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Nov mini cryptic 10

· By BJ · Published 7 months ago

This one just sneaks into the day for me, it's not that motivation is lacking; just the hours in the days for this week.
But I'll keep trying to hit the goals, and this one's a bit more serious than the last one; which is probably a good thing.
1A Def Binge-eat Wordplay Gorget (throat armour) - 't'
5A Def Helper Wordplay Even (not odd) letters of vArIeD
6A Def Conditioning Wordplay A (a) + Gong, but O (love) -> I (Current)
8A Def Collects fares Wordplay Sub (benchwarmer) reversed
9A Def Twigs Wordplay Ddef with originates from
1D Def Acquires Wordplay A (one) inside edges (banks) of GroundwateR & BayouS
2D Def Elevate Wordplay Ra (god) + I (a) + first letters of (capital's) Sacrilegious Enemy
3D Def Trap Wordplay Reverse hidden in fortNIGhts
4D Def Skirts Wordplay Ddef with 'what bowlers strive for' (in cricket, edges are effectively mishits by a batsman)
7D Def Ruin Wordplay G (good) + U (uniform) + T (shirt)
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  • Mike D 🤓2:17 · 7 months ago
    Nice one! I did need to use a couple of hints on this one - had no idea about GORGE
    1A GORGEProtects your throat with no time to binge-eat (5)
    - gorget was a new word for me 😊
    • Byron 🤓5:48 · 7 months ago
      Not your best
      1AProtects your throat with no time to binge-eat (5)
      1. 1A
        Protects your throat with no time to binge-eat (5)
      2. 5A
        Helper's not oddly varied (3)
      3. 6A
        Conditioning a Southeast Asian instrument to make love current (5)
      4. 8A
        Benchwarmer turns around and collects fares (3)
      5. 9A
        Originates from twigs (5)
      1. 1D
        Acquires one within the banks of groundwater bayous (5)
      2. 2D
        Elevate Egyptian god to a capital's sacrilegious enemy (5)
      3. 3D
        Trap hung up some fortnights (3)
      4. 4D
        Skirts—what bowlers strive for (5)
      5. 7D
        Ruin good uniform shirt (3)