Howdy! I am a newly minted lawyer and former high school teacher living and working in Fairbanks, Alaska. I make puzzles for my friends, family, and anyone else and aim to keep the clues fun and relatable for a wide audience--not necessarily steeped in mid-20th century pop culture. Enjoy! All feedback is welcome.
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KrishKross #6

· Published 5 months ago

The June puzzle and my sixth. Enjoy!

Championship or Bust

· Published 6 months ago

The May puzzle, and my fifth. Enjoy and good luck!🤞🏽☘️
The April puzzle, and my fourth. Enjoy!

Measure Twice, Solve Once

◆◆ · Published 8 months ago

My third ever puzzle. I hope you like it :-)
This is an edited version of Shade Braid. I redid the middle section after learning I used an unconventional spelling for SPOILER: "in synch". Enjoy! You can play Version 1 from my constructor blog page:

Flight Facilities

· Published 10 months ago

This is my first ever crossword. I've modified the clues a bit from the Google Sheets version. Enjoy!

Shade Braid

◆◆ · Published 10 months ago

This is my second ever crossword puzzle. I've expanded the grid to 15 x 15. The title references the aesthetics of the grid and also the format of certain clues. Happy solving!