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Cryptic Midi #3

· By SporcleMirror · Published 2023-05-21T13:26:15.626Z

Checking for previous play data...


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  • n0hk 🤓6:53 · 2023-05-22T01:50:40.120Z
    Not the most challenging grid around, and some nice ideas in it. Particularly like the def for 7A, and 19A is cute.
    I do have a few quibbles around style, mainly with how some of the deletions have been played fast and loose. e.g. in 1A the deletion of ROT is split over the fodder. It'd be more standard to either indicate this or delete each element separately (but if you were deleting BUS then the type of construction you've used would be perfectly valid.
    I don't buy Ivy as a fair def for 3A, as the type of word used to define the answer needs to match the answer's type of word (i.e. no defining nouns with adverbs). Here it seems like you're defining a noun with an adjective (or using a particularly lax reference dictionary, which should be called out in the preamble).
    Some letter selections like 6D's Third-fodder for D and 7A's a tad [OF] fodder for F are a bit loose, as are some of the deletions like 7A's having no time to be removing only ONE 't'.
    Most people are also much happier with deceptive capitalisation of words than they are with deceptive decapitalisation, but regardless I think charading sprint to ERS off of a Harley Davidson motorcycle is quite a deep cut. This all did culminate in me WOFing the answer to 18A and not bothering to attempt to retroparse anything beyond the first charade. It might just be me overlooking something obvious / simple, but given the other things going on in the grid I don't feel like trying to potentially squeeze blood from a stone.
    • kieranjboyd 🤓4:57 · 2023-06-02T23:23:24.821Z
      Hey Sporcle, wanna collaborate on a midi? Feel free to hit me up on discord (kieranjboyd#1688) or via email (
      Commuter's choice is robust - no nonsense (3)
      1. 1A
        Commuter's choice is robust - no nonsense (3)
      2. 3A
        Ivy that's tough containing various aromatic resins primarily (7)
      3. 7A
        Mating expert sets matches messily, a tad reluctantly, and having no time? (5, 6)
      4. 8A
        Identify returning demand's contents (4)
      5. 9A
        Movies start to feature tongue motions (6)
      6. 12A
        Bulb from cigar left in shambles (6)
      7. 13A
        Font variety (4)
      8. 16A
        A bit brave, buzzing with energy, slightly defiant, like JFK or MLK (11)
      9. 18A
        "Boss, how's it goin'?" "Look out!" (5, 2)
      10. 19A
        Creature seen in many online videos, and in Africa too (3)
      1. 1D
        Kevin featured in ABBA concerts (5)
      2. 2D
        Twitch personality missing her last cooking appliance (7)
      3. 3D
        That guy's beginning to sense sibilant sound (4)
      4. 4D
        Join forces again, no joke! (6)
      5. 5D
        Certain worker can't lose concentration at first (4)
      6. 6D
        Third-oldest Greek god has guts (5)
      7. 10D
        Mysterious yell slightly peeves jerk (7)
      8. 11D
        The Seven Dwarves are young ones, we hear (6)
      9. 12D
        Plot from gang leader initially requiring armed, professional henchmen (5)
      10. 14D
        Start to exchange notes discussing intimately, but finally break up (3, 2)
      11. 15D
        Coward whimpers, lacking her initial sprint (4)
      12. 17D
        Women's supporter from Nebraska? (3)