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Mini 31

· By Sendhil Revuluri · Published 2024-03-27T03:40:18.391Z · Crosshare's Daily Mini for 4/13/2024

Constructor's Note
Back with another mini. Hope you enjoy — any feedback appreciated! Cover photo from Steve Berry on Flickr.
Checking for previous play data...


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  • Maxish 🤓48s · 2024-03-27T03:55:46.766Z
    Oh dear. You're going to have to go into hiding for 2D, or start a podcast like Seth Meyers did. Otherwise... NICE!
    • Sendhil Revuluri constructor · 2024-03-27T05:45:09.361Z
      Thanks, I think? I mean, it’s your pregolive 😉
    • JeffsPuzzles 🤓26s · 2024-03-27T12:28:47.751Z
      Nice! Thanks.
      • Sendhil Revuluri constructor · 2024-03-27T19:40:53.016Z
        Thanks for solving!
      • Jack M 🤓19s · 2024-03-27T14:04:10.928Z
        fun, thank you!
        • Sendhil Revuluri constructor · 2024-03-27T19:40:58.419Z
          Glad you enjoyed!
        • vampirebat 🤓20s · 2024-03-27T14:46:48.537Z
          very smooth fill, thank you!
          • Sendhil Revuluri constructor · 2024-03-27T19:41:23.457Z
            Thank you! Trying to practice on minis so I am more confident and patient to "get it right" as I start working on bigger grids.
          • Steve Johnson 🤓23s · 2024-03-27T16:19:48.871Z
            Enjoyed it, thanks!
            • Sendhil Revuluri constructor · 2024-03-27T19:41:28.817Z
              I'm glad, thank you!
            • heron 🤓49s · 2024-03-27T21:38:48.185Z
              nice! the cross of TONKA and SITKA was tough for me, but other than that, it was pretty smooth.
              • Sendhil Revuluri constructor · 2024-03-28T02:19:43.504Z
                Thank you! Good point — TONKA (or rather its clue) was the motivation for this puzzle so I think I missed the cross when I checked it over.
                • heron 🤓49s · 2024-03-28T04:30:02.397Z
                  it was a fun clue--when i did some post-solve research the trucks were very cute haha
              • kurtalert 🤓13s · 2024-04-13T01:30:38.656Z
                Thank you!
                • Sendhil Revuluri constructor · 2024-04-13T03:34:49.431Z
                  Thanks for solving! (Blazing fast as usual!)
                • ForeverJung 2:06 · 2024-04-13T11:22:18.942Z
                  Good challenge! When I saw your header pic I had a feeling Tonka might come into play.
                  • Sendhil Revuluri constructor · 2024-04-13T12:27:02.889Z
                    Thanks for solving!
                  • Gavin Shirey 1:22 · 2024-04-13T15:54:51.806Z
                    Fun Puzzle!
                  • Philip Chow 🤓36s · 2024-04-13T18:12:19.718Z
                    Solid puzzle! Whenever I think of TONKA trucks I think about that time on “Friends” when Ross was massaging some old guy but didn’t know what he was doing so started rolling tonka trucks up and down his back
                    • Sendhil Revuluri constructor · 2024-04-29T00:13:46.745Z
                      I checked out the clip and that was so random…
                    • An Ephemeral Collation 🤓12s · 2024-04-28T19:10:45.853Z
                      Well done!
                    Lip layer
                    1. 1A
                      Lip layer
                    2. 6A
                      Send (payment)
                    3. 7A
                      Banded gemstone
                    4. 8A
                      Big name in little trucks
                    5. 9A
                      Chart-topping Alicia Keys album of 2007
                    1. 1D
                      Persona non _____
                    2. 2D
                      Bricks that click
                    3. 3D
                      Muscat resident
                    4. 4D
                      Alaska's first capital
                    5. 5D
                      Game distribution service developed by Valve