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One Nation, Divisible with Liberty and Justice for Some

· Published 13 days ago

Its been a while since I created any puzzles, but my new found goal of completing all NYT puzzles this year has brought me back. The midi contest was themeless, but I decided to add a small theme about the division of America. I felt good about most ...
Had fun with this one with a little play on words with the theme of "Back to School"
This puzzle is based off one of my favorite trivia rounds at my local pub. Clues in parentheses are part of the game. For these clues you will find a word that fits with all three of the other words. For instance (Breaking, Paper, Letter) would be Ne...

What a Drag 5x5

· Published 8 months ago


Cross-eyed 5x5

· Published 8 months ago

This was a mini theme that I thought was fun. The highlighted square is the only thing out of the ordinary. What does it really mean. The only clue I wasn't happy with was 2D REDES but I was happy with the rest of the puzzle so I left it.

5x5 Shades of Grey

· Published 8 months ago

Had fun with this coming up with clues that fit the black & white theme. Had to throw in a little crosswords, but not much. Hope you enjoy!
This is my entry for the may contest of "Myths." I thought it would be interesting to try a different take on these. With a lot of puzzles focusing on mythology, I decided to go with incorrect facts or "Myths" that we once believed. It was a fun puzz...
I thought this would be an interesting way to do a puzzle. The main clue is 17 letters and goes around the entire board, with the clues in the middle filling in the blanks.

A Black Eye of a Puzzle

· Published 9 months ago

I was trying something new by basing a puzzle around a person. Once I found someone with a first and last name that was 5 letters, figuring out the fit was the hardest part. Let me know if you enjoyed it.


· Published 9 months ago