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Hey folks! My name is Hannah, I am a twenty-something and originally from Chicago. These days I live in Oregon where I’m trying to wrap up my PhD in chemistry. Outside of grad school I like to occupy myself with crosswords (obviously), many an audiobook, cocktails, my bike & always always some good music.
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Union Strong

· Published 2022-04-10T22:56:31.659Z

Despite my best efforts to make some of the other "niche" puzzles appropriate this one really might be impossible unless you're familiar with the content 😬😿🙈 forgive me.
But also like, yo - you SAGA readin' crossword solvin' fiends? You freakin' rock.
This is my third puzzle for Crosshare and oh my gosh! I am having so much fun logging in each time and seeing new people solve my puzzles and its so interesting to see what is easy for most folks and what is more challenging. I absolutely love it and…
Hint 1: Every themed entry in this puzzle will be composed of the characters of two words from a common three word phrase Hint 2: The missing letters/word from each phrase is IN, but the word “in” makes itself present in another way