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The Dot in the Crosshairs

· By Jason Cathcart · Published 2024-05-14T03:01:49.874Z

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  • BMW 🤓53s · 2024-05-14T13:17:43.978Z
    • Jason Cathcart constructor · 2024-05-15T00:11:48.217Z
      THE RED DOT!!!
    • An Ephemeral Collation 🤓1:00 · 2024-05-14T16:10:37.657Z
      I don't think I've ever seen that clue used for the fill at 1-A before, but it's totally valid and I wonder why other puzzlers don't employ it. Anyhow, that made this a fun challenge - thank you!
      • Jason Cathcart constructor · 2024-05-15T00:11:17.454Z
        Same here—none of the suggested hints were like that but that’s what I immediately think of when I read PFFT
      • Mike D 🤓39s · 2024-05-14T16:02:34.567Z
        Think I would've struggled without the anagram hint for BOREDOM! Nice one.
        • Jason Cathcart constructor · 2024-05-15T00:10:31.531Z
          I didn’t tag it as a rebus puzzle so that was my hint at it 🤪 hope it was a good aha moment
        • kurtalert 🤓32s · 2024-05-14T16:47:01.507Z
          Nice trick!
          • Eyþór Páll Ólafsson 🤓31s · 2024-05-14T18:54:17.186Z
            Nice one
            • The Noah 5:49 · 2024-05-14T22:04:28.809Z
              Good one. Should be tagged as rebus I think. I really enjoyed it
              • Jason Cathcart constructor · 2024-05-15T00:09:52.214Z
                I kinda like letting people figure out that it’s a rebus on their own, but I still threw the solver a bone with “anagram of BEDROOM” to be sure they got it
              • Philip Chow 🤓38s · 2024-05-15T16:43:32.056Z
                love the red dot smack dab in the middle and PFFT was a great clue as well
                • Jason Cathcart constructor · 2024-05-15T23:02:01.184Z
                  It was hard to keep it in the middle! Here’s my list of 7-letter words with RED in the middle: Boredom Firedog Foredid Reredos Heredes I just went with the first two, they made the most sense to me
                “Yeah, right 🙄
                1. 1A
                  “Yeah, right 🙄
                2. 5A
                  “Atlanta” director Murai
                3. 6A
                  Yawn inducer (Anagram of "bedroom")
                4. 7A
                  Unit of matter
                5. 8A
                  Spiritual exercise
                1. 1D
                2. 2D
                  Dalmatian, traditionally
                3. 3D
                  ___ to Z
                4. 4D
                  Hanks or Cruise
                5. 6D
                  San Francisco's water