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Hey! Thanks for stopping by to check out my puzzles. I am a long time solver, now dabbling in the construction side of things. I am eager to grow my skillset in this arena and get my puzzles into the world. Happy solving! Please drop a line in the comments to let me know about your solving experience.
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Space Camp

· Published 24 days ago

After a small snag I'm back with a renewed entry in this month's midi contest! Thanks for solving!
Thank you for venturing to solve my entry in the June midi contest. I hope you enjoy my take on the "missing" theme!
Midi contest entry for May 2022. This months theme is "myth." I hope you enjoy my take!
This puzzle is for the April 2022 midi contest. I hope you enjoy the slight meta hinted at by the clue at 21A! Please do listen to the song for an added bonus. Or don't (Caution: theme spoiler ahead!): "Let me hear you say, this shit is bananas / B-A
Hope you enjoyed learning about these amazing women who had a major impact on the sport of running! This was part of the March 2022 midi contest (broad theme was "women").