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Secret Places

· By Mikey G · Published 4 months ago

Meta Prompt: The answer to the meta is a city.
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  • Cindy Weatherman solved at 17:48 on 8/13/2022
  • Meg solved at 17:49 on 8/13/2022
  • oldjudge solved at 19:11 on 8/13/2022
  • Gutman solved at 21:00 on 8/13/2022
  • FrankieHeck solved at 21:18 on 8/13/2022
  • boharr solved at 0:38 on 8/14/2022
  • LesY solved at 11:24 on 8/14/2022
  • BrennerTJ solved at 14:41 on 8/14/2022
  • KayW solved at 1:40 on 8/15/2022
  • lbray53 solved at 16:54 on 8/15/2022
  • Abide solved at 13:13 on 8/16/2022
  • whimsy solved at 19:39 on 8/17/2022
  • BarbaraK solved at 2:05 on 8/18/2022
  • Dow Jones solved at 2:47 on 8/18/2022
  • hoover solved at 3:21 on 8/18/2022
  • Darth solved at 3:24 on 8/18/2022
  • Tyrpmom solved at 5:06 on 8/18/2022
  • woozy solved at 5:33 on 8/18/2022
  • Schmeel solved at 8:18 on 8/18/2022
  • Cindy Heisler solved at 11:05 on 8/18/2022
  • Hector solved at 11:30 on 8/18/2022
  • edestlin solved at 12:15 on 8/18/2022
  • DIS solved at 21:43 on 8/19/2022
  • JHSeeman solved at 9:33 on 8/20/2022
  • Darrell solved at 0:34 on 8/21/2022


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  • oldjudge 1:58 · 4 months ago
    Great job, Mikey! Tough week 2.
    • Gutman 2s · 4 months ago
      Very cool puzzle.
      • boharr 3s · 4 months ago
        Wish my printer didn’t run out of ink. Lol. Thanks Mickey
        • KayW 🤓10:00 · 4 months ago
          Wowza. Those were REALLY well-hidden!!
          • Mikey G constructor · 4 months ago
            Yeah, I'm thinking this is playing more like a Week 3!
            • Abide 2s · 4 months ago
              Same here. I seemed to find two cities a day!
            • whimsy 🤓16:17 · 4 months ago
              Yes. wowie! And since I got Helen Adu first and then McLachlan single next, I thought it might be only clues that also included "Capitalized" names as well as the hidden capital cities! Here's to Maine Marge and of course to MikeyG!
              • Dow Jones 4s · 4 months ago
                I spent too much time looking at the entries after finding "StALEMate" . After the nudge toward the clues, it was fun.
                • hoover 3s · 4 months ago
                  Oof, are you sure it isn't week four already?
                  • Mikey G constructor · 4 months ago
                    I like this puzzle, but it was definitely too early in the month for it, haha! I figured "concordance" and "Helen Adu" might tip the scales, but looking back, some of them are pretty well hidden! Maybe could've clued CAPITAL
                    28A CAPITALI'll venture to state that venture entrepreneurs (and meta solvers) need this
                    with something like, "I state that this is a clue for the meta," and then that gets both states and clues.
                    I've been torn about replacing the slated Week 3 (which I think is a legitimate Week 3!) with a quick actual Week 2 that I'd have to make up, but I don't think time will allot for that. Sorry for the "capital" punishment in this one! 🤣
                  • Cindy Heisler 2s · 4 months ago
                    I found Salem in the grid and then nothing. After nudge I knew I had to find them in the clues, but that wasn't all that easy. I'm just glad I finally got it. Clever puzzle. Thanks, Mikey!
                    • Mikey G constructor · 4 months ago
                      To those of you coming after the time: This was a toughie!
                      The answer is AUGUSTA; per the central entry, there are seven entries whose clues hide the names of state capitals: AIDA (McLachlan single = Lansing), UNO
                      14A UNOGame similar Skip-Bo (I seem to lose at both of them so what's the difference)
                      (Skip-Bo; I seem = Boise), GUIDE
                      23D GUIDESAT-ACT concordance, for one (#testprepnerd)
                      (concordance = Concord), USED
                      27A USEDLike much yard sale merchandise (half-filled book of crosswords, anyone?)
                      (sale merchandise = Salem), SADE
                      30A SADEBritish singer born Helen Adu
                      (Helen Adu = Helena), TONER
                      42A TONERCopier refill need, often
                      (Copier refill = Pierre), AGE
                      45D AGE"The ___ of Anxiety" (Auden verses that won the 1948 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry)
                      (Auden verses = Denver). When we string those initial letters together, we get another state capital AUGUSTA, in honor of August!
                      1ATV show that lasted more than three times as long as the conflict it portrayed
                      1. 1A
                        TV show that lasted more than three times as long as the conflict it portrayed
                      2. 5A
                        "Goodness gracious!"
                      3. 9A
                      4. 12A
                        McLachlan single that I promise I'll listen to one of these days
                      5. 13A
                        Like any number in the form a + bi, where b = 0
                      6. 14A
                        Game similar Skip-Bo (I seem to lose at both of them so what's the difference)
                      7. 15A
                        First half of a maxim that basically means, "A person might not outwardly show feelings but might inwardly be compassionate" (I promise I love people but leave me alone)
                      8. 17A
                        Hush-hush document, briefly
                      9. 18A
                        It's where the action is
                      10. 19A
                        Call after a play at the plate (or from me on the sofa, screaming at the umpire)
                      11. 21A
                        Showed an exuberant amount of energy (like for MGWCC or MEOW or MOAT or whatever these are)
                      12. 24A
                        "Al uses the old carpenter's adage, 'Measure twice, cut ___'" "Tim's adage is 'Never measure, cut yourself'" ("Home Improvement" humor)
                      13. 25A
                        Former fast flier
                      14. 26A
                        "___ away childish things..." (1 Corinthians 13:11)
                      15. 27A
                        Like much yard sale merchandise (half-filled book of crosswords, anyone?)
                      16. 28A
                        I'll venture to state that venture entrepreneurs (and meta solvers) need this
                      17. 30A
                        British singer born Helen Adu
                      18. 33A
                        Cryptic time! James biographer that you'll find in the deli (4)
                      19. 34A
                        1 in. is 2.54 of these
                      20. 37A
                        They might be golden or pale
                      21. 38A
                        Freaking huge amount of power
                      22. 40A
                        Only difference in the title of the 1974 Best Picture winner, compared to the 1972 Best Picture winner
                      23. 42A
                        Copier refill need, often
                      24. 43A
                        Fig. that might have you feeling under pressure LOL
                      25. 44A
                        When the dueling bakers forgot about their goods for months, their competition ended in a ___ (putting a pun here is the yeast I could do)
                      26. 47A
                      27. 48A
                        Type of lily
                      28. 49A
                        Thorn in your side ("Hey, META fits here...")
                      29. 50A
                        A deer, a female deer (don't make me sing any more)
                      30. 51A
                      31. 52A
                        Lose it
                      1. 1D
                        Colorful talkers
                      2. 2D
                      3. 3D
                        Speechless ("I'm speechless. I have no speech" - George)
                      4. 4D
                        "If only I ___ gone down that rabbit hole!" (lament when you don't see the meta)
                      5. 5D
                        British singer born Rita Sahatçiu
                      6. 6D
                        She may feel cooped up all day
                      7. 7D
                        He asks unanswerable riddles and recites nonsensical poetry and no, my name doesn't fit
                      8. 8D
                        What anything may come before?
                      9. 9D
                        Comma splices, for one (my students know I despise these)
                      10. 10D
                      11. 11D
                        Savored the sounds?
                      12. 16D
                        ___ Sophia (structure built in 537 with minarets added nearly a millennium later)
                      13. 20D
                        2020 animated film with the voices of Jamie Foxx and Tina Fey
                      14. 22D
                        What people often have at meals
                      15. 23D
                        SAT-ACT concordance, for one (#testprepnerd)
                      16. 28D
                        "___ la vie!"
                      17. 29D
                        Off to ___ start (me, waking up at 2 pm on the weekends)
                      18. 30D
                        After draining all of that maple syrup from the tree, my energy was ___
                      19. 31D
                        "Goodness gracious!"
                      20. 32D
                      21. 34D
                        Land promised to Abraham
                      22. 35D
                        It blows off steam in Europe, briefly
                      23. 36D
                        Star in two consecutive 1970s Best Pictures
                      24. 39D
                        When babies look for real estate, they search for ___ with a view
                      25. 41D
                        "Insecure" actress Rae who I hope loves being in crosswords
                      26. 45D
                        "The ___ of Anxiety" (Auden verses that won the 1948 Pulitzer Prize for Poetry)
                      27. 46D
                        Mauna ___ (you've got a one in three chance)