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Nov mini cryptic 7

· By BJ · Published 7 months ago

One week in, this has proven to be a fun distraction for me (and hopefully one for you too). Let's see how far it goes!
1A Def Clients Wordplay D-def with investigates
5A Def Shanties Wordplay Nuts (crazy), change 'n' (new) to 'h' (second choir)
6A Def The lucky Wordplay II (ones) around 'r' (top/behead 'or') + 's' (bottom of bets) + 'h' (at last ricH)
8A Def Country Wordplay Pal (friend) + au ('to' in French)
9A Def The centre of the storm Wordplay It's a palindrome
1D Def snack Wordplay Anagram of 'finds his chap' without (wanting) 'f' (fine) and Danish
2D Def colouring Wordplay Au (gold) in front of Ra (royal academy of artists)
3D Def A way for people Wordplay Still (is even now), but ended by an 'e' (England) instead of an 'l' (Luxembourg)
4D Def Article Wordplay Es (Spanish) + Say (speak)
7D Def Bright green? Wordplay final letters of cafe menu finish, but in reverse (turning)
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  • Mike D 1:56 · 7 months ago
    I've enjoyed them all week!
    1AInvestigates clients (5)
    1. 1A
      Investigates clients (5)
    2. 5A
      Shanties are crazy, but new to second choir (4)
    3. 6A
      The lucky ones accept top or bottom bets before, at last, rich (5)
    4. 8A
      Friend to the French country (5)
    5. 9A
      The centre of the storm's whichever way one looks (3)
    1. 1D
      Finds his chap confused, wanting fine Danish snack (5)
    2. 2D
      Artists after gold colouring (4)
    3. 3D
      A way for people is even now supported by England instead of Luxembourg (5)
    4. 4D
      Article from Spanish speak (5)
    5. 7D
      Dregs of café menu finish turning bright green? (3)