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Nov mini cryptic 11

· By BJ · Published 7 months ago

This one was a bit of a speedrun, 30 minutes from sitting down to write it to hitting publish. Hopefully there's still some good that came of it.
A few of the surfaces are a little iffy, but I didn't have time to refine them :/
1A Def Refuges Wordplay Hidden in commuNES TSar
5A Def tap? Wordplay Hoot (riot) - 'o' (old)
6A Def Not a single person Wordplay E (first of Eat) after Noon (midday)
8A Def Irritate Wordplay One (a) inside JuroR's clothes (edges)
9A Def Following Wordplay Aft = somewhat stern (towards the stern of a ship) + ER for queen
1D Def YouTube Celeb Wordplay Double definition with particularly skilled. Sorry in advance for the clue
2D Def Fleeting Wordplay T (time) after SHORe (edge = shore - last letter)
3D Def A lot Wordplay On (working) under T (First letter of terrible)
4D Def Direct Wordplay Anagram of terse. Broadcast doesn't need to be a homophone
7D Def Barbarian Wordplay lOAF (bread) without the top
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  • Mike D 🤓3:30 · 7 months ago
    Very nice - thanks for keeping these going!!
    1ARefuges hidden by communes tsar (5)
    1. 1A
      Refuges hidden by communes tsar (5)
    2. 5A
      A riot wanting old tap? (3)
    3. 6A
      Not a single person's first to eat after midday (2, 3)
    4. 8A
      Irritate one in juror's clothes (3)
    5. 9A
      Following somewhat stern queen? (5)
    1. 1D
      Particularly skilled YouTube celebrity (5)
    2. 2D
      Fleeting time after abrupt edge (5)
    3. 3D
      A lot working under terrible leader (3)
    4. 4D
      Direct terse broadcast (5)
    5. 7D
      Barbarian cuts top off bread (3)