Back to the Fold (Meta)

· By Alex Sisti · Published 2023-02-20T14:00:52.851Z

Meta Prompt
What word answers the riddle you found?
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  • BarbaraK solved 2023-02-20T14:23:53.256Z
  • Meg solved 2023-02-20T14:34:35.387Z
  • Sharkicicles solved 2023-02-20T14:42:49.745Z
  • rjy solved 2023-02-20T14:54:55.716Z
  • Mwoychick solved 2023-02-20T15:20:26.997Z
  • JHSeeman solved 2023-02-20T15:21:29.566Z
  • Hector solved 2023-02-20T15:24:44.037Z
  • dannyvee solved 2023-02-20T15:31:02.060Z
  • MatthewL solved 2023-02-20T15:45:24.302Z
  • Tom Wilson solved 2023-02-20T16:02:24.788Z
  • DrTom solved 2023-02-20T16:04:24.814Z
  • Mikey G solved 2023-02-20T16:18:26.645Z
  • boharr solved 2023-02-20T16:26:52.121Z
  • michaelm solved 2023-02-20T16:32:45.048Z
  • DIS solved 2023-02-20T16:38:29.178Z
  • Bird Lives solved 2023-02-20T16:46:10.309Z
  • Qmark solved 2023-02-20T16:49:04.639Z
  • Bbaack solved 2023-02-20T17:00:44.548Z
  • Mr Tex solved 2023-02-20T17:21:13.722Z
  • Cindy Weatherman solved 2023-02-20T17:28:26.011Z
  • woozy solved 2023-02-20T17:35:57.446Z
  • lbray53 solved 2023-02-20T17:44:39.308Z
  • Darth solved 2023-02-20T18:10:21.291Z
  • Schmeel solved 2023-02-20T18:10:57.727Z
  • FrankieHeck solved 2023-02-20T18:21:11.572Z
  • hoover solved 2023-02-20T18:34:47.847Z
  • dplass solved 2023-02-20T18:43:23.454Z
  • frostyjhammer solved 2023-02-20T18:52:36.097Z
  • JM solved 2023-02-20T19:25:28.801Z
  • david solved 2023-02-20T19:32:49.478Z
  • Dow Jones solved 2023-02-20T19:45:34.331Z
  • heidi solved 2023-02-20T20:23:57.867Z
  • Laura M solved 2023-02-20T20:31:04.299Z
  • kymike solved 2023-02-20T20:40:24.444Z
  • wendy walker solved 2023-02-20T21:44:13.225Z
  • Ergcat solved 2023-02-20T22:04:32.331Z
  • Anita and Steve solved 2023-02-20T22:08:42.573Z
  • Snood solved 2023-02-20T22:46:54.591Z
  • damefox solved 2023-02-20T22:58:46.279Z
  • KayW solved 2023-02-20T23:37:54.569Z
  • CPJohnson solved 2023-02-20T23:38:21.878Z
  • I K Snamhcok solved 2023-02-20T23:48:46.867Z
  • DebbieC solved 2023-02-21T01:18:55.540Z
  • Darrell solved 2023-02-21T01:30:50.961Z
  • HeadinHome solved 2023-02-21T01:46:42.747Z
  • rvkal solved 2023-02-21T03:34:33.910Z
  • ajk solved 2023-02-21T05:59:22.246Z
  • markhr solved 2023-02-21T07:11:48.598Z
  • ChrisCross solved 2023-02-21T17:31:49.887Z
  • Gutman solved 2023-02-21T18:37:42.464Z
  • Johnny Luau solved 2023-02-21T19:15:58.442Z
  • Tyrpmom solved 2023-02-21T19:48:49.402Z
  • Capn Rick solved 2023-02-21T20:02:16.419Z
  • Mike Fitzgerald solved 2023-02-22T00:01:03.335Z
  • Jim Dean solved 2023-02-22T00:52:08.771Z
  • Cindy Heisler solved 2023-02-22T01:06:12.381Z
  • TMart solved 2023-02-22T15:39:21.270Z
  • DCBilly solved 2023-02-22T16:38:37.472Z
  • SeamusOL solved 2023-02-22T23:09:53.257Z
  • K7 solved 2023-02-23T16:23:41.163Z
  • Richard solved 2023-02-23T17:01:48.318Z
  • Eric Porter solved 2023-02-23T17:11:14.621Z
  • Abide solved 2023-02-23T17:47:02.788Z
  • Carolyn solved 2023-02-23T17:49:32.903Z
  • Golem solved 2023-02-23T22:32:42.471Z
  • Jerry Miccolis solved 2023-02-23T22:39:58.400Z
  • Jaclyn solved 2023-02-24T02:22:18.376Z
  • shalmanezer solved 2023-02-24T03:58:22.808Z
  • Tane solved 2023-02-24T07:19:53.998Z
  • whimsy solved 2023-02-24T17:36:32.136Z
  • JR solved 2023-02-24T19:27:47.434Z
  • Caroline solved 2023-02-24T22:23:31.373Z
  • minimuggle solved 2023-02-25T17:19:52.983Z
  • Naptown Kid solved 2023-02-25T20:19:30.525Z
  • THC solved 2023-02-26T15:10:57.492Z
  • somylai solved 2023-03-27T08:58:51.296Z
  • mimka solved 2023-05-19T13:33:42.011Z
  • Lucas solved 2023-07-08T02:20:23.894Z


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  • Meg 3s · 2023-02-20T14:35:06.597Z
    Awww. This takes me back!
    • Hector 5s · 2023-02-20T15:40:03.175Z
      Those were some clever graphics; it wasn't always easy to picture what the folded image would be.
      • Mikey G 7:54 · 2023-02-20T16:18:56.853Z
        Those were indeed clever!
        • Alex Sisti constructor · 2023-02-20T17:25:26.233Z
          Right? Imagine his process, since he did these on a physical canvas (i.e., unfoldable). He must have been as pleasantly surprised to see those images appear as we were!
          • frostyjhammer 🤓9:05 · 2023-02-20T18:56:13.212Z
            I always assumed that the canvas was folded, the artwork was applied, the canvas was unfolded and more artwork applied to fill in the middle. And by "canvas" I thought "heavy piece of paper" probably.
            Do we know from the artist how these fold-ins were produced?
      • Mwoychick 🤓11:47 · 2023-02-20T15:21:55.884Z
        Great puzzle, Al - thank you! Excellent grid, especially with mechanism constraints
        • MatthewL 10:10 · 2023-02-20T15:45:38.832Z
          Very clever!! Thanks Al.
          • Tom Wilson 🤓6:51 · 2023-02-20T16:04:00.428Z
            Very clever fun on this working "holiday." (Grrrrr.) You're a treasure, Master Sisti. Long may you run!
            • DrTom 4s · 2023-02-20T16:08:30.056Z
              I laughed, I cried, but I never closed my eyes! WONDERFUL puzzle Al, I remember discussion of just this type of puzzle a while back and of course I was part of the MAD generation so I had a leg up. The build was fantastic, the fill amusing (esp liked Copper noisemaker!) and the tie into the answer and the mechanism was masterful. It may have been relatively easy but this has got to be one of my favorites in a while.
              • Mikey G 7:54 · 2023-02-20T16:19:15.101Z
                Sheep happens - and now I have to get the flock out of here!
                • michaelm 🤓2:47 · 2023-02-20T16:37:28.890Z
                  What, me worry? Great memories as well. Thanks, Alfred (Sist)i Neuman
                  • boharr 3s · 2023-02-20T16:27:10.467Z
                    Fun. Thanks, Al.
                    • DIS 🤓8:18 · 2023-02-20T16:39:43.658Z
                      I grew up on Fold-Ins, Spy Vs. Spy, et al. Thanks!
                      • Bird Lives 3s · 2023-02-20T16:46:49.042Z
                        I would have gotten in sooner, but I fell asleep.
                        • Bbaack 🤓14:33 · 2023-02-20T17:04:03.712Z
                          Clever! Poker proclamation: "I fold"!
                          • dplass 7:54 · 2023-02-20T18:44:02.616Z
                            That was what I had at first... Now it makes sense
                          • Qmark 3s · 2023-02-20T16:49:29.813Z
                            Super fun and clever construction, Al...thanks!
                            • woozy 🤓10:48 · 2023-02-20T17:37:10.644Z
                              Awesome! I always wanted someone to do a meta based on this!
                              ... but I think 12D12DMusician's muse[-----] should by "Poet's Muse" (not Musician's muse)
                              • DrTom 4s · 2023-02-20T18:48:58.646Z
                                Nah, he just misspelled EROTIC, or he didn't want us screaming "You Twerp!"
                              • lbray53 5s · 2023-02-20T17:47:52.912Z
                                Loved this. I used to try figuring those fold-ins out without folding. I don’t think I ever did.
                                • hoover 3s · 2023-02-20T18:36:28.090Z
                                  Solved without mangling my laptop! Love this! Shows what a bunch of old people we are, that we all grew up with these.
                                  • Darth 🤓8:40 · 2023-02-20T18:12:47.650Z
                                    The only part of MAD I appreciated, and even then, I didn't always understand what I was seeing. =)
                                    • frostyjhammer 🤓9:05 · 2023-02-20T18:54:21.338Z
                                      Delightful puzzle all the way around, thank you.
                                      • Dow Jones 2s · 2023-02-20T19:49:58.662Z
                                        Great puzzle and great memories. Thanks, Al !!
                                        • kymike 2s · 2023-02-20T20:40:52.507Z
                                          A throw back to MAD Magazine. Love it!
                                          • Anita and Steve 2s · 2023-02-20T22:09:10.648Z
                                            Very cute! Used to love MAD fold-ins!
                                            • wendy walker 4s · 2023-02-20T21:48:43.650Z
                                              Wonderful, Al. Oh my gosh, I loved doing those! I remember one that "folded in" to make a dollar sign -- the caption was something like, "The Altar We Worship At." So much of MAD magazine has stuck with me over the years: The Dulltons (satire of The Waltons); Johnson Howard's; Spy vs. Spy; Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions ...
                                              • Ergcat 19:38 · 2023-02-20T22:06:41.895Z
                                                Liked this one, Al! I remember well Mad Magazine and Loved to do the fold-in. This was a little tricky “folding” on Crosshare but I got it done! Thank you, Al!
                                                • Snood 🤓2:23 · 2023-02-20T22:51:53.661Z
                                                  Awesome! I'm of the right age to fully appreciate this work of art! Tremendous cluing (as expected!). Brings back fond memories too. Now how will I print on the reverse of the puzzle paper? It's all folded. :-)
                                                  • FrankieHeck 8:32 · 2023-02-20T23:58:20.286Z
                                                    Fun one, Al! I've tried doing this to meta puzzles before, but this is the first time it actually led to the answer!
                                                    • I K Snamhcok 1s · 2023-02-20T23:53:26.474Z
                                                      Thanks, Al, for bringing back happy memories. Just the other day, the college pals were texting about a favorite Mad movie parody: “It’s a World, World, World, World Mad”. But that, I’m sure would have been The Great Mort Drucker, not The Equally Great Al Jefferson, right?
                                                      • HeadinHome 🤓6:14 · 2023-02-21T01:49:22.649Z
                                                        I miss those fold-ins! Often just enough off color that I kept the magazine out of sight of the parents. 🤣
                                                        • ChrisCross 🤓16:01 · 2023-02-21T17:32:35.615Z
                                                          The al-ighty ollar? I get it!!
                                                          • Gutman 7s · 2023-02-21T18:40:05.998Z
                                                            Great idea and construction.
                                                            • Tyrpmom 24:26 · 2023-02-21T19:51:31.802Z
                                                              • Capn Rick 3s · 2023-02-21T21:18:25.489Z
                                                                There you go again, Al. Raising the bar for us poor MMM constructors. What's next, origami cranes? :)
                                                                • Mike Fitzgerald 🤓9:26 · 2023-02-22T00:01:31.588Z
                                                                  brought back great memories!
                                                                  • Cindy Heisler 5s · 2023-02-22T01:10:29.325Z
                                                                    I grew up with Mad Magazine. Fun memories. Great construction!
                                                                    • Carolyn 6s · 2023-02-23T17:50:33.736Z
                                                                      Very fun!
                                                                      • shalmanezer 13:22 · 2023-02-24T04:09:47.423Z
                                                                        TIL supergroup doesn't mean the group was a huge commercial success (Asia really only had one huge hit), but that it's a compilation of musicians who were already successful in other bands. Nice puzzle, but since I never read MAD Magazine, the meta took me awhile.
                                                                        • whimsy 15:07 · 2023-02-24T17:43:18.956Z
                                                                          Puzzle kept me up for a few nights -- JK, I'm just not taxing myself while on vacation --
                                                                          Thanks, Al -- Really, really neat!
                                                                          • whimsy 15:07 · 2023-02-24T17:44:44.962Z
                                                                            PS -- Terrific title!
                                                                            • Caroline 8:37 · 2023-02-24T22:26:40.438Z
                                                                              Now, this was a puzzle that caters to my demographic. ASIA18A80's supergroup[----]? Mad magazine FOLDINS39AMad Magazine features by Al Jaffee, in which 60% of his artwork regularly disappeared[-------]? Yes, please!
                                                                              • Naptown Kid 8s · 2023-02-25T20:23:32.130Z
                                                                                Nice one, Peter. No nudge needed for this longtime Mad Magazine afficionado. Thanks.
                                                                                • THC 🤓3:55 · 2023-02-26T15:12:31.970Z
                                                                                  Wow! One of the most creative metas I've worked!
                                                                                  Serenades, e.g.
                                                                                  1. 1A
                                                                                    Serenades, e.g.
                                                                                  2. 5A
                                                                                    Rods, Roscoes, etc.
                                                                                  3. 9A
                                                                                    Harrison's co-star in "1923"
                                                                                  4. 14A
                                                                                    Stone, for one
                                                                                  5. 15A
                                                                                    "But it could also be..." in netspeak
                                                                                  6. 16A
                                                                                    Gestation stations
                                                                                  7. 17A
                                                                                    Blue hue
                                                                                  8. 18A
                                                                                    80's supergroup
                                                                                  9. 19A
                                                                                    Brightest star in Aries
                                                                                  10. 20A
                                                                                    She was the first female country music star to sell a million records
                                                                                  11. 23A
                                                                                    Beehive State native
                                                                                  12. 24A
                                                                                    Gal Gadot, for one
                                                                                  13. 25A
                                                                                    Hit sign (abbr.)
                                                                                  14. 26A
                                                                                    How teams are chosen when counting off by twos
                                                                                  15. 29A
                                                                                    Beth's beau on "Yellowstone"
                                                                                  16. 31A
                                                                                    "Nick at ___"
                                                                                  17. 32A
                                                                                    Set up so as to maintain autonomy
                                                                                  18. 38A
                                                                                    Who's your favorite MMM constructor?
                                                                                  19. 39A
                                                                                    Mad Magazine features by Al Jaffee, in which 60% of his artwork regularly disappeared
                                                                                  20. 41A
                                                                                    Avail oneself of
                                                                                  21. 42A
                                                                                    Is able to read, but chooses not to
                                                                                  22. 44A
                                                                                    Show appreciation for
                                                                                  23. 45A
                                                                                    Cuisinier Garten
                                                                                  24. 46A
                                                                                    Burp the Tupperware
                                                                                  25. 48A
                                                                                    Emilio Estevez, to Martin Sheen
                                                                                  26. 50A
                                                                                    Type of folding stool
                                                                                  27. 54A
                                                                                    Santa's little helper
                                                                                  28. 55A
                                                                                    They're to dye for
                                                                                  29. 59A
                                                                                    Caber (Sp.)
                                                                                  30. 62A
                                                                                    The middle piece of a track event, or what you can do with the middle piece
                                                                                  31. 63A
                                                                                    Poker proclamation: "I ___"
                                                                                  32. 64A
                                                                                    Gets closer
                                                                                  33. 65A
                                                                                    Diamond cover?
                                                                                  34. 66A
                                                                                    You can believe it's not butter!
                                                                                  35. 67A
                                                                                    ___ in the face
                                                                                  36. 68A
                                                                                    Celtic tongue
                                                                                  37. 69A
                                                                                    Way below
                                                                                  1. 1D
                                                                                    Like 3.2 beer
                                                                                  2. 2D
                                                                                    Present opener
                                                                                  3. 3D
                                                                                    Leave out
                                                                                  4. 4D
                                                                                    Kind of crackers
                                                                                  5. 5D
                                                                                    Follow unexpected paths
                                                                                  6. 6D
                                                                                    Not ashore
                                                                                  7. 7D
                                                                                    Upholstery fabric
                                                                                  8. 8D
                                                                                    "I ___ Be Released"
                                                                                  9. 9D
                                                                                    "What was that again?"
                                                                                  10. 10D
                                                                                    Hellenic H
                                                                                  11. 11D
                                                                                    Madagascar primate
                                                                                  12. 12D
                                                                                    Musician's muse
                                                                                  13. 13D
                                                                                    Aida waterway
                                                                                  14. 21D
                                                                                    Fashion initials
                                                                                  15. 22D
                                                                                    Copper noisemaker
                                                                                  16. 25D
                                                                                    Massage spot
                                                                                  17. 26D
                                                                                    Former lead singer for the Irish family band Clannad until she went out on her own (and how awkward must those Thanksgiving dinners be now)
                                                                                  18. 27D
                                                                                    String section instrument
                                                                                  19. 28D
                                                                                    Sewing case (that I suspect was created by and for cruciverbalists)
                                                                                  20. 30D
                                                                                    They gladly accept returns
                                                                                  21. 32D
                                                                                    de Leon's state, briefly
                                                                                  22. 33D
                                                                                    Utica's summer hours (abbr.)
                                                                                  23. 34D
                                                                                    One out of two at the craps table
                                                                                  24. 35D
                                                                                    Rock's Jethro ___
                                                                                  25. 36D
                                                                                    Biblical twin
                                                                                  26. 37D
                                                                                    Guitarist/keyboardist Johnny with the Hollywood Vampires
                                                                                  27. 39D
                                                                                    Marshy area
                                                                                  28. 40D
                                                                                    Speak formally, formally speaking
                                                                                  29. 43D
                                                                                    The tail end of a movie star with a tail end
                                                                                  30. 44D
                                                                                    House style
                                                                                  31. 46D
                                                                                    Treeless plain
                                                                                  32. 47D
                                                                                    E'en once
                                                                                  33. 48D
                                                                                    Blackthorn fruits
                                                                                  34. 49D
                                                                                    Unused by-product of a process, like 60% of this grid
                                                                                  35. 51D
                                                                                    49D49DUnused by-product of a process, like 60% of this grid[-----], for instance
                                                                                  36. 52D
                                                                                    Schindler of "Schindler's List"
                                                                                  37. 53D
                                                                                    Mixes up
                                                                                  38. 54D
                                                                                    Sicilian spewer
                                                                                  39. 56D
                                                                                    Dorothy's last name (and Toto too?)
                                                                                  40. 57D
                                                                                    Musical TV series
                                                                                  41. 58D
                                                                                    Dish out messily
                                                                                  42. 60D
                                                                                    Retirement nest egg
                                                                                  43. 61D
                                                                                    Recipe amount