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Laughter Is The Best Drug (Meta)

· By benchen71 · Published 2 months ago

Meta Prompt: The answer to the meta is two six letter words
Apparently, Fantales are an Australian invention! These chocolate-coated caramel sweets come wrapped in paper with trivia questions on them, originally movie-related. Growing up, we would use these questions to play "guess the movie star" with someone reading it out loud and everyone else hoping to be the first to answer correctly. The fun was that the questions were worded in such a way that the details would start out sort of vague, or really obscure, and get more and more obvious. By the end of the question, though, it should be absolutely clear what the answer is. In this puzzle, I've written four clues as "WHO AM I?" Fantales questions. The answer to the meta is two six letter words. Answer and explanation:
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  • Darth 🤓16:00 · 2 months ago
    Seriously I never heard of this term, but "crack dealer" didn't quite work! haha
    • benchen71 constructor · 2 months ago
      That's definitely better than my answer!
    • I K Snamhcok 12s · 2 months ago
      I got close without the spoiler, but I wasn’t quite getting the second word. Woke up today thinking I needed to look again at the long clues. (Sad that I wake up thinking about puzzles!) Ben’s post more or less confirmed my thinking, and there it was. Duh. Thanks, Ben!
      • KayW 🤓9:50 · 2 months ago
        I needed ALL of the nudges - but amazing construction. Thanks, Ben!
        • Ergcat 13:46 · 2 months ago
          Good one, Ben! The nudges finally gave me where and how many letters to take from the “Wit’s Ends”. Before nudges, I had tried several combinations of letters from the ends and only got nonsense!
          • benchen71 constructor · 2 months ago
            Yes, it was well hidden!
          • DIS 🤓7:42 · 2 months ago
            Definitely needed the nudges, specifically the one about what the clues had in common with the meta prompt.
            • Cindy Heisler 2s · 2 months ago
              After someone explained the first nudge to me, I was able to make progress. Although it still took a second muggle nudge to get me to the correct answer.
              • ReB 5s · 2 months ago
                Needed all four nudges and even then it was a struggle to figure out how to obtain twelve letters from four theme words. In retrospect it all seems evident - I just stumbled into multiple rabbit holes on my way. My biggest mental block was assuming that each theme word was going to generate three letters.
                Is BANTER DEALER an Australian phrase? (Stateside, I've never heard of these two words together as a phrase.)
                • benchen71 constructor · 2 months ago
                  No, it's made-up. It's a play off the phrase "Laughter is the best medicine" and the fact that "medicine" in the US is referred to as "drugs". With that in mind, since comedians are known for their banter, it's not too much of a stretch to refer to them as banter dealers.
                • ReB 5s · 2 months ago
                  Correction: all five nudges...
                  • DrTom 🤓22:35 · 2 months ago
                    Interesting mechanism, very sly. I saw so many things but never the right ones until nudges and even then I switched some orders and got gibberish. Ben had to help me home.
                    1AEsquire writer, Scott ___
                    1. 1A
                      Esquire writer, Scott ___
                    2. 5A
                      Opinion pieces
                    3. 10A
                      With 65 across
                      See 10 across[----]
                      , where you must be in order to solve the meta
                    4. 14A
                      Start of the famous palindrome associated with Napoleon
                    5. 15A
                      Non Sequitur cartoonist
                    6. 16A
                      English 80s supergroup whose biggest hit was "The Heat of the Moment"
                    7. 17A
                      WHO AM I? Born in 1945 in Chicago, this actor, author, producer, comedian and director is best known for his roles in Christopher Guest mocumentaries. He has one nomination for a Best Picture Oscar as a producer of "Gosford Park", and two nominations for Outstanding Ensemble Cast in a Motion Picture in the SAG Awards. He played the on-screen narrator in Wes Anderson's "Moonrise Kingdom".
                    8. 19A
                      3rd person plural pronoun
                    9. 20A
                      More azure, like the sky
                    10. 21A
                      Voice of Olaf in "Frozen", Josh ___
                    11. 22A
                      In the ___ (concerned with minor details)
                    12. 23A
                      "You can come out now!"
                    13. 25A
                      One who will inherit
                    14. 27A
                      WHO AM I? Born in 1945 in Honolulu, this singer, songwriter, actress and comedian began her career in off-off-Broadway plays before becoming a recording artist with several hits including "Wind Beneath My Wings". She has two Tony awards and one Drama Desk Award for her role in the 2017 revival of "Hello, Dolly!" She is also known as The Divine Miss M.
                    15. 32A
                      "I don't know what she ___ you."
                    16. 36A
                      What la mer consists of
                    17. 37A
                      Icicle location
                    18. 38A
                      Mea ___ ("My bad")
                    19. 39A
                      Magician's rabbit concealer
                    20. 40A
                      Number of Harry Potter books (but not movies)
                    21. 41A
                      Someone who enjoys drinking beer, perhaps? (OK, OK, American Leaguer, for short)
                    22. 42A
                      State of matter
                    23. 43A
                    24. 44A
                      WHO AM I? Born in 1959 in New York, this actor and director worked initially under his birth name before adopting the middle name Hyde. He has appeared in many films including "The Fisher King" and "Sleepless In Seattle", also voicing the role of Slim in "A Bug's Life". He received one Tony award for Best Actor in a Musical (for "Curtains") and one Isabelle Stevenson Award. He is best known for playing Dr. Niles Crane in the sitcom "Frasier".
                    25. 47A
                      Close at hand
                    26. 48A
                      In the middle of
                    27. 53A
                      Computer programs used to come on piles of these
                    28. 56A
                    29. 58A
                      Freshness phrase on food packaging
                    30. 59A
                      Like some vaccines
                    31. 60A
                      WHO AM I? Born in 1970 in San Francisco, this actress, comedian, director and talk-show host began her career as the host of "Talk Soup", before appearing on "Friends" as Dr. Charlie Wheeler. She won one Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Entertainment Talk Show Host (for "The Talk") and her directorial debut, "Axis", was nominated for best film at three different film festivals. She is the current host of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"
                    32. 62A
                      Possible multiple choice response: "___ of the above"
                    33. 63A
                      Situated farther in
                    34. 64A
                      Hawaii's state bird
                    35. 65A
                      See 10 across
                      With 65 across, where you must be in order to solve the meta[----]
                    36. 66A
                      Length of the path travelled by light in a vacuum in 1/299 792 458 of a second
                    37. 67A
                    1. 1D
                      Temple figure
                    2. 2D
                      "___ from the blue"
                    3. 3D
                      Dumbledore's first name
                    4. 4D
                      French babies
                    5. 5D
                      Night bird
                    6. 6D
                      Swiss psychologist who liked confusing children by pouring liquids into differently shaped receptacles
                    7. 7D
                      End of the famous palindrome associated with Napoleon
                    8. 8D
                      Race with two winners
                    9. 9D
                      Thesaurus wd.
                    10. 10D
                      Mid-western jam band consisting of husband and wife songwriters Don and Lori Chaffer
                    11. 11D
                      Question regarding the existence of a male person
                    12. 12D
                      "Fit to be ___" (extremely angry)
                    13. 13D
                      "Simon ___: put your hands on your head"
                    14. 18D
                      Saudi ___ (Middle East country)
                    15. 22D
                      Console that introduced the world to miis
                    16. 24D
                      Marshy area
                    17. 26D
                      Big bird of Australia (note: "cassowary" won't fit)
                    18. 28D
                      Make fun of
                    19. 29D
                      Magma on the surface
                    20. 30D
                      At any time
                    21. 31D
                      Tenant's expense
                    22. 32D
                      Large amount
                    23. 33D
                      Long software text that no one reads (abbr.)
                    24. 34D
                      Ht. above sea level
                    25. 35D
                      Hundreds and thousands, for example
                    26. 39D
                      "It's not a receding ___, it's an increase in face space!"
                    27. 40D
                      Escort to the exit
                    28. 42D
                      Transcript stat.
                    29. 43D
                      Dichloromethane, for short
                    30. 45D
                      Highly unsettling TV series starring David Tennant as serial killer, Dennis Nilsen
                    31. 46D
                      "I'd ___ be a sparrow than a snail"
                    32. 49D
                      Band that launched Justin Timberlake's career
                    33. 50D
                      Jellied food, but French
                    34. 51D
                      Brilliant plumbing invention which does wonders for reducing bathroom odors
                    35. 52D
                      Voice of Miles Morales' father in "Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse", Brian ___ Henry
                    36. 53D
                      "___ and dusted!" ("Finished!")
                    37. 54D
                      Most common element on Earth, by mass
                    38. 55D
                      Anakin Skywalker's pet peeve
                    39. 57D
                      "___ it ironic, don't you think? It's like ray-ee-ain..."
                    40. 60D
                    41. 61D
                      Is, but for more than one