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Like a Record #2

· By kieranjboyd · Published 5 days ago

Constructor's Note: This crossword is a sequel to the first crossword I uploaded to Crosshare, over a year ago! How time flies. In this iteration, each grid entry is an emordnilap (a word that forms another word when reversed, eg: PAY and YAP). (This means the whole grid can be flipped or rotated whichever way you like, once solved.) I've provided definitions for both words in random order, and it's your job to figure out which one goes in the grid (eg: "Little dog's bark / Earnings"). Break a gel … I mean, leg!
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  • kieranjboyd constructor · 5 days ago
    You can find my first crossword here!
    • Phil The 🤓3:36 · 4 days ago
      This was easier
    • Sommersmith 🤓38s · 5 days ago
      Impressive! Thanks for all the puzzles!
      • Jon 🤓1:33 · 4 days ago
        • Frisco17 🤓33s · 4 days ago
          Very cool concept!
          • sjones8888 🤓2:03 · 4 days ago
            Really fun, thanks!
            • Kent D 🤓1:37 · 2 days ago
              That was fun, 'nuf said!
              • leafknives 🤓2:59 · 2 days ago
                I enjoyed the concept :) fun to play!
                1ABuddy / It disappears when you stand up
                1. 1A
                  Buddy / It disappears when you stand up
                2. 4A
                  Apple assistant / Pupil's place
                3. 6A
                  Determined to do / A and B, but not Y or Z
                4. 8A
                  See 8A
                  See 8A / Sushi wrapper that's a moderate source of 8A[----]
                  / Sushi wrapper that's a moderate source of 8A
                  See 8A / Sushi wrapper that's a moderate source of 8A[----]
                5. 9A
                  2019 World Series winner, in brief / Shade of brown
                1. 1D
                  Nothing on a soccer scoreboard / Name on a Hamilton Tumblr
                2. 2D
                  ____ Ephron / Elvis ____ Presley
                3. 3D
                  Climber's spike / What a restaurant server receives in Australia, usually
                4. 5D
                  Word sung twice after "Que" / Wonder Woman foe
                5. 7D
                  "___ but a scratch!" / Grab a stool, say