August 15
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August 15

· By Matthew Stock · Published by Malaika Handa

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  • Tim 8:10 · 2 months ago
    Wow. Complete shut out. Zero. Goose Egg. Revealed each word clockwise, one-by-one and still didn't GET A SINGLE WORD. Wow.
    • Jon 5:04 · 2 months ago
      Toughie. Nice cluing for 9A
      9A INATREEReally branching out?
      and 10A
      10A MARACASThey can be shaken but not stirred
      • stbrolaf 🤓1:23 · 2 months ago
        • Kvon 2:22 · 2 months ago
          Oof, that crossing 6A
          6A HAALANDU.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb
          and 2D
          2D DEAARONSacramento Kings guard Fox
          . Clever on the reveal, would not have guessed it (I don't know either of those names)
          • OddBear 6:48 · 2 months ago
            Really liked 10A
            10A MARACASThey can be shaken but not stirred
            ! 6A
            6A HAALANDU.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb
            had lots of tough crossings, so I had to reveal it
            • Ariel Haymarket 🤓2:48 · 2 months ago
              I see why Crosshare listed this puzzle as black diamond/double black diamond!
              • cshabsin 🤓1:57 · 2 months ago
                I remembered the pronunciation of 6A
                6A HAALANDU.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb
                but the spelling... I ended up doing the "let's try every letter in that spot" strategy, which worked surprisingly quickly.
                • Steve M 🤓1:20 · 2 months ago
                  It's a birthday banger! Loved it.
                  • Lebronswanson 🤓46s · 2 months ago
                    Nice one- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
                    • Michael Lieberman 🤓1:33 · 2 months ago
                      lovely! happy birthday!
                      • Mollie 🤓37s · 2 months ago
                        HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, this was great!!
                        • Norah 🤓2:49 · about 2 months ago
                          1A"What are the ___?"
                          1. 1A
                            "What are the ___?"
                          2. 5A
                            Halloween costume component if you're going as a ghost or a bed
                          3. 6A
                            U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb
                          4. 9A
                            Really branching out?
                          5. 10A
                            They can be shaken but not stirred
                          6. 11A
                            Eyelike openings
                          7. 12A
                            Exploding Kittens card that lets you stop another player's action
                          1. 1D
                            Hawaiian word for "family" that's a cognate of the Maori word for "nest"
                          2. 2D
                            Sacramento Kings guard Fox
                          3. 3D
                            Cali-based Mexican fast food chain
                          4. 4D
                            "Mario Kart: Double Dash" tourney comprised of Sherbet Land, Mushroom City, Yoshi Circuit and DK Mountain
                          5. 5D
                            Lockpicker's tool
                          6. 7D
                            Zora ___ Hurston
                          7. 8D
                            Member of the South Asian diaspora