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· By Ben Zoon · Published 2022-03-07T04:24:57.587Z

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  • Mike D 🤓2:38 · 2022-03-07T09:24:43.281Z
    Fun solve!
    • Jon 6:29 · 2022-03-07T14:08:27.420Z
      Nice and tough.
      • Sommersmith 🤓3:12 · 2022-03-07T16:27:30.293Z
        Tought one! I almost gave up before realizing there was a third option for 16A16ATo steal a glance of, probably with disregard for privacy[------] besides PEERAT and PEEKAT :)
        • jasonwestley 🤓4:49 · 2022-03-07T19:15:04.283Z
          Great puzzle.
          • Ben Zoon constructor · 2022-03-07T23:37:24.413Z
            Thanks guys!
            Double a toy dog to get this hand prop -- Let's go team!
            1. 1A
              Double a toy dog to get this hand prop -- Let's go team!
            2. 7A
              This anthropomorphic South Park character is probably wondering if you wanna get high
            3. 8A
              Originally a dance to win a dessert, this term is now synonymous with a piece of that dessert
            4. 9A
              Warren Buffet said it takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 minutes to do this to it
            5. 10A
              This Qing Dynasty general lends his name to a delicious deep-fried entree
            6. 11A
              These letters can be found after W, ST, and ARTF (a database result processor might come in handy)
            7. 12A
              The head of a hammer has a flat pounding surface, but this alternative might be spherical or wedge shaped
            8. 13A
              One of typically three on a Baby Grand
            9. 15A
              A close synonym, this term might refer to something intentionally anonymous
            10. 16A
              To steal a glance of, probably with disregard for privacy
            1. 1D
              Born Imane Inys, she joined Twitch at age 17 and has since become the site's most popular female streamer
            2. 2D
              The youngest of 12 children of pro wrestling legend Stu Hart who tragically fell to his death during a WWF show in 1999
            3. 3D
              Add one letter to this baby animal sound and get the adult animal sound
            4. 4D
              Though only a fraction of the size of a red blood cell, it plays a role in stopping them
            5. 5D
              This 2-word part of sunflowers, sesame, etc. becomes its agricultural product when the words are swapped
            6. 6D
              The Three Parallel Rivers of Yunnan, China include the Yangtze, the Salween, and this river
            7. 7D
              This Red Bull ingredient sounds... well, bullish
            8. 8D
              A two word phrase meaning to arise unexpectedly, perhaps like weeds in a cornfield
            9. 12D
              The early 2000s saw consolidation of ski lift manufacturers; Doppelmayr joined with Garaventa, and Leitner and this company partnered up in North America
            10. 14D
              This term refers to raised fibers on certain fabrics -- especially that lay down in a way