Anagram Mini

鈼嗏梿By Randy Hunt Published 2022-07-27T22:41:32.731Z

Constructor's Note
Each clue is an anagram of the answer with one letter changed. Example: Clue is BEANS (1) / Answer is ANISE. (Swap B for I.) The number of the letter in the clue to be swapped is given. All answers are one word but might be plural or proper names.
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  • Maxish 馃6:46聽路聽2022-07-28T00:02:23.362Z
    Tough (for me) but fun!
    • Randy Hunt constructor聽路聽2022-07-28T02:37:47.275Z
      Thanks. Got the idea from @MikeD when he built a crossword for the July contest, which included a series of anagrams changing one letter at a time.
    • Cipher 10:34聽路聽2022-07-28T00:23:05.311Z
      Once I got the hang of it this was fun!
      • Randy Hunt constructor聽路聽2022-07-28T02:40:42.549Z
        When I explained it to my wife, I said: 鈥淟ook, I鈥檓 giving you 4 out of the 5 letters in each answer.鈥 Sounds like a piece of cake, but it鈥檚 not at all. So thanks for trying it out and staying with it. It does get progressively easier with each correct answer.
      • Mike D 2:56聽路聽2022-07-28T02:42:04.900Z
        Cool concept!
        • Randy Hunt constructor聽路聽2022-07-28T09:01:52.917Z
          Thanks, Mike.
        • Jon 4:04聽路聽2022-07-28T04:18:17.069Z
          Interesting theme.
          • Randy Hunt constructor聽路聽2022-07-28T09:02:13.502Z
            Thanks, Jon.
          • Mikey G 馃4:01聽路聽2022-07-28T18:02:25.878Z
            This was definitely so unique and so fun! I wasn't sure if they were going to be proper names, but once I realized that was possible, I cracked it! Great!
            • Randy Hunt constructor聽路聽2022-07-28T19:42:46.790Z
              Thanks, Mikey. I was hoping that SHAMU might crack the proper names barrier. I appreciate your comments.
            • Paul S 馃3:16聽路聽2022-07-28T21:28:44.395Z
              Definitely different! Once I had the first and last downs, it was easier to get the acrosses by looking at the letters I still had to place, and guessing.
              • Randy Hunt constructor聽路聽2022-07-28T23:02:54.059Z
                Thanks for playing it, Paul. Similar to sudoku, it gets progressively easier as you go. I added another one this afternoon.
              • Larry Edelstein 馃8:39聽路聽2022-07-29T00:17:14.522Z
                That was cool!
                • Randy Hunt constructor聽路聽2022-07-29T01:46:17.927Z
                  Thanks, Larry.
                OMEGA (1)
                1. 1A
                  OMEGA (1)
                2. 6A
                  LIBYA (4)
                3. 7A
                  BISON (4)
                4. 8A
                  PRUNE (1)
                5. 9A
                  STALE (4)
                1. 1D
                  ACING (2)
                2. 2D
                  BLEAK (5)
                3. 3D
                  SHAMU (5)
                4. 4D
                  REBUT (4)
                5. 5D
                  UNITS (4)