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Just the Right Size

· By zonkswonk · Published 10 days ago

Meta Prompt: This is the same as those puzzles where you pick one word from each grid to make the meta clue, except all the grids are super small. Have fun! Don't forget about the rebus feature. Hint: every square has two letters.
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  • Mike D 🤓1:49 · 10 days ago
    • dplass 31s · 9 days ago
      Sorry I don't get it. How is mama formed?
      • zonkswonk constructor · 9 days ago
        5A BEAR"___ 3A me!!" ("Just wait a sec")
        3A WITHSee 5A
        8D COLDLike shoulders or feet, on occasion
        10D MEALIt's occasionally home-cooked
        is the intended solution
        • Sommersmith 🤓2:10 · 9 days ago
          Oh man, that was the only clue phrase I could come up with, but I could only think of a polar bear 🐻‍❄
          • dplass 31s · 9 days ago
            Sorry, I don't understand. I mashed "I give up" and it says "The solution is: Mama"
            • kurtalert 🤓2:50 · 6 days ago
              It's a reference to Goldilocks and the 3 Bears - the 3 bears are PAPA, MAMA, and BABY. I'm not 100% sure if you're supposed to be able to derive MAMA from the grid- but there are no Ps or Ys in the grid, which should eliminate PAPA and BABY.
              But, in the story, the middle-sized chair and the middle-sized bowl/spoon and the cold porridge belong to Mama Bear. Papa Bear's porridge was too hot, Baby Bear's porridge was just right.
              • zonkswonk constructor · 6 days ago
                No, there's no intended derivation except from knowing the Goldilocks story and then remembering which bear had the cold porridge (which I admit I had to look up first). Enough people got it right that I don't feel bad about the difficulty, but it was definitely harder than I wanted it to be.
                • dplass 31s · 6 days ago
                  Whoosh, right over me head.
          1ALike some causes or souls
          1. 1A
            Like some causes or souls
          2. 3A
            See 5A
            "___ 3A me!!" ("Just wait a sec")[--]
          3. 5A
            "___ 3A
            See 5A[--]
            me!!" ("Just wait a sec")
          4. 6A
            "No small" accomplishment
          5. 7A
            School dance often paired with a football game, for short
          6. 9A
            Totally uncool
          7. 11A
          8. 12A
            What a keeper keeps
          1. 1D
            Stud spot
          2. 2D
            20% of a great review, perhaps
          3. 3D
            "I've got my country's 500th anniversary to plan, my wedding to arrange, my ___ to murder and Guilder to frame for it; I'm swamped!" ("Princess Bride" quote)
          4. 4D
            Not this
          5. 7D
            Catcher's post
          6. 8D
            Like shoulders or feet, on occasion
          7. 9D
            Lake, in Leon
          8. 10D
            It's occasionally home-cooked