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NYT Minimised 2022-09-08

· By kieranjboyd · Published 3 months ago

Constructor's Note: Hint: This puzzle uses rebuses. Today's NYT author: Matthew Stock
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  • SporcleMirror 6:15 · 3 months ago
    No way this non-American was going to get those X crossings. At least I figured out the gimmick so I’m happy with myself.
    12A NMENWorkforce required to build N walls in N days, assuming it takes a man N days to build a wall
    reminds me of this… If a hen and a half can lay an egg and a half in a day and a half, how many eggs do 3 hens lay in 3 days? This is purely a math problem, no tricks about the fact that “a half hen can’t lay eggs”.
    • kieranjboyd constructor · 3 months ago
      Glad you figured out the gimmick! (As a non-American, I too had only a vague idea of the specific state abbreviations in the NYT crossword.) I decided that since Thursdays are the hardest day of the week with a gimmick, I'd err on the harder side. Make sure you check those clues!
      I considered making the maths in the 12A
      12A NMENWorkforce required to build N walls in N days, assuming it takes a man N days to build a wall
      clue a bit trickier, but figured the fill was weird enough. I was inspired by "A manager is someone who thinks that 9 women can deliver 1 baby in 1 month."
      • dplass 1:08 · 3 months ago
        As an American I still don't get half the clues. AOUT
        8A AOUTJuillet's follower
        ? Also, flavour?
        • Emma Oxford 🤓1:51 · 3 months ago
          Flavour I was okay with. AOUT
          8A AOUTJuillet's follower
          took me a minute because I was parsing it A OUT for some bizarre reason and also reading juillet as Julliet. In French, juillet = July and août = August.
          Nice puzzle!
          • zonkswonk 🤓5:57 · 3 months ago
            A OUT would have been an easier solve for me because I'm a compsci major and a.out is the default executable name when coding in C. Still fun though!
        • Sommersmith 🤓2:14 · 3 months ago
        • SporcleMirror 6:15 · 3 months ago
          Now I see (N)orthern (M)inerals & (Ex)ploration, makes sense. I tend to do this thing where I assume I'm just never going to get an answer and thus don't actually look at the clue.
          • T. G. 🤓3:22 · 3 months ago
            • Maxish 🤓3:11 · 3 months ago
              I'm really liking these! I think this is your best yet
              • Randy Hunt 8:54 · 3 months ago
                Loved the Four Corners. As a kid, our family drove pretty far out of the way to see the monument where the states intersect. Somewhere in somebody’s drawer is a photo of each of us three kids and my mom standing in different states.
                • Account 🤓11:14 · 3 months ago
                  I misread 8A
                  8A AOUTJuillet's follower
                  as "Juliett's follower" so I thought it was KILO.
                  • SporcleMirror 6:15 · 3 months ago
                    Turns out this theme appeared years ago in a Thursday NYT, with the same FOURCORNERS revealer and the four state abbreviations. HOWEVER, the rebuses were exactly in the corners. Meaning that the abbreviation for New Mexico was at the crossing of the two delightful entries VITAMINM and... ZXCVBNM. ...Yeah.
                    • Jon 2:48 · 3 months ago
                      • Larry Edelstein 🤓2:23 · 3 months ago
                        Swell theme / gimmick!
                        1A____ __ a pin (very tidy)
                        1. 1A
                          ____ __ a pin (very tidy)
                        2. 7A
                          Ready for a work emergency
                        3. 8A
                          Juillet's follower
                        4. 9A
                          Sno-cone flavour
                        5. 10A
                          Jason ____, American musician with the 2008 hit 'I'm Yours'
                        6. 12A
                          Workforce required to build N walls in N days, assuming it takes a man N days to build a wall
                        7. 13A
                          Spheroid from which the national bird of Australia is born
                        8. 14A
                          𐎧𐏁𐎹𐎠𐎼𐏁𐎠 [oh okay fine, if you don't read Old Persian, that's the name of the king played by Rodrigo Santoro in '300']
                        1. 1D
                          Sign by store's register indicating that those green cards aren't accepted
                        2. 2D
                          Huge, to Victor Hugo
                        3. 3D
                          _ ____ above (superior to)
                        4. 4D
                          According to The Cube Rule of Food Identification, category that encompasses hot dogs, sub sandwiches, and slices of apple pie (assuming the pie has a crust on top)
                        5. 5D
                        6. 6D
                        7. 11D
                          Côte d'____ [gee, a lot of French for a crossword based on US geography, huh?]
                        8. 12D
                          Ticker symbol that represents Northern Minerals & Exploration Ltd on the stock market