This is where I put my crosswords when I think the themes are too esoteric or the fill is bad. You have been warned.

8x9 #1 - Flow

· Published 7 months ago


Midi - Romeo and Juliet

· Published 7 months ago

Hope y'alls vibe with this interpretation of the midi contest theme (and hope your relationships aren't doomed like the central theme entry)!

Mini - The Others

· Published 9 months ago

Before COVID restrictions tightened up in my part of the world, I was hoping to have a party themed after 1-Across, 1-Down, et al. Gonna have to save that party idea for next year...
This is a submission for the Crosshare Discord Midi Challenge. The theme for this challenge is Antarctica; see if you can find the connection!
I didn't quite get the pangram on this construction, but I think it was a solid effort. Best of luck!

Meta - Uneven

· Published 10 months ago

Metas seem to be all the rage nowadays, so I'm jumping on the bandwagon. Hoping it's not too obtuse. Best of luck!
A couple hints, of varying degrees of usefulness:
1. Consider the four longest Across entries. They each clue another word.
2. The title h...

Mini - Themeless #1

· Published 10 months ago


Mini - 🔠

· Published 10 months ago


Cryptic - Water, Water Everywhere

· Published 10 months ago

We’ve been having some cataclysmic climate events in my area recently, which inspired the theme of this puzzle. Best of luck!

Cryptic - Wiggly

◆◆ · Published 11 months ago

Can you find all 10?

Mini - Hold It

· Published 11 months ago

Quick one on the way to brunch this morning!

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