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Mostly Midwestern Mini

· By Sommersmith · Published about 2 months ago

Checking for previous play data...


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  • Mike D 🤓54s · about 2 months ago
    Great puz!
    • JeffsPuzzles 🤓45s · about 2 months ago
      Excellent puzzle! Was that your puzzle in the LA Times/WaPo the other day? If so, I thought it was terrific. Awful (as in great) puns!
      • Sommersmith constructor · about 2 months ago
        Yes, that was me - and thank you!
        • Kent D 🤓1:07 · about 2 months ago
          I'll second the "Awful (as in great) puns" in the LA Times puzzle! I do the LA Times puzzle every morning and I looked at the name and it just didn't register that it was you. Congrats!
        • john reed 🤓16s · about 2 months ago
          respect from a michigander! great puzzle
          • JayP 🤓2:21 · about 2 months ago
            I Totally misspelled the airport! Great one!
            • spikeydlux 🤓31s · about 2 months ago
              Excellent puz!
              • Jerry 🤓3:49 · about 2 months ago
                Nice theme.
                • Jon 🤓1:03 · about 2 months ago
                  Very nicely themed.
                  • Andrea 🤓2:17 · about 1 month ago
                    Thanks man!
                    1APart of 1-Down
                    Midwestern aquatic mnemonic[-----]
                    with a thumb stuck in it
                    1. 1A
                      Part of 1-Down
                      Midwestern aquatic mnemonic[-----]
                      with a thumb stuck in it
                    2. 6A
                      Major Midwestern air hub
                    3. 7A
                      "The ___": Mideastern monster movie starring Midwesterner Brendan Fraser
                    4. 8A
                      Part of 1-Down
                      Midwestern aquatic mnemonic[-----]
                      with a reputation for being shallow
                    5. 9A
                      Highly questionable, in slang usage that predates "Among Us" by decades
                    1. 1D
                      Midwestern aquatic mnemonic
                    2. 2D
                      Freedom, in Swahili
                    3. 3D
                      Chicago-born actor/director Harold of "Ghostbusters" and "Caddyshack"
                    4. 4D
                      "Coffee, Tea, ___?": supposed memoir of two airline stewardesses, actually ghostwritten by Donald Bain, who went to college in Indiana (really reaching for the theme here)
                    5. 5D
                      Mideastern end-blown flute hidden in "one yummy taqsim!"