Sneaky Six #7: Satisfy with ample messy unmarried sex (mostly)

· By Aaron Riccio · Published 2024-02-12T06:47:23.038Z

Constructor's Note
Thanks to juff and Brad for the test solve and Ricky Kharawala (on Unsplash) for the photo!
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  • JWords 🤓10:34 · 2024-02-12T08:47:03.029Z
    Great puzzle, tough for me today but a very fun solve. Loved 1D1DIt may be used for packing Spooner's joint (tap it in) (6)[------]! Thanks
    • Aaron Riccio constructor · 2024-02-12T13:57:34.158Z
      The simple joys of a not-so-simple Spoonerism. Which reminds me that I think you've got a few new puzzles posted for me to solve as well, so here's to a fun Monday for all!
    • kieranjboyd 🤓2:02 · 2024-02-12T11:40:44.062Z
      Your clues are certain to PLEASE!
      • Aaron Riccio constructor · 2024-02-12T13:55:23.879Z
        I have no idea what you are referring to with ALL CAPS, but I'm glad you liked it ;) ;)
      • JSP 🤓5:39 · 2024-02-12T13:18:34.340Z
        Lovely stuff! That Spoonerism is lit 🔥 Thanks Aaron :)
        • Aaron Riccio constructor · 2024-02-12T13:54:07.441Z
          Thanks for the solve! I was fortunate enough to have the puzzle tested by someone who doesn't like Spoonerisms, which forced me to make it good enough to reluctantly satisfy them ;). Never have I believed in the phrase "kill your darlings" more than working on cryptic cluing!
          BTW, I don't think I left a comment because I printed it out, but I loved the "Dave" puzzle, especially the blender clue.
          • JSP 🤓5:39 · 2024-02-12T22:22:36.738Z
            Thanks very much Aaron!
        It may be used for packing Spooner's joint (tap it in) (6)
        1. 4A
          Sky-high backup retirement account holds Euro, fundamentally averting loss (6)
        2. 5A
          Pay attention as partner takes naptime (4,2)
        3. 6A
          Studies cocky behaviors briefly occurring online? (6)
        1. 1D
          It may be used for packing Spooner's joint (tap it in) (6)
        2. 2D
          Politician caught in lie and finally faltered (6)
        3. 3D
          Pushes through a crowd for some pasta (6)