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Cold Opens

· By Mikey G · Published 3 months ago

Meta Prompt
[Level 2] The answer to the meta is a 7-letter word. Answer and explanation:
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  • Cindy Weatherman solved at 17:51 on 1/15/2023
  • Meg solved at 17:53 on 1/15/2023
  • FrankieHeck solved at 17:59 on 1/15/2023
  • frostyjhammer solved at 18:10 on 1/15/2023
  • oldjudge solved at 18:28 on 1/15/2023
  • Tom Wilson solved at 18:49 on 1/15/2023
  • boharr solved at 19:43 on 1/15/2023
  • I K Snamhcok solved at 19:50 on 1/15/2023
  • Schmeel solved at 20:31 on 1/15/2023
  • Tyrpmom solved at 20:56 on 1/15/2023
  • Abide solved at 20:57 on 1/15/2023
  • whimsy solved at 21:33 on 1/15/2023
  • Carolyn solved at 21:47 on 1/15/2023
  • woozy solved at 21:54 on 1/15/2023
  • Darrell solved at 22:00 on 1/15/2023
  • JR solved at 22:47 on 1/15/2023
  • lbray53 solved at 23:37 on 1/15/2023
  • Myelbow solved at 0:05 on 1/16/2023
  • KayW solved at 0:41 on 1/16/2023
  • Cindy Heisler solved at 1:01 on 1/16/2023
  • benchen71 solved at 2:36 on 1/16/2023
  • Hector solved at 2:46 on 1/16/2023
  • jbird solved at 2:59 on 1/16/2023
  • DebbieC solved at 3:58 on 1/16/2023
  • DJB solved at 5:04 on 1/16/2023
  • Dow Jones solved at 5:44 on 1/16/2023
  • Joe solved at 12:53 on 1/16/2023
  • Alex Sisti solved at 14:02 on 1/16/2023
  • dplass solved at 14:56 on 1/16/2023
  • Darth solved at 14:59 on 1/16/2023
  • kymike solved at 15:09 on 1/16/2023
  • BrennerTJ solved at 16:02 on 1/16/2023
  • JHSeeman solved at 17:16 on 1/16/2023
  • edestlin solved at 20:34 on 1/16/2023
  • LesY solved at 20:53 on 1/16/2023
  • MatthewL solved at 22:50 on 1/16/2023
  • Bbaack solved at 23:44 on 1/16/2023
  • JM solved at 15:42 on 1/17/2023
  • DIS solved at 18:15 on 1/17/2023
  • andeux solved at 1:18 on 1/18/2023
  • Alvibu67 solved at 5:56 on 1/18/2023
  • ChrisCross solved at 1:17 on 1/19/2023
  • HeadinHome solved at 2:36 on 1/19/2023
  • RPardoe solved at 18:55 on 1/19/2023
  • Gutman solved at 19:05 on 1/19/2023
  • BarbaraK solved at 1:49 on 1/20/2023
  • Capn Rick solved at 20:26 on 1/21/2023
  • Bird Lives solved at 17:57 on 1/22/2023
  • sledge solved at 10:57 on 1/30/2023


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  • Meg 4s · 3 months ago
    Well done!
    • Tom Wilson 🤓12:53 · 3 months ago
      Nicely done!
      • I K Snamhcok 2s · 3 months ago
        • boharr 6s · 3 months ago
          Distracted by football but a fun puzzle. Thanks
          • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
            My dad is sad his Vikings lost. I'm sad that my Broncos...well...maybe next year, haha.
          • Abide 🤓19:02 · 3 months ago
            Wow, lots of chilly fun. It took me quite a while to find CASE
            51AObjective, for one[----]
            and ONE
            42DWord written in a different language in a different clue in this puzzle[---]
            . I'm guessing FRONT
            17AWhat some people put up to put up with me[-----]
            was unintentional? Could have paired that with a S at the bottom.
            • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
              Actually, the ONE
              42DWord written in a different language in a different clue in this puzzle[---]
              was unintentional, haha - where is that pairing? So many are getting it, but I still feel I should probably clean that up! (You guys who conquered the meta can see this fun, frantic editing in real time.) That just slipped in!
              • dplass 11:35 · 2 months ago
                Cold one is for what's good with bases loaded!
                • HeadinHome 🤓5:01 · 2 months ago
                  i did that exact thing, then realized I needed G from Glory which helped my find Mountain, which I had missed. (had circled the N of noouts and thought maybe we were going for “opening” as in cold opening… but why would Mikey then title it Cold Opens??)
                  • dplass 11:35 · 2 months ago
                    Sorry why does COLD MOUNTAIN
                    20ARange component[--------]
                    mean GLORY
                    35AOscar-winning Civil War film[-----]
                    • HeadinHome 🤓5:01 · 2 months ago
                      Civil War movies
                      • dplass 11:35 · 2 months ago
                        But... Cold Mountain wasn't an *Oscar-winning Civil War movie.
                • Abide 🤓19:02 · 2 months ago
                  Since you had C(old) ONE
                  42DWord written in a different language in a different clue in this puzzle[---]
                  in the last puzzle, that was the third one I found. I like the thought of “Toss me a cold one” as a beer can lobbed through the air. But yeah, cold front makes more sense.
                  • Mikey G constructor · 2 months ago
                    I think I'm just going to keep it because I like the idea of cold ones flying through the air. 🤣
              • Tyrpmom 2s · 3 months ago
                I tried to use cold one and had cold shoulder matched up with “you might find it in your sleeve”. I thought that was a punny match. Lots of fun.
                • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
                  I'd love to make a meta one day that solely relies on puns, haha. (Or should I not pun-ish you all too much.) Thanks for the solve!
                  • dplass 11:35 · 2 months ago
                    I tried PUNNIER as my first solution...because I couldn't find the G
                    • Gutman 2s · 2 months ago
                      I did the same until I looked again
                • woozy 🤓26:10 · 3 months ago
                  Now to finish the backsolve
                  • woozy 🤓26:10 · 3 months ago
                    D'oh! Never mind! I get it.
                    • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
                      You got your PENGUIN!
                    • Carolyn 8s · 3 months ago
                      Really enjoyed it since I'm stumped on the WSJ and the MG!
                      • Laura M 🤓23:33 · 3 months ago
                        Enjoyed it, thanks!
                        • woozy 🤓26:10 · 3 months ago
                          Okay.... so the seventh COLD must be either a type of medicine or a hill in San Francisco. I .... don't know either. What am I missing.
                          • jbird 18:32 · 3 months ago
                            COLD REMEDY
                            ==> NYQUIL
                            48DType of medicine[------]
                            • woozy 🤓26:10 · 2 months ago
                              Yeah, I got that just after I commented. A real dopeslap oversight.
                          • whimsy 🤓3:52 · 3 months ago
                            Stone cold good! I mean Cold Stone good -- a treat! Thanks!
                            • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
                              Now I want ice cream, haha.
                            • KayW 🤓14:46 · 3 months ago
                              Fantastic meta! And I for one was happy to see the answer to 27A
                              27AWhen I'm going to stop punning[-----]
                              . Thanks Mikey!
                              • Mikey G constructor · 3 months ago
                                I'm sure some might lament that answer!! Congrats on getting the WSJ so quickly - you're a pro at those!!
                              • Cindy Heisler 1s · 3 months ago
                                Fun one after struggling with MGWCC. Thanks, Mikey.
                                • Dow Jones 5s · 2 months ago
                                  This was a fun challenge, Mikey. Enjoyed the grid and meta.
                                  • Joe 🤓10:39 · 2 months ago
                                    This was great! Now if only I can figure out what's going on with the week 2 Gaffney (!!)
                                    • dplass 11:35 · 2 months ago
                                      I liked Cold one. Also, definitely not a level 3 (if I can get it it's not a level 3!)
                                      • Darth 🤓44:13 · 2 months ago
                                        Nice puz MikeyG! I was working with 42D
                                        42DWord written in a different language in a different clue in this puzzle[---]
                                        for a bit and it seemed to go well with 43D
                                        43DGreat thing to have in addition to the bases being loaded (but watch out for the triple play!)[------]
                                        ! Check it out! Lol
                                        • MatthewL 13:20 · 2 months ago
                                          Nice one. Quite the treasure hunt. Stuck on Cold One for a while. Also thought Cold Ice T could work for Nestea. But ultimately got it. Thanks Mike!
                                          • Bbaack 28:05 · 2 months ago
                                            Nice one! I had to backsolve for Cold Mountain--Gee!. It was a lot of fun, and hopefully the only cold I'll catch this year (yes, hot is faster, I know the joke!)
                                            • ChrisCross 🤓12:34 · 2 months ago
                                              I also was looking for COLD ONE
                                              42DWord written in a different language in a different clue in this puzzle[---]
                                              . Figured I might be missing something so I backsolved, guessing correctly at which order the letters should appear. Got COLD MOUNTAIN
                                              20ARange component[--------]
                                              after realizing the entry had to match GLORY
                                              35AOscar-winning Civil War film[-----]
                                              's clue, and googling other civil war movies. I think I had more fun that way than if I had found all seven immediately.
                                              • Mikey G constructor · 2 months ago
                                                I think backsolving can definitely be fun! I do it a lot, and there's nothing wrong with that at all! Cool to find the "Glory"-"Cold Mountain" connection, as well as the serendipitious fact that both "NCIS
                                                28ACBS drama that premiered in 2003[----]
                                                " and "Cold Case" debuted on the same network in 2003!
                                              • HeadinHome 🤓5:01 · 2 months ago
                                                Loved this one! A classic mechanism — love the ones with an alternate (and often humorous) answer to the same clue. Thanks!
                                                • Mikey G constructor · 2 months ago
                                                  It's probably one of my favorite mechanisms, haha, so I have to make sure not always to go that route! Thanks for solving!
                                                • Capn Rick 14:05 · 2 months ago
                                                  Nice one, Mikey!
                                                  • emmie 🤓12:20 · 2 months ago
                                                    Very fun! Disappointed that 31D
                                                    31DPeek-___ (what I say to Ginger Cat, who is not amused)[----]
                                                    isn't AMEW, though - a missed dad joke. ;)
                                                    • Xavier Shay 🤓47:44 · 2 months ago
                                                      Hello, I'm new :) Really enjoyed all the puns, but ... no idea how to get to the meta answer, even trying to decipher the comments here. Can someone ELI5 please? 🙏
                                                      Bank no.
                                                      1. 1A
                                                        Bank no.
                                                      2. 5A
                                                        They're often sliced
                                                      3. 9A
                                                        SAT : high school :: ___ : college
                                                      4. 12A
                                                        Brouhaha (When the barista did stand-up, it was a real brew-haha)
                                                      5. 14A
                                                        Chicago's ___ Planetarium (I should've had a pun here, but I didn't planet)
                                                      6. 16A
                                                        Type of coat
                                                      7. 17A
                                                        What some people put up to put up with me
                                                      8. 18A
                                                        Good surname for a lifeguard?
                                                      9. 19A
                                                        What I should do to my clues a lot more often
                                                      10. 20A
                                                        Range component
                                                      11. 22A
                                                        "Hey, I saw this book of crosswords first!"
                                                      12. 24A
                                                        Face component
                                                      13. 25A
                                                        URL ending
                                                      14. 27A
                                                        When I'm going to stop punning
                                                      15. 28A
                                                        CBS drama that premiered in 2003
                                                      16. 30A
                                                        How I arrived to the party because I didn't want to come at all
                                                      17. 32A
                                                        Speed readers?
                                                      18. 33A
                                                        Root word?
                                                      19. 34A
                                                        Express lugubriousness, in a way
                                                      20. 35A
                                                        Oscar-winning Civil War film
                                                      21. 37A
                                                        Title for Lancelot (I don't spear often, but I do Lancelot)
                                                      22. 38A
                                                        "Okay, you don't have to share the unsavory parts of your life story with me..."
                                                      23. 40A
                                                        It might travel through the air
                                                      24. 43A
                                                        "Everybody Loves Raymond" pizzeria that you might be FINDING (hint hint hint)
                                                      25. 44A
                                                        They were going to stop giving horseback riding lessons, but then I voted ___
                                                      26. 45A
                                                      27. 46A
                                                      28. 49A
                                                        MIT grad
                                                      29. 51A
                                                        Objective, for one
                                                      30. 52A
                                                        Title of Joe Quimby, who said, "Very well then, instead of fleeing this town, I'll stay here and grow fat off kickbacks and slush funds"
                                                      31. 53A
                                                        You might find it in your sleeve
                                                      32. 54A
                                                        Rapper who probably loves cool, refreshing beverages
                                                      33. 56A
                                                      34. 58A
                                                        Place not to drive on, so I've been told
                                                      35. 62A
                                                        "Sometimes you feel like ___..." (Ad campaign that brought me a lot of Joy over the years)
                                                      36. 63A
                                                        Give out an address
                                                      37. 65A
                                                        Prop at a pageant
                                                      38. 66A
                                                        Rings on an island, say
                                                      39. 67A
                                                        I was going to attend the convention on the history of hay, but then I ___
                                                      40. 68A
                                                        Greeted and seated
                                                      41. 69A
                                                        Communication at the heart of Sara Novic's 2022 "True Biz," for short
                                                      42. 70A
                                                      43. 71A
                                                        Tech review site
                                                      1. 1D
                                                        Type of radio
                                                      2. 2D
                                                        Número menor que uno
                                                      3. 3D
                                                        You might understand how a cumulonimbus travels, but my knowledge is ___
                                                      4. 4D
                                                        Love can be a part of it
                                                      5. 5D
                                                        Big ___ (David Ortiz's nickname)
                                                      6. 6D
                                                        "How dare you suggest that yours truly peeks at the answers to the puzzle!"
                                                      7. 7D
                                                        British pop-rock group
                                                      8. 8D
                                                        Bud of baseball
                                                      9. 9D
                                                        First figure name-checked in the lyrics to TV's "Maude"
                                                      10. 10D
                                                        1930s Best Actress star Luise
                                                      11. 11D
                                                      12. 13D
                                                        James who "bloomed into a fiery interpreter" on her debut album, per "Rolling Stone"
                                                      13. 15D
                                                        Emeritus: Abbr.
                                                      14. 16D
                                                      15. 21D
                                                        "Here, I can complete this task for you in a condescending manner to make you feel inferior"
                                                      16. 23D
                                                        Like a teenager's comments (or my responses to them)
                                                      17. 26D
                                                        Troop group: Abbr.
                                                      18. 28D
                                                        Chorus of dissent from solvers who see a Roman numeral clue coming up very shortly
                                                      19. 29D
                                                        VII more than the square of XII
                                                      20. 31D
                                                        Peek-___ (what I say to Ginger Cat, who is not amused)
                                                      21. 32D
                                                        Dawson who voiced Batgirl in 2017's "Lego Batman Movie"
                                                      22. 34D
                                                        Word in the name of an African nation
                                                      23. 36D
                                                        Singer whose first two names are Kathryn Dawn
                                                      24. 39D
                                                        Fraction of time for which I can keep my students' attention, for short (and it's really short)
                                                      25. 40D
                                                        What this night owl hopes he never has to be
                                                      26. 41D
                                                        Some musical notes
                                                      27. 42D
                                                        Word written in a different language in a different clue in this puzzle
                                                      28. 43D
                                                        Great thing to have in addition to the bases being loaded (but watch out for the triple play!)
                                                      29. 46D
                                                        Chevy model (they're making antelopes now???)
                                                      30. 47D
                                                        Surname of home renovators Chip and Joanna
                                                      31. 48D
                                                        Type of medicine
                                                      32. 50D
                                                        Beverage brand, and it's been oolong since I've bought it
                                                      33. 51D
                                                        Relating to the abdominal cavity
                                                      34. 53D
                                                        "Don't grow up - it's ___!" (sign in my office)
                                                      35. 55D
                                                        Budgetary setbacks
                                                      36. 57D
                                                        San Francisco hill
                                                      37. 59D
                                                        First name of actress who, in 1941, applied for a patent regarding a "secret communication system"
                                                      38. 60D
                                                        Crossword lake, so just put ERIE
                                                        60DCrossword lake, so just put ERIE and be done with it[----]
                                                        and be done with it
                                                      39. 61D
                                                      40. 64D
                                                        It certainly isn't nothing