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I started making crosswords in early 2022 after becoming obsessed with the NYT Mini over the pandemic. I mostly make mini and midis, with a goal of creating more cohesive themes and a 15 x 15 crossword by the end of 2023.
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Your Body is a Wonderland | Solved by Sraize

· Published 9 days ago

Shout out to a recent NYT Mini clue for inspiring 6A (eh?)- I just made it my own :-)

Cool Beans | Solved by Sraize 31

· Published 16 days ago

My 30th crossword - cheers!
My first 15 x 15 crossword!
I first heard about the tradition of telling the bees on Tumblr. Letter-themes are easier than others, IMO, so this seemed like a good place to begin.

Solved by Sraize | 27

· Published 28 days ago


Solved by Sraize | 26

· Published 29 days ago

Spoiler is blocked out below. View after solving puzzle The theme of this Mini could be "mini" itself, given how many abbr. are used! This puzzle was inspired by the jokes that brown cows make chocolate milk, which has always made me giggle. It went…

Solved by Sraize | 25

· Published 30 days ago

Solved by Sraize | 25 is a 2023-themed mini crossword. 4D is a stretch, but it fits :-)
This crossword is dedicated with love to my partner, who encourages, challenges, and inspires me to be my best.