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June 3

· By Emma Oxford · Published about 1 year ago

Constructor's Note: Part 3 of 3. Read the central across entries in order for an apt June message.
Checking for previous play data...


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  • Mike D 🤓21s · about 1 year ago
    5A MONTHJune, for one
    ! Thanks so much for the idea and the wonderful puzzles, Emma! 🏳️‍🌈
    • Philip Chow 🤓32s · about 1 year ago
      Happy pride! Love the banner Mike - that was a nice touch :) - thanks for your fun puzzles Emma
      • Mike D 🤓21s · about 1 year ago
        Heh me too! Originally it was only slated for these first three days but I changed it so we get the 🏳️‍🌈 banner all month!
        • Emma Oxford constructor · about 1 year ago
          Thanks Philip! I was pleased that in addition to HAPPY PRIDE MONTH
          5A MONTHJune, for one
          I was also able to work all 6 colors of the rainbow flag into the puzzles (2 in each with 1 in the clues, 1 in the grid). Ties in with the banner. :)
          • Philip Chow 🤓32s · about 1 year ago
            I didn’t even notice that! Wow even more awesome!!
            • Joah The Protozoa 🤓36s · about 1 year ago
              I'm very late, but that's so cool! I didn't notice at first!
        • Ariel Haymarket 🤓13s · about 1 year ago
          this meta comment (burma shave)
          • Mike D 🤓21s · about 1 year ago
            Lol nicely done!
          • Lloyd 🤓36s · about 1 year ago
            Fun set, Emma! It took all my energy to not do them all on day 1. Thanks! 🏳️‍🌈
            • Phil The 🤓2:17 · 21 days ago
              1APurple in the face
              1. 1A
                Purple in the face
              2. 4A
                "Better Be Good to Me" singer Turner
              3. 5A
                June, for one
              4. 6A
                ____ jeans
              5. 7A
                Internet annoyances
              1. 1D
              2. 2D
                Start the pot
              3. 3D
                Dit : dot :: ____ : dash (this explains why "Morse code bit" is such an unhelpful crossword clue)
              4. 4D
                Ratted (on)
              5. 5D
                Degree for a CEO