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Hey! Thanks for stopping by to check out my puzzles. I am a long time solver, now dabbling in the construction side of things. I'm eager to grow my skillset in this arena and get my puzzles into the world. Happy solving! Please drop a line in the comments to let me know about your solving experience.
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Go Get 'Em, Tiger!

· Published 2023-01-17T08:15:29.068Z

It's themeless month in the midi contest and I think I've put together a fun one for you! Hope you like it!
It's magic month for the midi contest, so be on the lookout for trickery! Here's my entry (re-posted after working out a kink in the earlier version).
I'm back with another entry in the midi contest! Please enjoy responsibly!
Another month, another midi contest! This one is all about going "back to school."
Here's my entry in the August 2022 midi contest. Enjoy!
After a small snag I'm back with a renewed entry in this month's midi contest! Thanks for solving!
Thank you for venturing to solve my entry in the June midi contest. I hope you enjoy my take on the "missing" theme!
Midi contest entry for May 2022. This months theme is "myth." I hope you enjoy my take!
This puzzle is for the April 2022 midi contest. I hope you enjoy the slight meta hinted at by the clue at 21A! Please do listen to the song for an added bonus. Or don't (Caution: theme spoiler ahead!): "Let me hear you say, this shit is bananas / B-A…
Hope you enjoyed learning about these amazing women who had a major impact on the sport of running! This was part of the March 2022 midi contest (broad theme was "women").

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