South Seas plant purported to relieve anxiety
                                                                38. 67A
                                                                  Old English letter
                                                                39. 68A
                                                                  Task for a young office intern like fetching coffee
                                                                40. 69A
                                                                  The appropriately-named Connie Ledoux Book is its president
                                                                41. 70A
                                                                  Mode of transport offered by the Concorde, for short
                                                                1. 1D
                                                                  Pebbles' playmate
                                                                2. 2D
                                                                  Looney little devil?
                                                                3. 3D
                                                                  Pad found in an office
                                                                4. 4D
                                                                  Japanese city whose name has a macron
                                                                5. 5D
                                                                  Root beer invented in 60-Across
                                                                6. 6D
                                                                  Words addressed to a Brute?
                                                                7. 7D
                                                                  She'll be returning to China from the Memphis Zoo
                                                                8. 8D
                                                                  Susan & Laura = Marmees; Winona & Saoirse = ___
                                                                9. 9D
                                                                10. 10D
                                                                  Grassland bird in South America
                                                                11. 11D
                                                                  Another name for quartz
                                                                12. 12D
                                                                13. 13D
                                                                  "OK, I get it! Move on already!"
                                                                14. 21D
                                                                  Send some knowledge my way
                                                                15. 23D
                                                                  Code for airport named after Pierre Trudeau
                                                                16. 26D
                                                                  "Nice & Slow" was his first hit
                                                                17. 28D
                                                                  Messy people
                                                                18. 31D
                                                                  Trevor on "Ghosts" was a Wall Street one
                                                                19. 32D
                                                                  Affirmative used by the Bard of Avon
                                                                20. 33D
                                                                  Key witness in "To Kill a Mockingbird"
                                                                21. 35D
                                                                  Rite place for a priest and his robed helper
                                                                22. 37D
                                                                  Title word in a ZZ Top hit (on their "Afterburner" album)
                                                                23. 39D
                                                                  A chicken general
                                                                24. 40D
                                                                  Pigeons known for their singing
                                                                25. 43D
                                                                  Donny and Marie, e.g.
                                                                26. 44D
                                                                  Unruly crowd
                                                                27. 45D
                                                                  Descriptor for Dorian Gray's portrait, over time
                                                                28. 46D
                                                                  Pusher of cards or drugs
                                                                29. 48D
                                                                  Short for "Thought you might like to know"
                                                                30. 50D
                                                                  What Ponce de Leon did vis-a-vis the Fountain of Youth
                                                                31. 52D
                                                                  J.R. Ewing was one
                                                                32. 53D
                                                                  Barrage of gunfire
                                                                33. 55D
                                                                  Adventurer on a Nick Jr. cartoon
                                                                34. 57D
                                                                  Endearing toddler
                                                                35. 58D
                                                                  You can do this to a deal or an envelope
                                                                36. 61D
                                                                  " ____ be nice if you could pull me into town" ("Napoleon Dynamite")
                                                                37. 63D
                                                                  Express displeasure on 62-Across