January 19
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January 19

By Paul Vong 路 Published by Malaika Handa

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  • Bodegas 馃1:29聽路聽about 2 months ago
    Fun. My Costco doesn't have a PHOTO
    1DDepartment in Walgreens or Costco
    section but it does have plenty of CATTOY
    8AYarn ball, for one
    • Paul Vong 馃16s聽路聽about 2 months ago
      I was planning on adding Walgreens in the clue since not all Costcos have photo services and others don't have a Costco near them, but kept it the same anyway. Still a fun themeless midi to make.
    • Mike D 馃1:10聽路聽about 2 months ago
      Fun puzzle Paul!
      • Paul Vong 馃16s聽路聽about 2 months ago
        Thanks! I really enjoyed participating in this project!
      • Sally H 馃1:20聽路聽about 2 months ago
        Fun puzzle! At our house if you leave a sock lying in the open it becomes a CAT TOY!
        • Paul Vong 馃16s聽路聽about 2 months ago
          Cats will use anything as a cat toy! Thanks for taking the time to solve my puzzle!
        • Ken Stern 馃28s聽路聽about 2 months ago
          Nice puzzle!
          • Paul Vong 馃16s聽路聽about 2 months ago
            Thank you Ken for solving my puzzle!
          • Mikey G 馃47s聽路聽about 2 months ago
            Any puzzle with both SNOOPY
            5AWoodstock's pal
            (one of my most favorite characters of the 20th century) and CATTOY
            8AYarn ball, for one
            is worth the price of admission. Well done!
            • Log3overLog2 馃1:57聽路聽about 2 months ago
              Is this vs. January 16 the first repeated answer of the 7xwords project? Great minds fill alike.
              • Malaika Handa publisher聽路聽about 2 months ago
                10AOld Nintendo console
                on Jan 6 :)
                • Log3overLog2 馃1:57聽路聽about 1 month ago
                  Oof! OK, maybe first repeat more than 3 letters long :-)
              • Sonalee 馃30s聽路聽about 1 month ago
                Great puzzle! Loved when 4A revealed itself!
                1. 1A
                  Opposite of neg.
                2. 4A
                  "I get it"
                3. 5A
                  Woodstock's pal
                4. 7A
                  Cruise stops
                5. 8A
                  Yarn ball, for one
                6. 9A
                  Length x width
                7. 10A
                  Old Nintendo console
                1. 1D
                  Department in Walgreens or Costco
                2. 2D
                3. 3D
                  Cloud's home
                4. 4D
                  Main artery
                5. 5D
                  Fifth wheel?
                6. 6D
                7. 8D
                  Drink container