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Amateur puzzle constructer. Multiple NYT rejections. PDX.
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Pun and Games in the NFL

· Published 2022-06-28T22:28:45.220Z

I enjoy working sports themes and clues and would like to create more sports-centric puzzles. The thematic wordplay is a bit pedestrian, but I found it fun. I really hate 17A and 22D as answers but I got boxed in by the grid/theme. - CD

The Bronx Bombers

· Published 2022-06-28T21:13:58.749Z

Though I enjoyed working in 9D and I like the concept of the baseball reference, I don't think this a very good puzzle overall. The thematic nature is a bit erratic. - CD

Play by Play

· Published 2022-06-28T00:17:37.395Z

In this puzzle I'm picturing play-by-play broadcasters excitedly shouting the thematic answers, which is why I styled the clues as I did. Since it's already a sports puzzle, I also leaned into some sports references for the other clues. - CD

Rejected Beatles' Songs

· Published 2022-06-27T23:27:25.660Z

I started with the idea of doing actual Beatles songs but decided to alter them a bit when I realized the real song title referenced in 38A and the imagined title have the same number of letters. From there I scrolled through Spotify to find other…

Mic Check

· Published 2022-06-27T04:17:50.081Z

This is my favorite puzzle that I have made so far. I am pleased with how I was able to work the various album titles into the grid -- it took a long time. I sketched this puzzle out in a notebook while sipping a beer at a neighborhood spot. There…

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